The M48 Patton Is The Best Tier 10 Medium After Patch 9.20

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Source: LemmingRush

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  1. You should make videos on your tutoring sessions if your (students?) are ok with it

  2. British mediums are so underpowered in 9.20 …
    No armor, big targets, and now that amx30b got its dpm buffed the cent ax has one of the worst dpms too

  3. Another “deliberately” broken adjustment to compel people to grind the line. Then they’ll nerf it 6 months from now ala the E5.

  4. Also what about a video on the amx 30b changes
    I love the 30b now My dpg went up by 300 in 20 gamesAnd about 7 of them were 6k games

  5. Thanks lemming. I play WOTB and i still learn from your vids… Keep it up man

  6. Cool, I have the M48 Patton researched! I enjoyed the Pershing so I kept it and the T20, I guess the M7 is a light tank now, that was my scout killer, I hated it and sold the M7 then looked at my stats and I had good stats with it so I bought it back and fell in love with it!

  7. Shhhhh keep it a secret!

  8. It’s slow, the only armor is in the turret, perfect handling but shit accuracy, not best dpm

    I think amx30 is a better candidate

  9. ‘can’t take shots from JP E100s’

    *sees QBs latest video*

  10. This tank is so unreasonable right now… why did they buff it? Its so dumb.

    Also, when you were talking about the aiming circle size, you were doing so when zoomed in to 16x and 25x. At those zoom levels the circle appears larger than it is, as it has a minimum size.

    Also also, you could squeeze out about another 100 DPM if you got the ranked equipment (not that its particularly worth it).

  11. I watched this live on the stream ?

  12. Not only is the M48 Patton great again, it looks sexy as hell with the new turret!

  13. I remember watching it on your stream. Great content. What do you think about E50M in the current version? the turret armor of patton reminds me of the turret of E50M where tier 10 HEAT shells can go through both of them.

  14. Leo 1 needs some love

  15. What do you think about the new AMX 30 B? Do you think it will be more competitive? Is it comparable to the Patton?

  16. Why Vents and Not Optics? Doesn’t having more view range help to counteract the poor camo on the tank?

  17. I’m surprised you didn’t realize you had a damaged viewport and didn’t repair it. Critical game and it could have helped you alot.

  18. you can still improve DPM by using improved rammer, vents and directives

  19. Tank review with map tactics bonus. Thanx!

  20. Thanks for the videos lemming. It’s almost like you’re semi mentoring me as I’ve learned and improved greatly from watching and listening to you. Keep being awesome

  21. Lemming, the phrase is “waffle stomp.” There is no such thing as a “ruffle stomp.”

  22. Too bad they are going to nerf my fav and first tier ten to shit in a couple of months

  23. Yes she is amazing

  24. Damn 485 view range WTF do they even need light tanks for in tier 10????? ….LoL

  25. Very good video!

  26. This game is from the stream 😀

  27. I told people this back on the test server. THis things an un nerfed E5 replacement. Called this over a month ago.

  28. It's not what you think

    Hey you got a message, Seems like a pretty cool guy

  29. come on that 50B is trying to do what a unicum does, hes trying to farm damage because he prolly either got a shit team or he watches others do the same thing and he prolly just sucks at it?

  30. “If they snapshot they will not hit your weak spots” well except on the SEA server where everyone seems to have an “autoaim for weak spot mod” which I am sure is illegal. The number of times I get coupola or other weak spots snap shot is nothing short of amazing here.

  31. I had a 9k DMG game in this today as well. Patton balanced totally 😉

  32. Why are you running view range skills on the commander and radioman when youve got 485 view range??? Seems like a giant waste

  33. Thx, will start grind tonight:)

  34. I really enjoyed grinding the US medium line. I just hope they don’t end up nerfing the m48 to the ground after a few months.

  35. Hey lemmingrush what is “average” player for you ? It’s 1000,1200 like xvm say ? However, I have 2050 WN8 for 18k battle and I didn’t progress so fast (I have only 2800-3200 WN8 recent). Can you tell me if my profile is good for your mentoring ? But I play on EU.
    PS : sorry my english is very bad.

  36. Very, very good video and explanation what you’re doing and why. I like this style a lot.

    I sub, but I’ve tended to overlook your videos because I saw so many Light Tank videos (I’m an idiot, I know, but I don’t like light tanks, not tank-y enough for me). I can tell you though, I won’t be overlooking your videos from now on and I’ll be thoroughly combing through your existing videos. Maybe even 1 or 2 light tank ones 😉

    Thanks, good luck and have fun in all the games you play.

  37. T-62a best medium ,good joke .

  38. Is there even a point in playing the 30B now?

  39. I remember this game on stream. You literally just casually moved on from this game, I would’ve been so hyped haha. You can probably tell I’m not a Unicum, not yet at least.

  40. 907 is still better though.

  41. On the Pershing right now. Wouldn’t mind hearing other people’s opinions on the m46 cuz as of right now I’m stocking up free xp to pass it by.

  42. Bought this tank just before the patch didnt play it after patch got the top gun on it for no xp like it alot

  43. Is the title your opinion or just the fact because i do agree with you that it is a very powerful tank but tanks like 907, 140 and possibly even the 30b are better.

  44. I love team killing them mahou’s

  45. gg good video again, but it seems like better players get better rng, i a saw a ton of videos, and u guys (unicums) always get hairline pens on silouettes on wich i am trying for.i am shooting every shot that i can, like u told us, but you get so much more rng

  46. Tomás Turbando Pinto

    After years playing this game, I already know what’s going to happen if the M48 Patton truly becomes the best MT ever or whatever: they’ll leave it alone for a few months, then nerf the shit out of it and then buff another MT that will take its place.

    I wish they would simply adjust all tanks accordingly and come up with a long-term balancing plan that would stop all this buff/nerf crap with every single update. Maybe they’re already starting to do it since we’ve got buffs to American, Soviet and French MTs in this update but I just think I ran out of hope after so many updates where they purposely buff a vehicle and then nerf it. I mean look what they did to the Maus, there’s no fucking way something like that would be done by accident.

  47. i have it researched for 6 months or so, and haven’t bought it yet, now i can’t wait, thanks to ur vid, and the fact that u don’t have to grind for the gun no more

  48. “You can not really rely on the turret to take Jageroo shots”
    Why, how many heavies can you do that in? Especially accounting for HEAT spam. Last time I checked, everyone calls the t57 a heavy, despite having cheese&rng armor.

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