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Source: OddBawZ

The 103 C in War is the most tank in the game. There are 3 S- in War Thunder and since day one they have never behaved correctly.

In today's video, I play the best version of the S-Tank in War Thunder. The C variant has the best powerplant out of the 3 Strv 103 tanks in game. It also has APFSDS with an astounding 4 second reload.

The Strv103 has a completely fixed cannon. The gun is aimed by use of the hull traversing left and right and the suspension raising and lowering. Unfortunately since this vehicle was introduced it has been extremely unreliable and just downright broken.

The 103 C sits at battle rating 8.3 meaning it fights vehicles with full stabilised turrets and APFSDS that can easily outmatch the 40mm armour on the Strv 103 C making it next to useless.

Gaijin, please fix this once and for all!

INTRO (00:00)
GAME 1 – 40 POINTS FROM A NUKE (03:31)
OUTRO (29:41)


  1. ATD POINT NEWS HERE! The Strv 103’s have been in a sorry state for a long time. There’s a couple of outstanding games in this video but also some bloopers, too. It’s likely a lot of people are happier with the state of the hull-aiming but it could definitely be better. I’d like to see the Strv 103’s really shine and have full functionality. Hopefully Gaijin can do something about it so they’re worth playing with the exception of 2 or 3 maps at long range.

    Make Sweden Great Again!

    • GetThis What'sThat?!

      Also, fun fact Odd, some of the 103s could even Float. But Gaijin will be Gaijin. Both the T95E1 and HSTV-L are supposed to have adjustable hydropneumatic suspension, but they don’t. The M60A2 is supposed to be able to carry 13 ATGMs, it can only carry 7. The Ostwind II is some creation of Gaijin’s imagination. The BT-5 and BT-7s can’t go their real life tracked top speeds. The British Firefly (and the rest of Britain’s lower BR 17lbrs) doesn’t/don’t get their APDS. Many of the Allied nations’ 40mm SPAAs don’t have their HE-VT shells. The Chinese tree has more vehicles operated by Taiwan than China (roughly 52%) and less than half of the vehicles they did/do operate are domestic to China. French AP doesn’t spall consistently, fuel explosions ruin their top tier, and the Leclerc’s reload and UFP are outright wrong, NOT TO MENTION THE ABSENCE OF THE FRENCH NAVY. Italy is suffering for its air tree, Japan is, well, I don’t know enough about Japanese Gameplay to speak too much to that point. The IKV 91 is supposed to be impenetrable by 20mm HVAP frontally – it’s not. The Bkan is missing a pintle MG, and cannot traverse or elevate the gun the correct values. HEAT-FS is ignoring ERA and Composite screen, so Israel ain’t having the best time either.

      This is me just scratching the surface, and part of what drives my love/hate relationship with this game. There is so much potential, but between Gaijin adjusting vehicle capabilities based on BR instead of adjusting BR based on vehicle capabilities, ghost shells still not being fixed, and historical inaccuracies, it feels like Gaijin is imitating the Usain Bolt shooting himself in the foot before a Sprint at the Olympics.

    • Also don’t forgot the internal bulkheads that they nerfed from 30 to 10 millimetres early on.

    • Your intro always amaze me there either very funny like this one here or intense like others when u start of in a bombing spree

    • AGREED!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • @CoCoNuT Yes

  2. Did not expect a video where the Strv just waltzes into the centre cap to start blasting fools

  3. one of the most beautiful tank designs of the cold war era <3

  4. The intro …lmao

  5. That intro! Truly, the S-tank is the WALL-E of armored fighting vehicles

  6. So Tank Battles but take more Aircraft then tanks. Gaijan need to fix that too

  7. This is my honest belief about the hullaiming.

    Gaijin had one guy wgo programmed it, but did such a bad job that it’s impossible to fix. They need to redo the entire programming base, but they won’t do it because its too much wasted money.

  8. “Oh no the surface I’m standing on has a lean angle of 5 degrees or more, I guess I will become completely broken useless to play with and dependent on luck” – THANKS GAIJIN, REAL COOL. Also see how the two engines are still treated as a single system (ahistorical) and the internal spall shield is still all wrong (ahistorical) and it can use HESH (ahistorical) and it scoots back on recoil (ahistorical) and the reload times (ahistorical, actual just over 2 seconds, 4 sec required to settle back on target (computerized)). At least it benefits from old players leaving so people barely know how to disable an Strv 103..

  9. Slick-Piccolo (AKA Sliccolo)

    i’ve driven a real STRV 103-C and i can tell you that they are MUCH more reliable in real life then in this game lol. it can legit be driven, shot and maintained by a single man!
    and BTW, it’s only known as the “Cheese wedge of doom” in games. IRL we called it the “Angry Swedish Doorstopper.”

  10. i spent money on one of these things and have used it about seven times. a real bit of junk.

  11. You have to have long range hills to play the tank well to be honest.

    I think the only way to balance things is for AB and RB to allow the STRV to still turn in place when the engine/transmission are out, but not when the tracks are out etc.

    The aim seems to wiggle around WAY more than it should when looking at a fixed spot as well.

