THE MAUS IS THE BEST in World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

In World of the Maus is the best tank – here’s why!


World of Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. I don’t know much about tanks but can the mouse go up against the american m1a2?

  2. Watching 9:12-9:15 at .25 speed is awesome!

  3. 100% the moment where QB made a polish pancake will be in the next best moments video

  4. Scout Maus can jump, lol

  5. Meanwhile the game is over before i even get to be shot by anything

  6. Could you imagine the turbo on a t95?

  7. My first t10 heavy, I thought the is7 was a medium compared

  8. I really need to grind this tank. I literally have most tier 10 tanks in this game and this would be the last one I need. I just hate the VK’s leading up to this.

  9. MouseTheMaus TheMouse

    I miss my maus, playing on console is unbearable. Cannot wait to get my pc repaired.

  10. That seems a normal thing in WOT. 15-0 (unicorn team vs tomato team) and its tier 10 vs tier 8, lol GG, rigged yes but still lol.

  11. Please make is3 version 2 great again

  12. I do think that spotting is nlt rewarding enough he solo win the game by spotting 2 third of the enemy team and get 910 base xp. Fun games though

  13. you gumba stomped that tank

  14. Nice game with the Maus. The Maus in War Thunder you gotta worry about HEATFS, APDS, and ATGM’s. At least in World of Tanks you don’t die from one shot cause of HP, but poor Maus.

  15. Do you recommend this setup for ranked battles? @QuickyBaby

  16. Dude, I’m doing that in the morning

  17. you are litrally playing maus like i do but i keep my turret flush with the tanks and hold down the lmb and angle it with my tank

  18. 80 60TP Tanks clicked thumbs down.

  19. When did it get 3300 hit points again?

  20. *sad obj 277 noises*

  21. Remember kids, Scout Maus only works with Top Tier 3-5-7 MM.

  22. Imagine using a 279e instead of Maus
    (Maus and E100 need more standart pen and AND GUNDEPRESSION, Maus and Pz.Kpfw.7 more DPM and all 3 more frontal turret armor)

  23. QuickyBaby thanks for vids and have lil request. I’ll be very thankful to see your gameplay on probably second best superheavy tank Type 5 Heavy.
    P.S. i have Type 4 Heavy in my garage already and just want to see what waiting for me next level

  24. QB: Revolutionise the way u play slow tanks
    Me: Slow tanks u say… u mean arty?? XD

  25. J’adore le maus. LOL

  26. LEGO Star Wars Clone trooper

    Hey quickybaby I know you may not see this but playing wot on console is incredibly money demanding and this is a big ask but someone like you with the amount of influence you have on this game. Being an Australian there isn’t any servers for the other Australians from having a better experience when playing wot, this has really been getting worse and worse the higher up the tiers I get and being a free to play player it’s even harder when lag occurs it’s just the most diminishing feeling when shells cost 9k and I whiff from a delay after a shot. A lot of Australians and other people in the oceanic region can attest with me here playing on the American servers can make the potential of oceanic players lower than it is. But it’s completely fine if you are unable to do anything that is completely understandable

  27. Everybody can penetrate the Turret of the Mous but “it is one of the Best Tanks to have fun”?
    Sure, if you enjoy loosing…..

  28. *60TP sees the casually Maus reversing behind it*
    Also the 60TP: WTF is going on??!!!

  29. I am so tired of seeing unicorns posting such video’s: Tier X in Tier VIII Matches of course. This never works in a Tier X match-up.

  30. Trollbaby 😛

  31. Wait, isnt there a Japanese Heavy that is heavier than the Maus?

  32. Now try this in the other 90% of games where your all tier 10 gold spamming

  33. e 100 is the best

  34. QB the 60TP becomes a sandwich by the Maus. Poor 60TP he got german atomic bomb.

  35. NotVeryEasilyImpressedMan n

    That T95 scout on Malinovka: “finally, a worthy opponent, our battle will be legendary.”

