The Most Controversial Tank In War Thunder

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Source: Spookston

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The American HSTV-L light tank is probably the most controversial tank in Thunder ground forces. It’s a vehicle that I’m infamous for talking about a ton, so I figured I would play it again now that it’s gone up to a battle rating of 1 without any historical reports being actioned. I’ve been communicating with Gaijin about buffing XM885, but it’s been sporadic.

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Songs used (in order from first to last):
Command Conquer: Generals – Makin’ A Sweep, Search And Destroy, Fight For Peace, In The Field, Zero Hour Theme, Comanche Down
Halo 3: ODST – Rain (Deference for Darkness)

0:00 – Intro
0:59 – Sponsorship break
2:17 – Gameplay
11:00 – XM885 Rant
13:00 – More Gameplay
15:53 – Outro

Sound mods:
Epic Thunder (Pre-release)
Gunner HEAT PC Crew Voices Mod (Personal, go play the game: )

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The Most Controversial Tank In Thunder


  1. Install Mech Arena for Free – IOS/ANDROID/PC: and get a special starter pack – Available only for the next 30 days #ad

  2. Man, Spook really got bought by big leg, huh?

    Also, could you make a video on the M7? It’s a nice design and a great “what could have been” tank in the vein of the T20

  3. This game really doesn’t like Tanks going really fast

  4. I think it’s funny. You and I have the complete opposite experience when it comes to Hstvl and 2s38, in the month that I have had 2s38 I have not survived a shot to the crew compartment by any angle and every time I get shot from the front my fuel explodes because the round hits my ammo. But when I face hstvl the rare times my round does something it leave ammo red and crew yellow

  5. Pov: British tanks💀

  6. I really appreciated the Surfin bird edit in and out… I had to go back and make sure that wasn’t my own brain adding that in

  7. Type-10 players trying not to shoot themselves after Gaijin says Japan MOD’s claim about the Type-10’s armor and ammo capabilities is “false”

  8. when the 75mm 😊🤌

  9. 15:45 GOOFY AHH

  10. Quang Huy Nguyễn Đặng

    Everyone fear autocannon…. It’s correct in real life tank battle too…

  11. No scouting? 🤔

  12. ohh omg the challenger 2 editt make me howl i need that video rn

  13. War Thunder players are different breed if you’re asking for unclassified military docs on tank shell rounds lmao

  14. Dear lord how am I two days late? Enjoyed the video as always, do sorta *slightly* blame you for me getting back into WT after moving away from it but eh, what are you gonna do?

  15. American main when armour

  16. At this point this is the spookstonmobile

  17. Play the Matilda II. Queen of the Desert most trolly tank in game

  18. The urge to leak a classified documents to fix a bug is high.

  19. Panzer 2C DAK If you can figure out how to play it.

  20. i know you hate Sweden but pls try bt42


  22. Father Lengthy Appendages

    SUGGESTION SPOOKSTON PLEASE READ: 2.7 Britain lineup is the most fun lineup in the game in my opinion, crusader 2 is like a British M22 and then you’ve got the AEC AA which is insanely OP and the Matilda and Churchill GC which just bounce everything at low tier

  23. why are you monotone.

  24. Man, getting out of war thunder was probably the best decision ever

  25. i feel like every time you make a new video, it really just presents 10 new reason why this game is shit instead of saying that some tanks are “unbalanced” because at the end of the day balancing doesn’t matter when the game doesn’t work

  26. could you do a video on the lekpz m41? i feel like it is impossible to pen on stock ammo, specifically soviets seem to tank 2 hits in the barrel and then turning around and 1tapping me- Maybe thats a skill issue but i would still apreciate it.

  27. Have you done a video on the M50 Ontos? Would be fun to see that ungainly thing in action.

  28. Disabling Stuff is becoming ridiculous. Shooting cannon barrels with 20mm to 105mm often does nothing for me. I even shot an ASU 57 with my Panther and destroyed the ammo rack without killing the tank.

  29. Could you make a video on the M50? No particular reason other than it’s a silly little six-shooter lol

  30. Firestarter OnYouTube

    8:04 that rev up the bugatti made my day😂

  31. Russian tank with ammo hits and other weak spots are just funny. You can hit the weak spots with whatever cannon you want sometimes and the shell will just do nothing or the ammo will not explode anf then you die because the russian has a better gaming chair then you

  32. Everyday I become more convinced that Gaijin is a propaganda op for the Russian MoD

  33. Man what you got to do to get Gaijin the fix things leak classified military documents or something like that :p

  34. The Disney Robin hood is the best tho xD

  35. I mean if this tank had the best shell the US has I feel that it would be able to keep up with all the other vehicles that can pin it but then people would complain about the main battle tanks not having it

  36. Tree hit box is honest to god bad so bad to the point I could have made it across the map in seconds in the fastest light tank but that one tree that I go by screws me up

  37. Yooo, another MechAssault fan, let’s gooo!

  38. its overpowered if the right person plays it

  39. wtf u have to show legit military documents in a bug report?

  40. This man really filed a FOIA for War Thunder purposes

  41. I only hear monkey noises

  42. RU devs gonna be RU devs…which is why the game is in such a moronic state right now. Have morons working for your company, expect moronic behavior.

  43. Basically full auto apcr

  44. benyamin bakhtiyari


  45. Gaijin is just trying to compensate for Ukraine

  46. Thud community is soo fucking stupid. When PUMA got out everyone was complaining, people created a huge fuss about it hoe broken it is, but 2S38, barely any complaints and why? Cause it’s a fucking premium. Everyone would rather buy it than have it nerfed…

  47. I always think “Macarena” sponsors this videos

  48. That F#$ing “Z” at 4:55… Man, people are terrible. Great vid thou!

  49. Gas turbine engines: known for being more silent compared to turbodiesel engine
    Gaijin’s world: loudest engine in the game

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