The Most Frustrating Tank in War Thunder?

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What is Most Frustrating in War Thunder?

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  1. M41D:
    >Bad Gun, Terrible Handling
    >Bad Ammo, No Post Pen
    >Paper Armor
    >Bad Mobility
    >Tight Crew
    >No Stablization
    >Tall Profile

    >Why does this tank exist?

  2. The Sheridan when the PUMA was added.

  3. My least favorite tank is the one that kills me

  4. Ya missed Soo many tanks like aubl the normal1, the object 248 which is worse than a panter d 6.7, swedish spaa before the veak, kv2s

  5. The new Pbv 302 (BILL) is the worst tank I’ve ever played. You can get penned from the side by 7.62mm machine guns and can the HVAP round can’t even side pen tanks at the BR range it is in! The only good thing is the BILLs but you can only carry 7 of them and it usually takes 2 or more unless you aim at a tank that has already lost crew.

  6. The Ratel 20. First I wanted to choose the Ratel 90, but i just had a bad Time in it because I refused to bully Tiger IIs and spaded it on 8.0… so many Marders… No it’s the Ratel 20. Very situational, can’t pen a slightly angled BMP or Marder, Is a Oneshot for everything und is sluggish as fuck and as large as the Big Ben. I had only 3 Battles on very large maps where this thing performed wonderful, in CQB (which are 90%) battles it’s just a useless fat target. You can’t hide it, you can’t run, you can’t take a shot…

  7. Pattons around 7.0, literally unplayable.

  8. Entire british tree is pretty fucked tbqh. Better off just playing Russia and Germany so you don’t die of SL loss.

  9. The most frustrating tank is the one that kills me

  10. elc amx was a massive letdown, the suspension is like a constant rollercoaster

  11. my least favourite tank gotta be the trees on every map

  12. for me is the turm III i love it and hate it is at 8.0 without any type of protection the mobylity is ok the ammo is just there so or you shot the ammo or colateral the gunner and commander and dont come to me with the argument ”theres almost no bullet drop and coaxial is op” ye there is no almost no bullet drop but its a sabo round there is almost no spalling and the coaxial is trash there not enough depression to kill planes nor is it good enough to kill tanks it suffer to go trough light tanks it has no NVD so in night games is horrible it has a huge light on it that doesnt work no thermal vision i pain 50 euro for this tank and i regret it.

  13. My List:
    PT(SD)-76B – Unreliable HEATFS, gets yeeted by .50 cals , slow ass reload and lets not talk about something Russians doesnt care about( Gun depression).
    M-51 : Unreliable shell (Assist Machine), long reload and gun bounce when comes to stop. i think M-51 has worst suspension/ gun whip in entire game, in my opinion

  14. Derry Faux-Nightingale

    Most things that are Swedish and have a Turret at 3 and 4 rank.

    They’re all under-armoured, so even the medium tanks you play as TDs. The PV-KV II and III are actually fairly fast, and pretty good firing TDs with good gun handling but the roll on the suspension slows down your firing time to several seconds as the barrel bobs. The Strv M/42 (Both kinds, country and Western) are slow-moving Aircraft bait.

    The result for me is normally playing 4.0-6.0 running the 1.0/1.3 IKV/72 and Strvs, using their good rates of speed to do long flanks and go for side shots before changing in to these higher tier tanks later in the game when the slower paced tanks can actually get somewhere without being swatted by a scout.

  15. Leopard one is my least favorite since most maps are urban maps or very small and literally has no armor to stop almost any round even when in a severe down tier match

  16. The Aubl is excellent though?? The high velocity makes it so easy to shoot ammo and crew members from afar. I ammo rack SOOOOO many tanks with it. Russian tanks are especially easy with most crew being in the turret and them usually having ammo in the turret. It has excellent gun elevation and really good MGs for pesky open tops and planes. People need to stop playing it up close and start using it for what it was designed for lol.

  17. M4a3e2 Jumbo
    Good armor
    Thats all
    This tank never works for me btw, even with that Good armor, every tank on his br one shot me from front, because everyone know his weakness
    So i Come back to M6A1 and Said – Never again

  18. Got to say the M3 Lee
    Though at least it’s better than it is in WOT

  19. To be honest any tank without stabilizers can get annoying when you know it would’ve been an easy kill with one

  20. Daniel Vedberg Sekulic

    T-60 prior to getting the ap belts with those its doable to use it

  21. Jumbo 76. Good tank, awful br.

  22. For me it’s got to be the EBR 1951. The puma is better in almost every way and is at 3.0 while the EBR is at 5.0

  23. Young Thai ARFS Soldier

    i thought Chieftain mark 3 is worst than mark 5 in term of engine power. and the slow loading gun is because they use two-stage ammo. first the loader load the projectile into the breech, then the propellent charge next