  36. If you watch the minimap at the start of the first game, you can see what grinds my gears with this map:
    (tl; dr: people usually don’t support those who try to push that flank)
    when I play some for that tier in question armored tank (Type 4, Defender, AT-8, Tortoise,…) and try to push that flank, the rest of the team just lingers back around the edge of the map, cautiously following when I cross half the map, if I’m lucky. So I spot a few tanks, but my team mates are too far behind me so enemy tanks are out of render range. on the other hand, I’m already spotted and all those tanks hiding there (even those I did not spot) fire at me. Too many dogs for one rabbit… If teams would actually push on that flank, enemy would have hard time knocking all of the attackers out and it would turn the tide of the battle.
    The same think happened in this video.

  37. Not really QB, not at all.

  38. Lol… Every potato do the same on proko when top tier vs 8. On paris… better no comment.
    Tank is mediocre to bad, nothing “best”.

  39. what is mauschen and maus ideal setup? thanks for the help

  40. 640k subs qb next year lets get you to 1 mil

  41. turbocharger is great…esp. for strvs! or extrem slow tanks like big heavys!!.

  42. the only person that has remained true & loyal to this game since the beginning, although i havent played it in 7 years, ive remained a sub since. you deserve it man!

  43. In the first 5 minutes: First shot from arty does 19 damage splash, from an Object 261 artillery…. I know that pain so much…. those shells are pricey. Even hitting has a chance to do less than 50 damage. (hell I bounced the Maus twice with said arty.) and then a terribly close range miss that then did no splash at all (14 meter splash radius is painful when your shells cost 2k, you get spotted even in cover and have no way to respond since you have no mobility either. Dude was dead the moment he tried.)

    Now… onto the Maus, relatively impressive work, but remember this is a tier 8-9-10 match. This tactic would be EXCEPTIONALLY different if it was a total tier 10 match. so OF COURSE you’re going to feel like “HomeLander” You effectively just killed a bunch of kids without powers.

    Second game: **Stupid, but efficient,** drop on the enemy tank pile. THAT is the kind of thing that’s hilarious and impressive to do and get away with! This is the kind of gameplay that personally makes me smile. You may have died but you died in an amazingly hilarious and effective way to kill some fairly high powered tanks and screw up their positioning enough for your allies to push. Too bad you fell over though…

    On a side note, I really can’t see Artillery as cancerous as everyone makes it out to be… It’s more painful to people who have no situational awareness and you *somewhat* act like a hypocrite at the end there with those final words…. “The important part is that you’re having fun” but yet support the idea of calling out particular tanker interests as ‘cancer’ (artillery specifically) and unnecessary even if it’s true Wargaming has no idea how to balance long range support weapons properly..

    In the end and that aside, I’m glad you’ve taken time to do a few things others refuse to do and have been doing so adamantly. You’ve used a free-to-play account AND a premium account to show the differences in how the game plays, and make conscious comparisons between playstyles and the difficulties one has versus the other and their benefits. You’ve actively shown you have the players’ intentions in mind when making purchases or event contributions, even if the intentions are to use wargaming’s stupidity to the fullest at the expenses of other players less fortunate to be able to purchase powerful vehicles from the store. However, in return, you also show off their weak points to show those players that you can and will defeat those vehicles quickly with the right placed hits (and RNG willing). It’s an extremely thin tight-rope you must walk to be neutral like that while also showing your own preferences. You also actively *expose* broken mechanics and botched coding (such as ghost shells and spotting system flukes) when you encounter them, rather than kiss the ass of the company like so many others and claim it was ‘just a one time thing’

    I don’t usually post comments, so I apologize for the lengthy response, but I felt like it was about time to say something. So thank you, Quickybaby, for helping to educate those new to the game, arrogant to the mechanics or just too stupid to do the work themselves; and just in general acting as an equalizer for the player base versus the activities of this company.

  44. I just played a game on prokhorofkha in my fv304, getting inspiration from this video I took a few shots then raced down through their bushes and took all the tds and heavies at the back by surprise, they thought they killed all our light tanks, managed to get 2.5 k spotting in the end but I got destroyed

  45. Imagine getting the Scout Medal in the Maus.

  46. Its too My favourite tank too but I’m still at mäuschien

  47. Yeah it’s great and all until you fight a Jagdpanzer E 100 loading gold.

  48. “Air to Ground Maussile”

  49. “Let’s make a Polish pancake!”

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