The Most Frustrating IFV In War Thunder

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Source: Spookston

The Italian Freccia IFV is by far one the most useless vehicles I have ever played in War Thunder. The Spike missiles are absolutely terrible, but very funny when they actually work.

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The Missile Doesn't Know Where It Is


  1. If you liked the type 75 mlrs video, you’ll love this

  2. Google: Freccia 🙂
    Spookston 1 second later: ok the italian Freycha

  3. Freccia? Ferrocioua bro

  4. The “Freicha” is cool

  5. Ahhh yes, the classic fire and regret missles

  6. Day 20 for T-34-100, cause funny recoil when shooting from the side

  7. Play the m19a1 very good spas tank destroyer

  8. you should play the Chieftain (any variant)
    #1 attempt I bothered to count

  9. the fire-and-forget missiles on the Chinese IFV were a cautionary tale about how other similar missiles would be implemented

  10. EMORTAL ELITE Gaming

    The m22 enjoyer

  11. Day 6 of asking Spookston to play the 1.0 M2A2

  12. Fire n forget? More like fire n regret

  13. you should try out the Crusader AA Mk1! (attempt 75)

  14. “oh watch this airtime”

    *gets best buy ad*

  15. I love the “helo biden it’s bom”

  16. Andrea Cappelletti

    You spelled Freccia pretty well still pretty fun meme.

  17. Godofchaosdragons

    They also ruined TOW missiles. Play the M3A3 Bradley now that it’s been moved to 10.0.

  18. Day 5 of asking you to play B1 TER

  19. Day 6. Can you please play the m60a2

  20. 11:16 That made me laugh so hard. Then seeing a talisman on the m22 finished me

  21. Day 76 of asking you to play the ST-A3

  22. The Spike isn’t Russian so Gaijin are pretending it’s awful.

  23. Day 74 of asking @Spookston to play the Type 93 :=)

  24. Well the quality of the Italian crew voices is definitely low, but what they’re saying is correct and with the right pronunciation. The Italian voice lines have just one issue: when you spont an spg they call it “ground to air missile” which is not the word many would use to describe something like a Nashorn

  25. Spook do you know why OddBawz is not uploading anything?

  26. its crap vehicle…

  27. pov: you’re watching spooksten attempt to fight the elite 4 with his trusty lvl 2 Pidgey

  28. I absolutely love that the spike was still in LEO when you sent the telephone pole up

  29. Некто Никто

    Ah yes, the “fire & forget” system:
    1. Fire the missle;
    2. Forget that ever happened;
    3. Repeat 1;

  30. It was an MG3 on that AGS’s turret and not a Garand.

    Attempt #32:

    Could you play the Type 60 SPRG?

  31. You went above and beyond with this one spookston!

  32. These missiles seem like if a Javelin got drunk. Also, hello fellow Ohioan, enjoying the depression?

  33. Israel inventing the Spike missile only for Italy to be the first one to get it in War Thunder: 😱

  34. A10 is getting a taste of its own medicine

  35. fire and forgor

  36. (Sorry to ask but) Video 65 of asking for AMX-50 Foch or CA Lorraine Gameplay

  37. Don’t know if you’ll see this… but it’s just like the QN506 missiles. They learned nothing.

  38. As an Italian I can say that in that voice line he seems he’s driving while shitting himself

  39. My man really just confirmed he’s from Ohio, that explains a lot of things.

  40. Fire and forget? More like forgets to fire

  41. That looked so painful, I’m so sorry for you. It would almost make playing a Churchill NOT painful by comparison, right? Make this video 28 of asking for a Churchill.

  42. Operative Geisterwolf

    Yeah but if you go over to the Russians there missiles work almost 10 times better than any other nation

  43. Spookston talks about losing brain cells in almost every video, how does he still have any left?

  44. I wish gaijin hadn’t screwed with the laser warning system honestly, teammate near you uses a laser in a direction away from you, you receive a warning

  45. The goofiest voice lines got to be the Hungarian ones from the Toldi or the Zrínyi, they sound like the cheapest badass sounding voice actors money can buy and it’s so god damn funny

  46. yo man, as in italian i have to say it, is fReccia, like a hard R, an r like prrr or grrr

  47. New Republic of Texas

    can you play the SARC 6pdr

  48. ” the missel does not know wher it is because it does not know wher it wants to fly “

  49. Gaijin can never quite get traction right

  50. Maybe it’s ’cause my brain is hamburger meat rn, but Spook frying that M22 is the funniest shit I seen all day

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