THE MINI MAUS | KV-1B Finnish (War Thunder Rare Tank)

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THE MINI MAUS | KV-1B Finnish (War Thunder Rare Tank)


  1. ศุภกฤต สุขอนันต์

    this thing so OP afther i watch this video i don wan to play WT anymore 🙁

  2. *Vulnerable* , comrad, *Vulnerable* !

  3. 12:35 Phly in a KV-1B shooting at a SU-76 “oh come on, i hate these kind of vehicles, they never die ……” o.O

  4. Susceptible Phly, susceptible to bombs was the sentence you were looking for…

  5. Love the loved play the m4 jumbo with the 75mm cannon and the b-25 with the 1000 pound bombs. The last time you recorded you playing the m4 jumbo 75 was 2 years ago. Come on ply

    Attempt #6

  6. Seems balanced… -_-

  7. Never in my thousands of hours in this game.. have I seen a tank take this many shots. This things insane.

  8. German and Russian bias together! What would you call such a thing?

  9. 20:20 “the steering is jammed! Quick, scuttle the ship before the
    RAF comes back!

  10. That. Was. Awesome!

  11. loving the unloved M4A1 sherman

  12. Susceptible is the word, Phly!

  13. Did you copy the orange doom’s video???

  14. what has happened to world of war ships #bring it back

  15. phly check your spawn points it tells you what br you are at

  16. Susceptible lmao listening to phly mix words like Randy from Trailer Park Boy’s was priceless

  17. I think that SU-152 managed to penetrate your armour there because add on armour often seems to fail when it comes to War Thunder’s overmatch mechanics. I think if the caliber of a shell is more than twice the thickness of some armour then it has a good chance to just auto penetrate it and in the case of addon armour the game often seems to only calculate this overmatch on the first layer without taking into account the second layer. I’ve noticed the same thing in the Centurion 10 with shells going through the upper frontal plate that absolutely should not have had a chance to penetrate.

  18. those tanks you thought were 57s were not they were just plain t34s


  20. susceptible

  21. OH SHIT IS THAT A 15- BOOOOOOOMMMM………well no shit it can pen us???

  22. Yea, Phly, it is on an event, its for warbounds this month along with a few other rare vehicles since it was the 5 year anniversary this month.

  23. The Blitzkriegtatkik Pz.Kmpfw F2 and Stuka G1 Now go and push the Russians back in there homeland!

  24. Nice,
    Mini Maus ?

  25. God this thing is disgusting. Ran into my first one today, was really confused, then I was sad.

  26. Did he say his real job is landscaping?

  27. i have seen that KV-1B in one Finnish tank museum

  28. i guess u can now finish ure line upp for the germens

  29. @PhlyDaily the word you were looking for was susceptible

  30. eemil.saapasmalmi '

    Finally a Finnish tank

  31. this thing is in my client br 5.0!?!?!?!

  32. Sorry Phly but i was killed in this tank from the front with an M10

  33. Sucks I won’t be getting this :(. I only started earning bonds halfway through November and it’s not possible to earn enough in time…

  34. I have killed it with KV 1s not a big deal,,, thing is people don’t know how to play ,,,

  35. Phly, you cant really complain at 15:18 when you already took out 12 of them

  36. The_Wildfish_101 01


  37. I’m sure they’ll nerf this tank sometime later, heck, I mean I had like 12 kills or so even with the normal KV-1, and I’m sure I still can, I mean it’s do. but they’ll most probably nerf this in future patches.

  38. its a kv1-E

  39. Phly, I really love watching those vids man. It got be back to playing WT trecently. Sadly 6.0 upwards is a terrible grindfest 🙁 Really kills my motivation…..

  40. It is awesome to watch this video and see your name pop up when phly gets killed haha (I was that SU152)

  41. Can you do German KV-II 754 (r)? If possible?

  42. So what is better the KV-1B Finnish or Pz.Kpfw. KV-1B 756(r)?

  43. KV-1B/E with backups… cancer


  45. T43-57 can kill infront it

  46. Ceceptable. (I have no clue how tf to spell it…)


  48. 15:30 like something from a hitler speech

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