The Most Abused and Saddest Anti-Air in GAME (War Thunder)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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The Most Abused and Saddest Anti-Air in GAME (War Thunder)



    *Stream over thanks for hanging phellas!!!!*

  2. If it had the stagered fire which made the duel Boffors good… It’d be a bit better…

  3. Use the M47 Patton. You’ve only used it once.
    Attempt #1

  4. leopard’s model is the most pain inducing buggeist piece reeeeework

  5. When was that flashback clip from? what a different looking game!

  6. I love Phly day

  7. LOL
    I saw the screen out of the corner of my eye and I though there was an ASU-57 beside you but it was your machine gun XDDD

  8. i felt bad for that panther 2

  9. Can you do some low tier tank in high tier RB troll vids?

  10. Holy crap that was blast from the past. didnt even realize how much your voice changed !

  11. Phlurp durp why don’t you dominate in the panther a again? Good times for!

  12. Gaijin made American AA into utter garbage? I DON’T BELIEVE IT! This is why I don’t care when people say ADATS is cancer. Play the American AA line. There’s two absolute trash vehicles and one questionable vehicle. The German AA lineup, on the other hand… different story. Gaijin just can’t balance tanks because they don’t listen to players who won’t suck up to them. I mean, look at American MBT, 3 of them at 10.0, and only the last one (M1A1) belongs there, if not that one even. German Leo 2A5 is a 10.0 MBT. This game jumped out of beta only to jump back into it with all these modern vehicles coming out that you better pray you’re going down the right line because that rank IV and V grind is something else, my boy.

  13. Guys who ever dislikes these vids have special places to go in hell

  14. Bernardo Maffessoni

    “Every kind of happy little tanks”

  15. I never hold down the 40mm’s cause of the rate of fire of both guns, instead I keep 1 tapping it and that way both the guns are in sync.

  16. It’s meant to have airburst rounds! it could be balanced because it doesn’t have Radar.

    Look em up they were even used in vietnam.

    Does Gaijin really think people would use these things and expect to physically hit a jet ?

  17. Андрей Badrak


  18. Phly please take a look at the Soviet Zis-43
    Also how long before the PO-2-OP shirts are done?

  19. honestly M16 is best AA for US until m163

  20. 13:44 felt like cpt miller shooting the tiger with his 1911

  21. This turned into a t29 video

  22. 10:37
    I’m sorry, but *HOW IN THE FUCK DID A PUMA KILL AN IS-2?!*

  23. The turret on m42 is slower because you don’t have an aced crew on it

  24. Last straw. ThAts me in the Japanese So-Ki SPAA at BR 5.7.

  25. M16 best AA sub 7.0

  26. Thanks Phly, you make our day brother

  27. thanks for the t29 video phly

  28. You’re just such a good guy my dude. Mad respect

  29. Tbh, I really love the M42 Duster and this video offends me greatly

  30. Tớ là mèo meme

    Review VietCong Tank pls :3

  31. Why it takes so long to load into the battle and then i spawn late? Pls help nobody on forum wants to

  32. even worser Kugelshit is 7.0

  33. Dude all you do is yell in your videos

  34. 8:38 – 8:41 wtf ?! What a sound ???????

  35. Phly!
    Take 3 or more friends and take out Type 75 SPH, find a long range sniping spot, and then proceed to do artillery stuff, sending a 155mm HE into general enemy direction every 2-2,5 sec.
    A #3

  36. Hey phly you should look at this bug if you take out the Alouette ll or any air craft and die then take out me163B the 163 has no fuel in GRB you gotta rtb

  37. Gajin balance fail tank, it should be 5.3 max.
    Same with 6
    76 shermans, M4A1 is a
    4.7, M4A2 5.0 M4A3 5.3 diffrenfe is that….
    No diffrence?
    M4A3 has abit better armor, guess what, lolpenned as easly.
    M4A3 should be 5.0 max. M4A3E2 76 at 6.0, wherr its armor is null, yet XD

  38. What song it is?

  39. Take out kv1 zis5 with red Leningrad camo

  40. Colonial Gutentägen


  41. Seeing T29 die was soothing, even if it was phly

  42. I keep on thinking that this AA is in reverse but he is driving forwards.

  43. You know nothing about suffering play the crusader Aa mk 1 this is the real pain

  44. 13:40 that looked just like a scene from Saving Private Ryan, when the main character shot to tiger from pistol, and air support bombed this tiger 😉

  45. 12:34 Phly: I’ve got no depression
    Me: you can take mine if you want ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  46. 6:34 Phly and Cleetus crossover confirmed?

  47. Humvee with M134 at 5.3

  48. phly play the chinese/soviet spaa type-65

  49. No idea if it is accurate or not (not owning a pair of forty-mills myself) but it really annoys me how the guns start firing synchronously and then don’t…

    For no readily apparent reason.

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