The most DANGEROUS LINEUP in War Thunder

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Source: OddBawZ

Oddo Toy:

The most dangerous lineup in Thunder HAS to be Germany 5.7! With no shortage of menacing medium tanks, hulking great heavies and more SPAA than there are planes for minor nations… this is your way ticket to at any rate!

Honestly, this is one of the most sure fire ways to squad up with friends and just grind away to earn lions easy!

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did playing!


  1. ill buy it later

  2. x̶x̶_w̶o̶1f̶r̶a̶m̶i̶t̶e̶_x̶7 X_XXXII_

    You know what dis is gud content dis goes in my playlist

  3. please play the T80 and T28e in the USSR 2.3br, they’re great fun and you have never done a video on both tanks (72th try)

  4. i would say 8.3-11.3 Russia is way better/ though Germany 5.7 is a good competitor


  6. Hans in the PaK wagon laid back, chilling out

  7. Fuck killcam in RB

  8. Oddbawz saying sus things in this videi

  9. Playing Russia 5.3-6.7 is pure pain because of Germany.

  10. Ticket bleed is absolutely a huge turn off from the game. Like, let us play ffs

  11. what about german 3.0?

  12. Most dangerous line up? calling BS on that one, I guess you forgot the Russian 5.7 line up with the IS2, ISU-122S, T34-85, T34-85E, SU-122P, Panther A-TV and the one you had a 20+ kill game in, the KV220 and not to mention the Yak9 and Yak 3s that can out turn and out perform all German planes at low attitude, the claim is a joke.

  13. And to think that whereboos still say Germany is trash and they need historical matchmaking

  14. Someone know if Izrael gona by on 50 %sale?

  15. haha germany 5.7 fun point & click adventure

    laughs in 6.7 uptier for 5 games in a row

  16. Just got the little dude!!

  17. Id personally like to see a video where you dont use premium tanks and planes and only use the five crew slots everyone gets also some tips and tricks for beginners would be nice.

  18. panzer elite born to complete

  19. Nice shooting 🙂

  20. Bawz. Seen a migraine comments. (Don’t you hate it when people ask “how’s the headache?” ) Anyway. Tried everything over ten years nothing really helped. A Dr prescribed me gabapentin (anti seizure drug) which is off label use for gabapentin prevention of migraines. Haven’t had one in 6 years..I get the Aura still but it never devolops into pain and sickness and the good stuff. Hope this helps

  21. Joseph Schmidt Afton (Deutschland_fox781)

    German blitzkrieg raids in 1940: 0:31

  22. Surprised potato server could handle that

  23. 5.7 Germany, you say?

  24. This video was terrible just this loser using a scout puma that most of us can never get and him playing premium CAS this clown is a fraud

  25. Oddbawz: I don’t spawn camp, it’s only in endgame

    Oddbawz : 15:06

  26. Just wanted to point out that the 234/4 is a very rare vehicle in the game. i have been playing for years and don’t have it nor do I know anyone who does.

  27. While technically a 5.7 lineup, these were hardly 5.7 games lol.

  28. Hey, so I just found you’re channel/video and can say that this video was pretty disappointing. Clicking on it I thought I was getting really good skilled gameplay with tech tree German tanks. Instead it was premium puma and air . . . I found it ironic that you wanted this to be educational – and whilst it was – but it gave me no new knowledge as to how to get better at this game with 5.7; nor was there any real evidence displayed as to why 5.7 Germany is good. At least that is what I noticed from this video.

  29. “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” -last words before disaster

  30. 5.7? i as a german main get clapped all matches by russian bias

  31. The Bavarian Barbarian

    Why the 109 F-4 instead of a G?

  32. What an amazing video as always!!! Love your video as always!!!

  33. No porsche tiger shame :/

  34. 0:40 Follow us on tour to France with our tour guide, Hitler!

  35. Phly: Oops, that’s the enemy spawn, let’s turn our attention elsewhere to give them a chance at having fun…
    Bawz: Hehehe… Like ants into a magnifying glass sunbeam…

  36. I also really love the Germany 7.3

  37. Great video! Loved the insight to how you play.

  38. How do you spot those ground targets so quickly?? I cannot even see them


    heyh i got 11.0 german AND 8.7 russian now , but i’m down like 40 000 silver lion eveb tho i have a premium account , 5.7 is my go to to earn moneyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  40. I play German 6.0. Jagdpanthers constantly get downtiered to 5.7 and they perform great even in a full up tier. It feels dirty

  41. Video 154 asking for the best 5.7 fighter, the American spitfire!


  43. that intro was top notch

  44. Does Odd play with a joystick for flying?

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