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Source: OddBawZ

This light tank is capable of firing a round every 4.3 seconds and not just any round either, a very high velocity 85mm APHE no less.

With 245mm of penetration and enough explosive mass take out a in one shot, this is one for the meanest tanks in the entire . All in the low BR of just 7.7!

This tank is insane!


  1. Overclockers heard “smash the like button” and confused things lol

  2. 118th try, please play the T-80 or the T-28e in USSR 2.3br. You have no videos on both tanks. The T-28e is foldered in with the T-28.

  3. Hey mate, you can turn off ess by turning off your engine.its a pretty cool featyre not many people know about

  4. Hey odd how about a Nashorn video pls? Long 88 at 5.3 makes for some very satisfying destruction.

  5. Kinda getting tired everything better is from ussr tech tree…

  6. Bro the overclockers saga is something else

  7. Every game I encounter light tanks that dont die to the most powerful APHE in the game 🙁

  8. This is the next tank I’m unlocking. Can’t wait to try it out.

  9. How do u zoom all the way in while in a tank? Im new and I only know that if I hold right click it zooms in a little but how do I do the zoom you do? Is it an ability or something like that?

  10. because of Tankfest everyone knows the Leopard 1 is one of the, if not the, loudest tanks in the world, even if only watching through video with headphones on you will feel your whole being rattled by its sound, live it is even more intense
    it being so silent in WT is one of the major mistakes by Gaijin’s audio team

  11. Gladly say i finally own the 906

  12. The air raid sound is not much audible from the air. You would expect to hear it from 2km around the battlefield but no. So planes usually don’t hear it unless if they fly really close to the ground and on the battlefield.

  13. I have a challenge idea for you, get a nuke with a bt-5.

  14. I los the count but anyway day x asking to odd test the amx 13 90

  15. For a guy with glasses your ability to see and identify targets at a distance still amazes me everytime. My eyesight is fine but i can hardly tell a building from an enemy while bombing or scouting

  16. how do you know you are marked on the map? is there an indicator i havent seen so far?

  17. Great stuff there Odd! Good fun to watch too. I noticed some VERY suspect pens and post pen damage for a few of those kills. Truly some ‘Gaijin moments’ to be found in gameplay now with inconsistent post pen damage with APHE and HEAT both. Got killed TWICE by arty last night too…talk about getting “Gaijin’d”

  18. Same as on ot the ASU-85,it is only lacking the reload and the rotating turret. In that first game you were really lucky getting so many dumb players…honestly…if i was rolling through the map like that i would have been killed 3 times usually.

  19. 2:28 most situationally aware German team

  20. I got 15 kills with Object 268 the other day and still didn’t have enough for a nuke. All the kills were one shot.

  21. Hi all,i have a question. How do you see when you are markeed on the map like if you are close to there spawn. Like in the beginning of the video. Many t(h)anks in advance. Kind regards and some APHE from your brother in arms,Koen. (Warthunder IGN= Truthspreader,if you want to team up some time)

  22. PrecisionGuidedMike

    I dont get how russian mains dont get bored. They have the easiest tanks to play and the Su11 is way too low of BR. They dont struggle what so ever


  24. I respectfully request Bawz to the Wall Wednesday were you use a face cam

  25. Sweet Nuke.

  26. SO little situational awareness. Like someone backstabbing mechs in mech warrior online and nobody is looking at the radar map.

  27. I was playing the Germans and I got murdered by this thing many times earlier today.

  28. Scancomputers go wits them. Bought 3 high ends from them in the last 10 years and always great

  29. This vehicle is a true monster !
    I can’t wait to unlock it next :).

    It would be awesome if you could give some love to his little brother, with the same gun but at 6.3, the ASU85 !
    I barely see this tank in battle !


    As always, thx for the glorious content<3.

  30. 2:26 how do you know when you are marked on the map?

  31. Odd will you play something Japanese?

  32. This game is so broken. Why fix things like sound when they can sell you a $60 tank.

  33. we need to get a video of bawz playing the cesspit of tank arcade

  34. There’s a great music track to play watching this Aphex Twin – Come To Daddy lol start them at the same time enjoy just turn odd sound off..
    excellent content as can be expected

  35. Hey odd. We need more Duck vids and you dont have vids on Pz 3 J on br 2.3

  36. I love the 906. it was a monster when introduced, then kinda fell off the radar. I still play it, the Stabilizer and APHE make it a hidden GEM. The BMP1 make’s the perfect compliment in the lineup as well.

  37. Day 10 asking you to fly CAS in a Lancaster

  38. how do you hear the enemy tanks in which direction they come in? I was playing since 3 months but I can’t hear anything sometimes I get confused by my teammates tanks as well. And then I get more confused after watching your video about how the hell did you notice where the tanks are.

    • Okay with a good set of headphones. The direction hearing in this game is fantastic of you have a headset that can take advantage of it

  39. And it has a stab, so it can flank, and kill while moving. It’s insanely good, and I got 8 kills in 4 minutes in my second game with it. But it also has the fastest nuke time I have ever seen, where my team got a nuke in 7 minutes. with a full uptier. He got 12 kills, 6 assists and 2 caps. *nuke time*

  40. Day 133 of asking Odd to play the M56

  41. Odd always gets me hyped up for a game but then I realize once again the true experience of WarThunder.

  42. First match mans just rolled up to spawn annihilated them, did a circle to come back and do it again lol

  43. 1 why is this so easy for you…
    2 how do you know when your marked on the map.

  44. Odd you should have a series where you use the worst tank in each nation

  45. Great video dude.

  46. sad to hear your PC arrived smashed….hope all works out well in the end

  47. 6:15 thats a bit abusive

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