The Most Accurate Medium in The Game Still Can’t Snipe.

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Source: LemmingRush

I encourage everyone to try this out for themselves, get a friend and try to pen a vehicles weakspots consistently at any sort of substantial range in a “sniping” medium. Let me know what you find.


  1. If you go down to x2 Its more acurate

  2. Love your content dude

  3. Back at it again with the late night post. 😉

    I don’t know if read my reply to your comment, but I want to make sure you know this. (Everything I wrote below is irrelevant to the video)

    I may be a random guy commenting on your videos, but do note that we (the viewers) care about your wellbeing and support whatever content you want to create. Whether it be real life videos or saying Ya Like Jazz 50,000 times for charity.

  4. It's not what you think

    I’m able to snipe and do damage pretty consistently though.

  5. Pepijn van Heeswijk

    what are your system specs? I would like to make my own system that can run WoT on max settings with 60+ fps

  6. Welcome to World of Tanks Lemming

  7. There is a stat that is not shown anywhere. What you see in the game is the size of the aiming circle. The stat that matters is the percentage of shells hitting in the parts of the circle (bullseye, inner, outer). The Leopard 1 has an A+ in dispersion but it’s very shit with RNG. Soviets (mainly the mediums) tend to have a better percentage even though their dispersion is worse. Why? Because fuck you, that’s why! **thick Russian accent** Soviet tanks very underpowered. In need of much buffing, да! Иван, где моя водка?!

  8. dont give a damn about any other wot youtuber anymore. LR <3

  9. Try e50m next Time

  10. no matter how much proof u give people, retards will continue believing leo is a sniping tank..

  11. meanwhile fucking arty can pen the cupola of a is7, while the is7 is on a higher elevated location moving at 666 kmph and gets ammoracked for full health,set on fire,flipped over and memed on like a fucking vampire looking at the fucking sun eating onion

  12. You didn’t mentioned the fast reload you have with this setup… 😉

  13. Why not use vents? I use vents because i have a very skilled crew and te base view range is already 410 meters. It works fine.

    Though you are 100% right about the accuracy. Only works well bellow 400 meters (from my own experience).

    An here is the strange thing:
    Have hit shots at 400+ meters with my Leo and with my object 430…… What value has the accuracy??

  14. The only thing accurate in that game are the wn8 scores for tomatoes

  15. Accuracy in this game is a joke

  16. Just for the sake of demonstration, it would have been interesting to see you try the same targets at the same range WITH food and vents.

  17. lemmingrush i have a hugeee questuon……how the heck do you have great recent wn8 seriously when i play i do 2k to 4k most games and once in a while 1k or less likr anyone else but just check your recent 5k recent out of 9 bsttles my recent 1.7k i feel like i try to hard or i just dont hsve the tanks you need for to grind wn8 cauze i surely dont have alot, but i do play between a good (green) and average player

  18. What a nice ge’schnipen medium!

  19. U didnt answer my questions! 🙁 Oh well

  20. “The only way to pen heavies from the front reliably is to not shoot at their front…” – LemmingRush
    Btw: greetings from germany… I’m a huge fan of your channel 🙂

  21. Hi Lemming, Newly Subscribed fan and loving your Videos. Just wanting to ask a question that’s been bugging me, I’ve looked everywhere on your videos and others but haven’t seemed to come across it. I know that Mini-Map Awareness and knowing the maps and knowing the Tanks strengths/weaknesses is a key part in getting better battle results. But to really start working on your WN8, Is it advisable that you should have a few Tier 10 Tanks and have played at least a few Thousand battles? Any knowledgeable answers would be greatly appreciated. Cheers and Keep up the great videos 🙂

  22. Try doing the same experiment whilst being on an even ground level. You are going to find out that it penetrates much more often. The aiming cursor is messed up when the player (you) is higher then the enemy and u need to aim purposfully lower.

  23. Nice research, good sir! I had an idea of testing this out myself, but you beat me to it! I have been quite lucky with my rng recently, but I could guess, once rngesus notices this, it will be reversed to awful! (:

  24. The dispersion’s distribution curve. That’s where they get ya.

  25. A comparison with a poor accuracy russian medium would also be good. This way we can see what the actual benefits are of a sniper tank compared to a more short sighted tank. Now I know that that poor result makes spending the entire battle sniping pointless, because your video strongly suggests that. But if a poor accuracy tank with lots of other practical benefits e.g. better armor, more damage per hit etc; can still pen (when aiming at weakspots) at range then this whole argument about strengths and weaknesses of different nations concerning armour versus accuracy or Russian versus German can be shown to be a con.

  26. Sniping is, generally speaking, not a viable tactic in this game, unless you shoot a target you can easily pen and/or overmatch.
    That’s why mediocre players sitting behind teammates usually target the least armored tanks.

