^^| The Mighty (Jingles) Booty.

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Source: SirCircon

dankestmeme of 2016. Thanks to cthulhu_official for making my idea come to life!


  1. I demand a 10-Hours loop

  2. LMAO

  3. Circon watching it as a reflection on his monitor and saying to himself
    I’ve seen better

  4. Has to be said, Jingles has got some pretty tight buns

  5. brilliant, this put a smile on my face :D

  6. Oskar Ozzie Johansson

    And this is why we endure to play World of Tanks, :D

  7. Is that Circon by the keyboard? He seems completely untouched by this
    bourgeois behaviour 😀 Nice moves tho, Jingles!

  8. I’m glad I watched this.

  9. Like a couple of magical eastern hams in a denim blanket. Sn00ze, how could
    you resist?

  10. Those moves ! Now we know what swept Rita off her feet.

  11. He’s just putting himself out there before he is locked away in the salt
    mines forever by Rita.

  12. Yeah jingles git down with your bad self.

  13. dat ass

  14. Dat ass

  15. Ahahahaha, the Sn00ze reaction makes this even funnier… World of Booty.

  16. CirconFlex isn’t distracted by the magnetic Jingles bootay….

  17. not complaining cause that was hilarious
    but will there be a proper video later this week

  18. Stupid sexy Jingles!

  19. The booty is indeed mighty

  20. Ooh Jingles what have you been getting up to now? hmmmm?

  21. Dat ass!

  22. BOOTYLICIOUS! Shake it! You won’t break it!


  24. foch is power

  25. LMFAO!

  26. World of Warships – Shake Your Moneymaker
    The Mighty Jingles
    Recommended for you

  27. It’s almost like Circon knows what is going on and decides to just ignore

  28. This is not 10 hours long.

    I am disappoint.

  29. Clickbait …

  30. Well memed.

  31. awesome, thanks for the laugh..

  32. Foch turns to look every time!

  33. Christopher DiCesare

    anyone else think Jingles does this naked for Rita on sexy night?

  34. Lord of the Kinky Mines! This is what happens to a man when he gets himself
    a woman!

  35. I love how you are like idgaf @circon

  36. Communism is Badass

    Making the Motherland proud, Jingles :)

  37. Shake that thang!!!!

  38. goddamn sirfoch lookin good

  39. Now you know why Jingles was such a popular boy when he was “In the Navy!”

    His nickname used to be “Roger the cabin boy”. (Look it up).

  40. ‫علاء الدين لطفي‬‎


  41. Chester Snapdragon McPhisticuff

    nice meme

  42. Circon completely oblivious


  44. Hahaahhaah

  45. who’s the person sitting behind circon and Foch to which this booty dance
    was directed ? :-)

  46. He’s got more ass than Rita.

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