THE MIGHTY BRITISH COMBO – Churchill & Firefly (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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MIGHTY BRITISH COMBO – Churchill & Firefly (War Thunder Tanks )

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  1. T28 SUPER HEAVY TANK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I love the 57mm of British tanks, they have a really short reload.


  4. friction also makes babies 😀 sweet video Phly, as always

  5. Phly take out the maus plzzzzz

  6. Can u do m10 and pbj

  7. So would Science Time With Phly be called Sci-Phly Time? ?

  8. Start battle field four

  9. “EMMGAYSASH” lol his presets are retarded

  10. u wot phly
    play Heroes And Generals
    is so good right now

  11. use the ducking T32 the most ducking over BRed tank in the ducking game it
    can pen anything at ducking 7.3 (fuckk auto correct)

  12. I like how phly complains about the gun, yet the Churchill has crazy armor
    when angled. The Churchill tanks specialty is taking a beating, while tanks
    with better guns fire from the rear line.

  13. bring back this freedom combo of the T26E4 Super Pershing and the B-29
    Superfortress made in America

  14. Please do the maus

  15. So this is the reason a lot of people don’t like the British tanks? I tend
    to think that the fast reload more than compensates. Also, I seem to recall
    blowing the turret off of a PzIII with the Cromwell.

  16. Please never do that British accent again!

  17. Play the Zis-30. Small tank, Big damage

  18. Churchill is the bouncing machine.

  19. I am now traumatized when playing this game since I saw fury. When I see a
    burning or destroyed tank i think: Damn that was a nasty death. I have
    temporary PTSD

  20. There’s no reason to use any other ammo than the mk9 shot for the British
    Q.F 57mm

  21. A need for speed. Take out the locust and the saber

  22. Your Churchill is missing a bush mustache. 21 points to Griphon’s door.

  23. Attack of the RUSSIAN BIAS IL-2 and T-34 plz

  24. As for the vote on what socks you should wear tomorrow, wear those green
    and red striped ones that people wear to Christmas parties.

  25. 30 inch gun carrier and booster sea gladiator

  26. Beaufighter and the Mosquito!

  27. 30 inch gun carrier and booster gladiator

  28. Captured Russian Bias!!!!!! Take out the German Kv2 Kv1 and the T 34 with
    the La5fn.Give ze commies a taste of their own medicine(vodka)!!!!!

  29. Why would you shoot for ammo with a Sabot but not with AP or APCBC? None of
    these shells have explosive filler.

  30. A threesome Firefly tank and Both Fireflys Planes. (The Failures)

  31. Do this next… Harambe Memes

  32. Roll out the M10 and the P-51! How the Germans how the Americans Mess with

  33. Merlin (Merlin1809)

    Sturer Emil and the Do 217 N-1

  34. salt and poison combo 1st attemp

  35. Thanks phly daily

  36. i dont play ground forces anymore as i refuse to play german on rusuian,so
    its pointless,the brits have no armour and no explosive rounds and the usa
    is only slightly better,fuck what the stats say

  37. dont apologize for the salt because its warranted,nice mixican stand off
    with the sus

  38. OMG i was in that battle, im on the big screen im famous now!
    I remember that I told these guys to surround and flank you in the chat

  39. playing with british tanks is cancer .worst shells

  40. Do the Panther tank with the Bf109 F4 for the Fatherland 

  41. Could you fly the F7F-1! The american vehicles need to come back!

  42. T28 the american tortoise! the america has everything even hotline to hell!

  43. Don’t skip the killcam

  44. can you play one of the mig 15s?

  45. You should wear sentient socks tomorrow.

  46. play the rocket pershing again

  47. Play OP T-V with Yek 9 or IL 10

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