The MALE Fantasy | PV-2D Harpoon (War Thunder Bomber Gameplay)

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The MALE Fantasy | PV-2D Harpoon ()


  1. phly how bout chi ri II with the autoloader for tanks and b7a2 for ground support. anyone who may find it interesting pls give my suggestion pls give my comment an uplike. thks

  2. I had same sort of pain with british bombers yesterday…

  3. AgentMooseMan 007

    Its like the b34s more manly brother that can carry more bombs and guns

  4. spitfire fighters reporting in!
    aircraft down XD

  5. Honestly just remove the P-47 from the game.
    It’s the broken the meta for years and will only continue to do so

    • Actually, the low tier German and Russian P-47s do, because, when downtiered, paradoxically, the US has nothing to combat its own (captured) aircraft.

      The thing with airspawn is, that it helps these planes fight at the RIGHT altitude, therefore, beside the 8x .50 calls, they also dance at that altitude.

      They should probably remove airspawn though, because people should learn to “fly” too, not only turnfight and head on.

  6. AgentMooseMan 007

    a the German p47 feel my salt phly you deal with those things so much when you grind the american tech tree


  8. *YAY phly is back*

  9. play the German P-47 D

  10. Curb your war thunder

  11. What happened to Baron?

  12. Phly haven’t seen a video on the Spitfire F. MK IX i would love to see one

  13. Throttle 0% when trying to stop fire.

  14. i have playd with the old gard

  15. Talking about hand-hold aircraft, I present to you the Yak-9T Microwave oven launcher. Serve those fat Americans(I’m American so no bad comments please) some delicious vodka pie!

  16. Jamming a bunch of 50 cals, rockets and bombs into a plane seems to be the most used tactic for the Americans in WW2

  17. Greman p47 vs. Bomber and war thunder’s lovely bias = one big ass kicking.

  18. Phly! The emperor is angered! You have not bee very honourable lately, prove that you still can show those Americans that the imperial army will never die! Take out the Type 61 and the R2Y2 KAI (any variant of your choosing) and show those allies that we will inevitably rule the pacific! (attempt #19)

  19. Without the hitlerbolt German players would be even more screwed…

    • Seen countless times FW-190s and even BF-109s dive to ground level, snatch a few kills, then leave the area to force allied fighters pursue them (descending) to be BnZed by high flying Axis fighters. ALL in the Axis half of the map … So it’s about tactics.

      Also, it’s a about the fact that you have twice as many people flying the US, so you may end up against a really good team every now and then, whilst the Axis teams, from match to match play, more or less, the same way.

  20. I fucking hate flying fridges

  21. Of course noobs play bombers get intercepted by a P-47 and then complain that it’s Soo good and gaijjin just sees the complain but not what the player does wrong .

  22. did he just outmaneuver a bf109

    what has society become of

    • :D, the (noob )BF-109 had way too much energy. Also, the bombers have a crazy amount of lift (empty) for ONE turn/pitch

  23. Phly plz take out the cancer Yak9T

  24. Notification squad.

  25. Hi Phly, you can call me louis, can you play Panzer IV.H to take 8 kill over? I want to learn how to play Paner IV more best.
    Attempt #7

  26. Trollface? Come on phly…

  27. Jacques Boudreau

    Turn your engine off when your on fire

  28. Use the asu 57 as bumper cars (without an ammo)

  29. Do more armor mmo.

  30. Hari Kumar Padmini Gopakumar

    Phly start world of warships

  31. Phly play the M50 ontos (the doorstop, cheesewedge, Illuminati tank), they changed the order in which the guns fire

  32. A *t h i c c* fuselage

  33. tank dialy became phly…omg this is rare historical moument

  34. Yay, no more cancerbolts in my 2.7 br matches


  36. *A T H I C C FUSELAGE*

  37. Phly can you play the Do 217N “schräge Musik”. It has 8 20mm Cannons, 4 of them ar mounted on the roof of the plane 🙂

  38. Who the FUCK was that Social Justice Warrior BITCH who was criticizing War Thunder and video games in general? She can go fuck herself, stupid twat. Someone should show her who’s boss, grab her by the pussy and give her a good shake.

  39. I challenge you to get 5 kills with the H.35. Hopefully by the time you do this there won’t be so many people playing French tanks.

  40. It literally is just the P47. No other 50 cals in the game are as broken as it is. It uses the same M2s that every other american plane has yet because it has 8 it makes it that much more broken. So instead of fixing the guns for balance they move the BR up. So fucking stupid….

  41. P-47 with air spawn is easily 4.7 material, maybe even 5.0.
    I don’t play air RB against the Germans in the Hitlerbolts BR range anymore.
    Even if you can evade them, 95% of your team won’t and you’ll get swarmed eventually anyway.

  42. Please try to play German 6.7(sabot is cancer as is not penning a centurion with 320mm HEAT from the front)

  43. A THICC fuselage

  44. Benito Llan Matos

    MALE=Medium Altitude Long Endurance ???
    Or male the gender?

  45. I actually wrote a blog post about this once, about why I fucking hate video games

  46. This is so annoying to German aircraft aswell😭 The p47 takes half of the kills and some matches u don’t even get a chance to take a shot at anything

  47. What was that at the end you having a lagg bro ?

  48. Plz play the M4

  49. tallo hoo old cap what about a good old jolly time in the lancaster hmmmm

  50. i havent played this game in a while, while do 50 cal’s do more damage than 20mm cannons? I mean if 50 cals behaved like this in RL the US airforce wouldnt have switched over from 50 cals to license built hispano 20mm.

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