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  1. Day-215 of asking for a T18b (57) Video.

  2. Update your graphic card driver and get rid of the stutter.

  3. Problem with these things now is that the aiming is still so janky when you are even on a pebble… It’s infuriating. The lower tier ones aren’t so bad but why the 103c is at 8.7 I’ll never know.. it had absolutely zero armour at 8.3 and now it has to fight leopard L44s and Xm1s

  4. Please stop apologizing for spending time with your family. We all love you and will wait as needed. We will be here, with the notification bell always on

  5. I just got to 8.0 Sweden and have fallen in love with this thing. So fun to use 🙂

  6. That intro scene is all wrong.. you should have the front lifted and the back down.. so that by the time the enemy has reacted.. they have to lower their gun to hit you you.. or not, hopefully! 😉

  7. Yeah this tank needs to be moved up to 8.7

  8. Generation zero

  9. you know you are good at the game when you get 9 kills no deaths whit lag spikes at 8.0

  10. Frederico Eusébio

    Ah yes the dorito tank… my favorote tank of all❤

  11. Phly, i love you but fix your rig b4 making a video alright?

  12. I solved my shuttering by either switching on / or off vsync.

  13. Welcome back Phly! I sincerely hope you had some great time off, take as much time as you like. We will miss you, but we will still be here when you come back. Also…

    I request a video on the He 100! It’s stupidly fast for 1.7, can hold 550+ km/h at deck no problem, excellent climber, only downside is it’s engine likes to burn so keep an eye on the temp. Not too OP, and super fun! Bring it to a higher br for a challenge if you want
    (day 1)

  14. The stutter could either be the OS, or the game code doesn’t want to play well with your CPU anymore. I used to run a Intel 6800K until I upgraded late last year, and as soon as I started playing on the new setup (same graphics card) everything was smoother. New CPU is the 12700k.

  15. Day 72 of asking for you to play anny of these tanks (basically the same) the italian m14/40, m15/42, m14/41, m13/40, the 2 I always use are m14/41 and the m15/42 with the APBC

  16. Thanks for the video!

  17. Great to see you’re spending time with your family

  18. Have you tried turning it off and on again?

  19. @PhlyDaily I had the same problem with my gpu stuttering. If your gpu temp readings are in the normal to high operating ranges (80-85c), it most likely is your thermal paste. I recommend Arctic MX-4 or any high heat transfer compound. Replace both the cpu and gpu thermal paste and be sure to completely remove the old paste before doing so.

  20. i really like the content but i can’t enjoy with these stutters

  21. @PhlyDaily 2:26 im having the same problem

  22. I have that same stuttering problem

  23. Dont use fullscreen windowed. That can make some games act up

  24. Playing War Thunder on an older gen console about from 2-5 years ago was still worse than this. It was literally like playing a powerpoint slideshow

  25. great start to the vid man.

  26. I have had these stutters for what felt like ages and experienced similar issues at that time with Elden Ring. What these games have in common? Easy Anti-Cheat. As for Elden Ring, I could simply play offline, but couldn’t do that for the Snail’s Game. Made me quit the game (honestly best thing you can do for your health). Then, I remembered what I did at the time the stutters started, turns out EAC doesn’t like GPU Tweak II. Deinstalled and everything was fine. Saw people with same solving with different software such as MSI Afterburner. Try deinstalling any kind of performance tweaking/monitoring software

  27. Did anyone else just instantly think
    *deeply sniffs “Ahh I’m back in the S-Tank…I can smell the oil”

    -Paraphrasing Stefan Karlsson from the Tank Chats Reloaded S-Tank Video

  28. What for GPU do you have?

  29. A stuttery Phlydaily video is better than no Phlydaily video

  30. Howdy, can you please play churchill mk7? Or the olifant? Please

  31. just a guess, but maybe ur 3090’s power cable is a bit loose?

  32. That studdering at the beginning of the game happens to me too. Im on a gaming lptop so thats probably my problem lollllll

  33. revert to old driver. New doesn’t always mean good. Applies to car parts too.

  34. the game stuttering could be a few things, I’m not sure on your setup, but overheating could easily cause this, constant cuts to power and frequency to try and manage the temp. even if you have beefy cooling, something could have simply gone wrong, maybe bad thermal paste that’s gotten worse or if you have a closed liquid cooler maybe its drying up or a bad pump. otherwise, it could be game issue but only your game. try deleting cache, verifying files etc. or if you can wait, just simply uninstall and reinstall. i had something like this happen to me with Forza horizon 5, many many chats with help team and trying “fixes” and in the end they were clueless. I ended up having to reinstall windows and reinstall the game just to fix it lol. hopefully it wont come to that for you, all the best

  35. When I saw highlights at the begging I was afraid that my PC have issues and now youtube is lagging. It wasn’t me, but still not good. I whish you will fix your PC set Phil and everything will be fine for you to enjoy game properly 🙂

  36. I have a 4070ti and have had the same issues. Let me know what you find out please phly

  37. Idk if you fixed your studdering but try running OBS as administrator. Helped with mine when streaming. Also love the content ❤

  38. I’ve had the same stuttering issue with WT, it’s on their end.

  39. Phly, have you tried another monitor? I had this happen to my months ago and I swapped my monitor and the lag went away.

  40. Day 89, we’ve seen the Sturmtiger and ASU-57 at top tier, Now we want to see the RBT-5 at top tier WITH OddBawz and Spookston.

  41. Just Some Fuggin Guy

    “Dude look at these graphics” *Playing with the same graphics I’m forced to play with cause my computer sucks*

  42. Man take the time you need especially with your kids. It seemed like weeks ago I my first son popped in to this world. Now he is going on 10 and his little MonkeyMan/my 2nd little man is going on 6. Seriously. It seems like a flash of the calendar date and wow holy shit 10 years have gone away.

  43. Bring it back to 7.7

  44. Hey Phly loved the vid as always. Just FYI, I had the same stuttering occuring, including in menus. Turns out a recent update broke compatibility with GeForce Experience overlay for some users. If you turn it off, the issue should go away.

  45. You don’t ever have to apologize for making time for family we got you bro

  46. I got a similar problem with a 30 series NVidia, I simply turned off the 4x SMAA, fixed it for me.

  47. Graphics looked like the mobile version. No disrespect I understand the struggle. I don’t even have a pc so I can’t talk much

  48. Have u tried playing the game without recording to see if the recording software is interfering with you game? Causing the lag or stutter.

  49. Why would you tell your community that you are taking some time of when you can say it after a month of not uploading. 😂

  50. “look at these graphics they’re completely toned down!”
    Me, who used to be able to play in Medium quality but now has to play in Ultra Low to even have playable framerate:

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