The Mega Turbo Rammer Brings WINS! | World of Tanks Steel Hunter The Best Tanks

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Source: DezGamez

The Best Steel Hunter Tanks and Nations. World of Tanks Steel Hunter 2020 Gameplay, Steel Hunter Victory. World of Tanks Best Steel Hunter Tank, Nation, Vehicle. World of Tanks Steel Hunter Tutorial, Guide. Walküre Ramming Build in Steel Hunter.

Chapters in the video:
00:00 | Introduction and Overview
00:55 | Best Reward Tanks
02:15 | What we do today
02:57 | First Battle
04:50 | Second Battle
15:29 | Conclusion

Today I am going to talk about Steel Hunter modes, which tanks are the best, the strongest and the most tanks in this mode and which tanks give you the highest chance to win.

Let me know what you think!



  2. I’m finally fist but I know it doesn’t even matter XD

  3. Love the content as usual

  4. Pz. ll J with turbocharger next please.
    Dirty but needed.

  5. Thanh Nguyên Trần

    Just picked up 8 kills with that German tank. What a beast !

  6. Final season is on, it arrived today, also with *Twitch Drops!* We are LIVE right now, hunting some Wins and Droping free World of Tanks Loot:
    Tune in and have fun! <3

  7. I have literally never won as the german tank. its so slow, and the guns suck b3cause of the low pen.

  8. i got 9 and got the 777. i missed 1 week with frontline. i still have 9 and i dont know how

  9. When you only got 11 tokens in frontline so you can’t get 2 tanks

  10. German THICC BOY be like: RUSH B

  11. I don’t have anything to play the game on right now and I only miss 2 tokens to grt the reward tank…well f*ck me 🙁

  12. Useless video

  13. You should do fastest track repair build Deznuts

  14. The ramming meta has been f*cking c@ncerous and stupid since Steel Hunter was first introduced….

  15. AE phase is the best tank of these 3

  16. German tank is good only for ramming,gun is shit and armour isn’t that good as Russians.

  17. German Walkuire be like: I AM FAST AS F*CK BOI! FASTEST AS F*CK BOI!

  18. i chose 777 over the other 2 and i like it!

  19. When you missed out 1 token and only have 11 tokens….no reward vehicle for me

  20. I wanna add that if you use the E100-hull, you easily get 1k-1,5k rams if you drive right

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