  27. It was actually possible to snipe with that tank before they changed the distribution of hits inside the circle some years back (global accuracy nerf).

  28. True, for such gun specs it’s very inconsistent and unreliable. I love my Leo but sometimes it makes no sense.

  29. Duarte Henriques

    Thats why this game is a joke eSports wise since you cant place the shots where you actually aim.

  30. “Can you imagine if it was moving?” they buffed the mobility of the T95, so yeah, I can imagine T95 actually moving now.

  31. they nerfed accuracy couple of patches ago

  32. Gergely Pivarcsi

    That’s the problem. You fully aim in, with your Leopard, and you miss the shot. Meanwhile, with a T49 or KV-2, you just pixel-hunt like a boss while you are on the move, but from the same distance as it showed in the video.

  33. Thank you! I get frustrated everytime I play my Leo though I really like it.
    But the stats are very inaccurate. Try the tvp 50 which supposed to have worse accuracy to balance its clip capabilities – like the bc25. You’d see even the e50m has better chance penetrating that is7.
    Leo1 needs to be balanced. I mean tier for tier the pta got buffed twice now and surpasses the Leo again tier for tier. I’m gonna start grinding the amx30 soon and see how that performs in comparison.

  34. The most accurate TD in the game still can’t snipe… and with the most accurate TD I mean the Grille 15, 0.24 accuracy and it would’ve missed 8/10 shots from the range the Leopard was shooting at the T95.

  35. I have this tank and it is so frustrating how often the gun misses considering i constantly get sniped from over 300 mtrs by the OI O ni type 4 and type 5 and t49 kv2 derp cannons .

  36. WoT is broken.

  37. Bart van der Zel

    Lemming, do you, by any chance, have an obsession with telling us the Leopard isn’t a sniping tank? 🙂

  38. T95 and IS-7 standing on an open field and facing you in some random bushes: “Realistic sutuation”- Lemmingrush 2017

  39. nerfed accuracy so meds dont hit weakspots.. wich means more brain dead gold spam- more prem tonk usage-more money for wg. this game is gone to shajt..

  40. ah, the stupid nervous laughter again…what an arrogant turd.

  41. Wtf… what kind of rng do you get? Most shells hit almost in the middle of the reticle.
    When i shoot, i can be happy when less than a third of the shells hit the outer ring (even on grille 15).

    15 shots on the is 7 and only 1-3 missed shots, when half the reticle was not over the vehicle.
    When sniping the T95, most shells actually hit the cupola, which is tiny.
    There was barely any vertical inaccuracy at all.

    I get worse pen or hit rate, when shooting a stationary sukapershing cupola with .3 accuracy from ≈100m range

    How do i get that kind of rng?

  42. i think thats working as intended and actually pretty well (at least with a leopard). If u shoot a tank gun from 300-400 meters its still kinda accurate to hit the tank everytime. To hit weakspots at that range is being optimistic.

  43. 420 meters ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  44. Now think about the (chinese) lights and their accuracy..

  45. I remember how the mobility and precision of the gun were the trade offs for the Leo-1’s poor armor. Look at it now. When they nerfed sniping in this game they never rebalanced tanks like this. Because WG is garbage.

    This would be the most deadly tank in the game’s line up. Unfortunately, WG gives zero fucks about balance and realism. Buff RU meds, and also CN meds aka RU knock-offs. Nerf the batchat. Leave the Leo-1 rot.

  46. There is definitely something wrong right ?

  47. Gabelhelm Sogarbraten

    on paper e50m and leo have same accuracy but e50m trolls far less there are far fewer shots just landing on the edge of the aiming circle

  48. if u want accuracy, play 9.18 arty. every shot hits and does some dmg. u can hit a light tank who is going at 70kmph downhill from 400m and do 400dmg abd track it, stun it and ur allies will kill it.
    arties r very realistic now

  49. Hei
    I have watched a lot of your videos to find out what kind of medium tanks to go for. So far i’m a little stuck. What 3 medium tanks would you recommend going for, for a player hoping to partake in clan wars in the not too distant future. Considering the possible batchat changes.

  50. I don’t really understand your beef with sniping 😛 I tend to take a lot of long distance shots with less accurate tanks, I just do that whenever I have a side profile or the rear. You do that too, obviously. Perhaps that’s what people mean by sniping? But also, perhaps a lot of people who believe in sniping are those red line Leopards I see in my games… 😀

    Seriously thouhg, “sniping” tank is very valuable in certain situations. Lets say, Murovanka, or Prohorovka. Having an accurate tank there instead of something like WZ132A to get side shots feels really rewarding. I think what you’re really trying to argue against is plain ol’ camping in a top tier medium, where player is affraid to press W because they have no armor.

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