The Magnificence Leclerc | One Hell of a MBT (War Thunder Tanks)

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The Magnificence Leclerc | One Hell of a MBT (War Tanks)

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  1. Where’s MuH AbRaHaMs???

  2. ok but its french… where does the white flag go?

  3. but what are these clichés about the French

  4. What is that piece sticking up from the turret?

  5. love your videos if you made them daily I would watch them daily, thanks for the content.

  6. Pourquoi les français sont toujour relier au baguette

  7. what a boring video

  8. The Sulking Primarch Morty

    Great looking tank.

  9. Loving the unloved please Phly
    Ph7Ph Tigercat
    Phairey Phirefly
    I-16 type 10
    Prepherably with some historical inphormation

  10. Wakes up in the morning just to watch an ASMR by Phly… today is gonna be a great day…

  11. Finally caught Phly spawn killing ! 🙂

  12. 19:15 Phly puts the Leclerc into AA mode.

  13. What graphics settings you have???

  14. It has armour everywhere so they had to nerf it

  15. And now play out one of frenchs new aircraft, the Super Mystere B2 or the F-86K

  16. Fuck CAS and fuck it out of the game.

  17. Phly: that should be the kill shot
    Leopard 2k: you dare underestimate me??

  18. Can u make a vid on Mig 19 pls, it was fun watching the other vids

  19. Did you knew: Leclerc was a general of the free France, as noticiebles acts we can take the liberation of Paris and Alsace with his 2ème DB

  20. So did the Abrams ever get access to the M833/M900 round? Because if it still doesn’t then that’s fucking retarded seeing this kinda ammo in the game. What will Gayjins lazy ass excuse be this time?

  21. Phly pelaste take the Italian Ultimeate Battle combo, the ultimate Centauro and the Ariete. Greti gas from Milano

  22. I think I need more vids with a sound bug, 20 mins of vid 😀


  24. 20:00 is phly unaware of what ping is?

  25. APFSDB
    Armour Piercing Fin-Stablized Discarding Baguette

  26. I do wonder why the exhaust is point upwards unless they cover it water will get into the engine no? plus smoke gives away position as they are dirty diesel engines.

  27. et baguette en puissance dit bonjour au Leclerc !!!

  28. Thomas Elma Testud

    Btw this mbt is actually the fastest in the world. But not in War Thunder

  29. i as a loyal subscriber, pushed through the asmr section lol

  30. Also the design of the Leclerc is so dumb because of that exhaust pipe, you could literally just throw a grenade in there and kill the engine
    This could be in the top ten French BRUH moments

  31. After the vid Phly has 250k more Silver Lions…

    Me over here playing like 5 hours in Tier 6 to get that if i dont have boosters.

  32. Enguerrand THOMAS

    I’m french lads.
    Sacrebleu, c’est pas possible de voir autant de blagues stéréotypés sur les français XDDD

  33. Best vidéo, best tank ever ! Baguette 1-1 approuved !

  34. “Every body know dat french tank is best” oops wrong channel lol…….

  35. Wilhelm Stenvall

    This thing launches hardened baguettes through a railgun

  36. 0:10 – « Oh, c’est incroyable, j’adore manger du pain dans un tank militaire »

    Dude, i’m french and this made me laugh for about 10 minutes ?

  37. Wilhelm Stenvall

    To be completely fair, the ingame Lerclarc is probably about 100 to 1000 times weaker than a real life one, especially in the armour compartment.

  38. Mic chance at end?

  39. 0.12 il dit bien « j’adore manger du pain dans un sandwich » et ça choque personne? on est pas respecté !

  40. i wonder when do war thunder adds smoke artillery that would be awesome

  41. “Enjoy the asmr”

    *Few minutes of french noises*

  42. It isn’t “easly penetrable” in real life. WT artifically nerfed Leclerc UFP to be penetrable, just like they did with Leopard 2A5 hull.

  43. Cut out the no audio insted of keepin it in.

  44. Hardened baguette? So it’s just a normal baguette 2 days after?

  45. Hey I’ve looked through your videos, and from what I’ve seen you haven’t done a video on the SdKfz 140/1 premium. So could you do a video on the SdKfz 140/1?

  46. Most armored is the back of this tank.

  47. No ingame audio …

  48. Fw 190 please

  49. Challenger 2 is best looking tank change my mind

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