The Mighty Jingles Presents: Speed

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In todays' audiovisual entertainment extravaganza the theme is speed. Probably not in the way you're thinking, though…


System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 , nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. I’m just here for the BERT!

  2. I made it to “extremely large doses of instant sunshine”. And promptly aspirated my pizza. Thank you Jingles, I always wanted to know what a sinus full of pizza feels like.

    Hint: not lovely.

  3. …but you don’t have to be terribly accurate with that nuke, however.

  4. FV203is a treat to play

  5. Last time I played Warthunder I got double teamed by a lag spike and the ground.

  6. Jingles, why are you showing aircraft replays for the WarThunder segment? Ground forces are a lot more interesting than the cloud watching simulator

  7. We need more Bert on this channel

  8. World of Tanks Thunder War.

    An interesting combo of Russian bias.

  9. All the negative comments about the skill level of the Hellcat driver.
    Doesn’t notice the two marks of excellence on the barrel of the gun though………..

  10. Hey Jingles! Glad I could contribute to the salt mines. A couple of corrections though. The Mig 19S can climb at something like 180 m/s (the vautour can climb at 50~ without a payload) and quite enjoys chewing on the rears of vautours, F100s, and Mig 19PTs pose other threats entirely. The f100, in particular, has the lovely missiles that can pull 10G before they lose their lock. The Vautour can at best pull 7 so if it gets a good lock and is 1.5km directly behind you… there’s no escape. You essentially have to bend over and grab your ankles while the heatseeker finds it’s way home. On top speed, however, the T2 has every plane beat by far. That Japanese noodle with wings can get past 1700 kph according to its stat card (i’ve only ever seen one hit 1550kph)

  11. This is highly unusual and not what I was expecting..

  12. Bert the Avenger should have been in Infinity War/Endgame.

  13. I like war thunder

  14. Had a faster game same map and mode though. Was in my black dog did 880 damage in a tier X and was top by damage on both teams if that says anything

  15. WG should make it that the cap will only be available after 1 minuet to avoid that stuff

  16. The Calazone Hardy

    10:56 plus the guy has two gun marks on his hellcat WTF?

  17. Timothy Marchant

    What turgid shite are you plying us with us today Jingles?

  18. Rumours of Bert being nerfed are apparently greatly exaggerated.

  19. Never seen such a boring video

  20. Actually jingles the F100, MiG19pt and MiG19s are easily capa- Jingles? *gunshot*

  21. Caedmon of Helmsby

    only Jingles would mabage to stretch less than 8 minutes of gamplay footage into a 16+ minute video

  22. Mines encounter is soooooooo broken


  24. Knight of YouTube

    When he hovered over Dirty Bertie in the last match did anyone else notice BAF where his medals… British Air Force Really no one just me ok.

  25. Gaijin-Wargaming proudly presents
    World of War Thunder

  26. Looks like someone got the party started

  27. Mr Jingles the Hellcat did have two marks of excellence so apparently he is an experienced player but then they screw around at times while the rest of the team dies or gets shot up.

  28. The technical BOOMSTICK

    The only Bert the avenger is the 30mm GAU 8 Avenger cannon

  29. Id like to see a WT realistic tank battle for a change

  30. Russbot Apocolypse 2020

    As a headphone wearer, that roar of the Salt Mine Lord in the beginning gave me a start!.

  31. NGaugeAdventures

    Pls do more Warthunder

  32. Russbot Apocolypse 2020

    Your war history dialogue in War Thunder “aeroplane mode” is truly entertaining and informative for someone who enjoyed building WW2 and cold war era model planes when a kid.

  33. I remember when the 304 actually did more avenging. Now it just kind of limps along and avenges occasionally.

  34. fv304 vids: instant dislike. because I don’t like unbalanced cheese tanks.

  35. theScottishKoala

    Jingles obviously doesn’t realize the Mitsubishi T-2 is in this game now! XD

  36. *insert lightning mcqueen reference

  37. lemsdarkapprentice 2

    Hi Jingles! Thanks for another really good informative video. The engines on the ‘Vulture’ jet look a lot like the Me 262’s Jumo engines. Were they the same ones? [el’sda2].

  38. Edward Izquierdo

    3:11 : *drinks bleach*

  39. Jingles pls make a world of tanks blitz video!

  40. The vantour sucked though! Israel got some use out of it and converted some to ECM aircraft

  41. I thought i knew what jingles meant when he said “speed” (ramming speed).

  42. AnimaniactsAftermath CNW

    well i don’t play them maps just normal battles yes we love the plains tanks are better and boats well thats my home unfortunately the game play is war gaming world of TANKS not boat or plains the technology is just not there yet also the other thunder and what not is competition because competition is good but its not world of tanks

  43. TheGeocacheHunter

    255 x2 is 766? I’m sorry, but that’s triple experience.

  44. I need more x-com!

  45. “Pay careful attention to Dirty Bertie from No 30” *BOOM* *Humiliation!*

  46. social3ngin33rin

    Want to mark your tank? Either camp further than arty or be at the front lines with something derpy to play. However, the marked players who seem to camp in the back also look like they have lower win rates.

  47. Jingles are you in wow classic and when are you going to make a video about it ?

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