  12. Ponder this Gaijiggles.. This tank beat out the leopard 1 in trials and was selected for service by Sweden.

  13. Swedish main here. Kind of annoyed by the engine. The Strv needs it to do ANYTHING, and it’s easily destroyed. In real life it has 2 engines, but in-game they share the same damage model. Fixing this could save the tank, or at least make it less painful.

  14. First Name Last Name

    it just needs so many things to go right in order to be effective, but you’re playing war thunder

  15. Bernardo Maffessoni


  16. Warthunder is a Game only for Losers. This Game is so bugged that it would take 5 Years to get them fixed.

  17. Bernhard Widmer

    There is no such thing as THE MOST broken…as all is broken in this stupid game.

  18. 6:05 mister moon

  19. 11:48 mister moon

  20. 23:55 mister moon

  21. I got the premium a few days before this video is posted , I play it in 7.7 and get at least three kills a game playing super recklessly. Incredibly survivable. Incredible reload time. I play it at 7.7 BR and still hold my own. I think it could get a jump to 8 or 8.3

  22. they should do like WoT and have an invisible gun separate from the model gun that has a little bit of movement to help smooth out the aiming.

    • So basically, you want it to be historically innacurate ?

    • @Propane how does that make it historically inaccurate it makes it more accurate literally in both ways because IRL they’re pretty damn smooth not janky like it is in game.

  23. saying the name makes me mad as a swedish person ngl, what german accent is this!!

  24. The only time the controles of this tank where good and kind of working how they should was when it came out. And gaijin has to fix that

  25. I don’t think you can say the design is silly. It performed well in tests and was specifically developed for the terrain it was going to be fighting in.

  26. 21:21 Yes, it’s an MBT. It was designated and used as such. For pushing the B point in this game you wouldn’t want to send in MBTs because close quarters urban fighting is essentially a deathtrap to any MBT, turret or no turret.

    People have to wrap their minds around the concept that an MBT is a designation and determines how the army intends to use that tank. An MBT doesn’t have to have a turret and it doesn’t have to be able to “break through” enemy lines unless the army that intends to use it that way needs that functionality.

  27. Sweden in general is broken.. Too expensive and shit

  28. Hardbass Guy CZE

    Welp, as soviet 7.0 player
    I hate when i have to play uptiers against sweeden, Im 95% sure there will be atleast one strv 103 camping on the other side of the map shooting every thing it sees. If you have any idea how to counter these things, let me know please.

  29. Silvio Čavužić

    thats not stupid mechanic.. its how real tank worked, every crew member had all of the controls of the tank available cause from their spot

  30. fucking thing is impossible to kill so they did do “something” for it

  31. Devlin Plantenga

    Day 96 asking for the best 5.7 fighter, the American spitfire!

  32. Actually this tank just needs a stablizer to balance it

  33. Dude, you must be using some kind of wallhack… how the hell do you know where they are, and where they will come out, and see them…. and dont tell me you ”hear” them, thats a load of bollocks. Give link to your hack so everyone else can also see where enemy is, just like you.

  34. and they didnt implement the ripple armor

  35. you think gaijin is going to balance a vehicle WITHOUT a player base uproar…..bwahaha, you must be new here 😛

  36. It’s a tank destroyer that pretends to be a tank. It is designed for sniping from cover and retreating (at full speed) as the enemy advances. Taking out the engine WILL disable it completely. It is NOT designed for city fighting or any form of close range engagements. Get over it or drive another tank.

  37. The Bkan 1C and the Spj driving together was kinda cute

  38. -Poru- freaking hates you lol you wiped his whole line up out in a matter of like 3 minutes

  39. Thing i found thats rubbish is that the Cheese wedge needs long range fighting since it does not have a turret BUT most maps are close range/mid range so you end up using the tank in a way its most poorly at.

    • Tbh, it does pretty well on some short-range maps. Mostly depends on the allies preventing you from being flanked (and we all know how useless the allies are in this game), but if you manage to not get flanked, its firepower and its reload makes it a pretty capable tank to use in certain maps

    • @Propane yeah it just struggles more in maps that are city or close quarters though that reload is great.

  40. This vehicle was actually built so that it could be operated by only one crew member interestingly enough

  41. I miss the day when you can atillery them at spawn.

  42. 2:30 it can be manned by UP TO 4 people, but can be fully functional with just 1 person in real life. Recommended to have 3 to be efficient.

  43. 1 guy being able to run the tank is actually the whole point lol, they originally had a 2 man crew and upped it to 3 because they needed an extra set of hands to repair the vehicle etc. as its autoloaded and the gunner/driver are the same person, its feasible that a single person could operate the vehicle, even at a reduced efficiency

  44. the problem is gajin’s maps are designed for spawncamping

  45. “Dont spawn camp” – Oddbawz

  46. It was made by the sweeds to defend their country, not attack other countries. In the forest, having a turret is more of a handicap than an advantage, and since the Strv 103 was intended to be used in case of an invasion by an other country (unlike most of the medium tanks of that era), it was theoretically very good at its job

  47. The tank have two engines and is designed to work with only one working.

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