The MOST BALANCED TANK in War Thunder…

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Source: DOLLARplays

2S38 is “ most balanced” tank in the game… In other words one of the most overpowered vehicles that was recently added to War Thunder.

2S38 was implemented in “Fire and Ice” major update as a premium vehicle in soviet tech tree. It’s a light/anti-air tank, that can efficiently hunt ground and air targets.
2S38 has every available tool in War Thunder, from drone to dozer. You can scout you can drop arty, you have engine smoke(ESS), smoke grenades for cover, high quality gunner and commander thermals, 57mm auto-cannon with APFSDS,HEVT, and APHE. Jack of all trades.

When you compare 2S38 to anything for any nation tech trees, it feel very undertiered (sits at 9.7br at moment). Premium special treatment?

War Thunder 2S38 gameplay, DOLLARplays. Enjoy!



Intro: Musique – Rasure

Background: Retro Today – Alexandra Woodward
Another Pineapple Please – Fly Guy Five
In Suburban Streets – Elliot Holmes
Gone Surfing – Sixteen Wheelers
Stealing Mushrooms – Fly Guy Five
Casino Funk – Arc De Soleil
Motional Overload – Daniel Fridell
My Left Foot – Dez Moran

Outro: On Way Home – Steven Davies

Dollar plays 2s38 gameplay.
War Thunder is a free-to-play vehicular combat video game developed and published by Gaijin Entertainment. Announced in 2011, it was released in November 2012 as an open beta with a worldwide release in January 2013; it had its official release on 21 December 2016. War Thunder is military, tank, naval game like World of Tanks, World of Warships, Post Scriptum Squad, Hell Let Loose, and others.
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  1. The most balanced not pay to win vehicle 👌😉
    But seriously, compared to anything in the tech trees, this thing sits at way too low br. Premiums get special treatment?

    Anyway, as always I hope you guys are doing well💪

    • @HighFlyer It’s the GR1, not the FA2 or Sea Harrier or the AV8B. And please send me a video of you playing it at 10.0 in GRB and not getting slapped out of the sky… It should be at a lower BR without SRAAMS… just early SAMs.

    • @Daniel Ross I said WAS, fucking read you monkey, if I have to repeat myself for the millionth time you dumb fug

      is that clear enough for you or fucking not?

    • @HighFlyer And then you insisted it still is OP. But if revisionism and insulting people for your mistakes makes you feel better… rock on.

    • Legendary video as always 🤣, that thing only just got through trials I believe last year

    • @DOLLARplays Dude you gonna play/do more Star Citizen vids?

  2. underground was the game of my childhood, whew so nostalgic

  3. Thank you Dollar for another great video to lighten up our days. Both the gameplay and editing make these videos so good and unique.
    I will never get tired of watching this content and neither of saying thank you for it. It is not common to find such high quality content these days.

  4. Unbalanced russian bias strikes again

  5. you should try the ikv 103. the another balanced tank at 4.0 with heatfs and 400 pen. btw the video is awesome

  6. Sucks that no one talks about how vad the strfs actually are when compared to the other IFVs.

  7. Hmmm this needs a buff, move it down a br I think

  8. and lets not start with this thing? nah, u did it. Now i want it

  9. Ytuber: sacarsticly saying 2s38 balanced
    Also Ytuber: gets onetaped by most of enemies

  10. Also 2s38 balanced because it’s in the same team with Turms and gets balanced by matchmaker to 10.0+ battles

  11. I wonder, from which country are you from

  12. Professional Retard

    I love your videos dollar

  13. How does it work that tanks dont brun when destroyed can someone tell me ? i saw a few older vids of dollar where the destroyed tanks arent bruning like there’s only smoke comming out
    can some one tell me how lol

  14. Валера Валерьевич

    Я бы не сказал, что “Деривация-ПВО” такая имба, машинка неплохая, но со своими минусами, которые не дают стать ей имбой, я думаю, что если бы Гадзины добавили ей еще бы ПТРК “Корнет”, как на БМП-2М, а на “Армии 2019” было указано, что оно имеет оную установку, то ее можно было бы кинуть на БР выше, но это сильно не меняют ситуация, что на 9.7, что на 10.7 2С38 играется одинаково.

  15. I repeat myself but amazing video,never change 👍

  16. Its a crime that the CV90s are 10+

  17. I had to play that intro multiple times. Good old dayz. 🙂

  18. “Full package” but no Iron Dome? The active anti-missile protective system?



  20. Man i really wish Dollar could put a list with the movie references he uses. Similar for some of the quality memes.

  21. Ahh yess russian bias period
    This game nearly its end lifespan
    Like the other tank game with HP bar

  22. dear p2w game

  23. Luke Clayton-Holland

    Dollar how do i get laid ?

  24. Dollar your the best War Thunder youtuber i know you always makes the videos chill but still funny


    Looks like gaijin wants to sell premiums considering all the warthunder “content creators” are paid to show it off

  26. hey dolla how to you lock to air targets? i cant find it.

  27. Exactly what I said. The swedish 10.0 Strf’s are so much worse then the Russian 9.7 2S38… Same with OTOMATIC.
    How did the Developer not notice??? Or aren’t they interestend just because real money is the only thing that counts?

  28. “His just a fast boy”🤣🤣

  29. I want war thunder to make a gundam game tbh

  30. Я беру в первую очередь каморники ,в борт они ваншотят запросто ,ну а ломики можно штук 20 на всякий случай возить

  31. Hahaha, this trow back memories on nfs. Nice

  32. 10:40 to 10:59 clever boiii

  33. 12:46 “Small City maps are the best”….. next plays big desert map ….. dies…. Perfection

  34. “Weaker APDFSDS round”

    I mean, it’s 17mm smaller cannon, of course it penetrates less.

  35. Zuzana KRÁLOVIČOVÁ Cvíčelová

    Pls make video on russian bmp1

  36. DollarPlays, can you do a Video where you play as Tiger H1? And enjoy the suffering then 😀

  37. Meanwhile PUMA still doesnt have its AHEAD rounds implemented properly…

  38. this is the Russian PUMA

  39. “Premiums get special treatment?” is a rhetorical question, I hope…

  40. 2s38 being op is exaggerated. Thing maneuvers like an average American in Walmart.

  41. I love your editing.

  42. Can you please begin with a new series called grinding out aviation tech tree so we can see you play with planes

  43. Hehe boy

  44. Take this thing to top tier

  45. Casual Troublemaker

    Free to Play == Pay to Win. You are welcome and “free” to play 😀 and become the pray for the ones who “Pay to Win”. This was, is and will be always “the case” dear @DOLLARplays 🙂War Thunder is one of the greatest example of this. And Gaijin knows how to milk the Cow 😉

  46. Lol P2WIN Mobile game tier

  47. Seeing this balanced tank makes me feel like I need to feed the snail to get this tank 😅

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