The Maus Has No Equal in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Maus has no equal in of and here’s why!



  1. It would be nice to try this on console but artillery is still broken overpowered so slow heavies are at a huge disadvantage

  2. No equal but it does have an odd

  3. Like i haven say on twitch… Arni fits only in the T30 or the T110E4! 😉 *knock knock* fits so perfect to a 750dmg clap

  4. My highest blocked in the Maus is 9,000. The IS 4 is 12,000

  5. I love Putin and I love belarus.i love world of tanks….

  6. The LT is an all rounder. He took the place of maus on defeding the ridge line for quackybaby to be safe at capturing. Big applause to that guy for keeping a cool headead game.

  7. Well, you’re technically correct. No other tank is quite as bad as the Maus, it really is on its own level of garbage

  8. Anyone else notice that max roll at 4:20. QB really be out here rolling them 1/1000 rolls

  9. Maus = Maus
    Maus ≈ Maus Jr
    Maus ≠ Anything Else

  10. He did not thank the kran

  11. No random, no balance and no matchmaker.

  12. The amount of times I’ve owned a Maus… It’s not as great as people think it is. Also.. When are you going to upload your XVM ini file?

  13. I love how in World of Tank the Maus is superior but in warthunder the maus is repair simulator

  14. Sorry !B, I find super heavy play dull and uninteresting. Not for me

  15. Only one tier 10 heavy having higher than 50% win rate. WoT working as designed.

  16. The AA turret on top is hideous and I hate it.

  17. Nonsense, 279e and cheif and EVEN kranvagn equal the maus,
    Obj 705a too
    Type 5 can equal it but rarely
    And the Maus is just powercrept now

  18. Hey QB, could you possibly take it a little easy with the ads?

  19. I find my ST-2 is a lot more efficient at side scraping the the Maus but that’s me

  20. jhellicho navalta

    what he aint even holding the mouse and the tank aims what

  21. The voice is stilll not synched with video. unplayable

  22. There is a guy on the Asia server who would agree about the Maus, he has 29k games in it! I just can’t even fathom how someone could play that many, I mean well done to him but not for me thanks.

  23. Come to SEA i want to see what happens to maus here. U wouldn’t be saying the same.

  24. All Things Korian

    I absolutely love the Maus. However its really sad that with the meta and with constant gold spam you cant really have that much fun with it unless you arent in a game with Krans, chiefs and obj 297e’s. You really are just a sponge for gold and when you try to turn to shoot them they just spam your turret.. Hope things will change but cant put much hope on wg lol.

  25. My max blocked in the maus is 15880 🙂

  26. The Maus is like battleship Yamato but has only 1 cannon and tracks

  27. Been watching you since I was 11 im 18 now still absolutely love your content and commentary. YOU Mr. Quickybaby, have no equal.

  28. How my games look majority off times, team just giving up mid and big loss after that

  29. “Was there any other vehicle that I could put the action hero in?”
    Actually yes. You could put him in the tier IX M46 Patton with the top turret so it’s essentially the M47 that Arnie drove in real life.

  30. Yeah, Maus has no equal when it comes to being farmed by russian gold HEAT.

  31. Why does the replay start with a team score of 0:1?

  32. I put Arnold in the T95. Fitting I’d say.

  33. Maus is only good if it is played by experienced players, and unfortunately there are few.
    When I have a Maus in ma team, there must be a fool who doesn’t know how to play, who gets in the way and do nothing

  34. love the maus 🙂 great vid

  35. I’d like to play the Maus but I hate Mauschen

  36. This is a 1 in 150 game and as others have said below the AMX13 105 won the game, sorry QB but you saying the maus has no equal is a load of rubbish this tank has 2nd best none reward/clan wars heavy tank win rate at 49%
    Just shows how bad every other T10 heavy tank is in the game apart from the meta tanks like the Kranvagn, Object 279E, T95/FV4201. Look at the Obj 279E it has 20% better win rate than the Maus at 59% or the T95/FV4201 that has 10% win rate.
    All the top win rate heavy tanks are either reward or clan wars tanks!!! Again just shows you how this game is so broken and unless you have a meta tanks your not going to win even 50% of your games unless your in a Vz 55.
    I watch your videos to confirm to me that there is no point in playing this game anymore as the meta and Wargaming policy for the game is just broken and has nothing to do with the players just the money it can make, the only reason WOT is still up there is due to no other good tank game out there, if there was WOT would be dead.

  37. Regular Guy in World of Tanks

    Im still far away from a Maus. Stock at tier 7.

  38. Idk why I first read this thumbnail as “the Maus has no tequila” 😭😭

  39. upload in 2k or 4k would be greatly appreciated!

  40. Maus best heavy tanks 💪💪💪

  41. I put Arnie in the is-4

  42. This is why I like watching QB bc I like how he says what he’s doing to teach people how to think in their games but not in a boring way

  43. the amount of shells you could have blocked… but no, you decide to drive like a donkey and just take all those hits. Your use of armor was absolute garbage
    Edit: I’m cringing my ass of watching all these stupid decisions

  44. good to see that the absolute donkeys are still playing this garbage of a game

  45. I’ve won a few games lately by just capping when the team is yoloing and dying in a don’t cap kill all fashion. Nearly had a couple of Kolobanovs out of it due to the team failing massively in the late game.

  46. Nothing compares to the maus, e100 and Type5Heavy ?

  47. Remember all that Wargaming is Belorussian company supporting Russia in their war effort. Every click on a video and every time you play World of tanks, you do support that war effort.
    So even if I love the game, it’s out of my list of games for a long while.

  48. meanwhile in wt:
    ATGM: I’m about to end this mans whole career

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