  24. Yes – and it’s great seeing Turny on this! 🙂

  25. For me it is the stock m48 the thing has shit Armour and a crap apcr and hesh round and it will take a while to to get the HEAT-FS and because the Armour is quite weak you will most likely get 1 shotted for me i would rather play lowtier France that play this tank

  26. Type 74 Series *not include the premium one
    Before the big bonk nerf type 74 it has a good zoom optic and reverse gear, its suit for my playstyle sniping and flanking because this vehicles doesn’t have armor after all and i can say this vehicles is better than leopard 1. After big bonk nerf i have to change my playstyle for type 74 because they took it away the zoom optic and the reverse gear, but nothing is suitable for this tank. I can only give up and annoyed, this was my favorite tank in the past but now getting frustrated and i took 3 week off playing war thunder because i can’t find it yet. So please if you have playstyle for type 74 tell me

  27. German lowtier

  28. For me it’s German mid-tier tanks like the Tiger or Panther, Idk about it but I feel more anxiety and more cautious when i use them. AND no its not just me I also conformed it with a friend that mainly plays on germany

  29. I hate the M51, its absolutely the worst. Its slow, a Sherman with out a stabilizer, you will seesaw up and down even stopping at 1kph. While the HEAT can pen anything, it doesn’t do enough damage, and the shell is too big, it gets volumed on tracks, snagged on stupid little things. AND!!!! its the only tank you can play before you unlock anything.

  30. Idk the mk5 is less frustrating to play cause we’ll you feel superior in it, especially when you do well. It’s more frustrating to think, why tf is this scrap heap a br above the mk3 for no in game difference and then 2 brs above of stuff like the T 55,and then you think why is it at the same br as modernised T 55’s with APS. And then you think why did I grind the British tree, everything good it has gets changed up in 1 or 2 updates making its old fun brs pointless. Then you think why tf do I play this game, then you become enlightened and grind naval in particular the Royal navy which just has worse ships at a high br which are purely skill dependent to use and then you realise that doesn’t matter cause are now welcoming of your masochistic tendencies. Why did I grind the British naval tree, its just worse than the other ones, only reason I do well its cause of well placed shots despite having Battleships which can be easily killed by destroyers cause somehow their single shell knows out 20% of you crew when it hits the 6 inch gun storage deck and that starts about 20 fires which has the possibility to detonate your main magazines about 4 stories below this area aft and forward of it, in fact it has a chance to do this before you can extinguish the fire even if you do it instantly but on the other hand somehow you ammo racking a Russian BB fucking twice is fine and despite the fact at one point 2 of its turrets were below the water it survived and you died to a DD through this exact method and something just blew up outside my window but that’s OK cause its Ireland just a pipe bomb or something either way as I was saying yeah fuck this game and its bullshit nothing is fun the new update can suck my ass but I will abuse the Swedish tree now as it just gets a massive lineup of all the best vehicles in the game. Oh right yeah can Lancaster please get their big boy bomb,at least a 5 ton bomb even if its just a non bouncing bouncing bomb but a gram slam or tall boy would be nice please santa I’ve been a very good boy this year I even didn’t doge my taxes this year jesus wtf is going on outside something else just blew

  31. My most hated tanks are all the Shermans

  32. Leaving out the well known stinkers, the worst experience that I had with a tank was with the AMX-50 Surbaisse. I know this thing used to be a god among men, but in the current Warthunder meta it’s just painful to play. It’s a heavy tank, that has very little armor. it has a big gun but only shots AP.

  33. bro yall ever played GB? trash speed,trash armor and no more than -10 degrees for the cannon

  34. Valentine tanks. Enough said.

  35. The most frustrating ones for me is the ratel 90 and the one found after the warrior they are both so useless

  36. I hate to say it, but I still hate the strv the most, giajin can’t seem to get hull aiming down with that vehicle, which sucks because there is a roblox game that does the tank chassis atleasdt some much needed good aim justice

  37. Have to agree with the Chieftan pick. It was so frustrating to play that I eventually gave up and bought the Premium Challenger DS just to bypass it.

  38. Chieftains are great, sure it’s slow but if you are having a relaxed day it can be a powerhouse similar to a maus, when you’re nervous and are rushing everything avoid it. I’d argue that 99% of the tanks at 8.0+ br without a stabilizer are all crap since you will never take the first shot at important positions, you always have to play slow and careful which most of the time loses the objective and the game itself. Playing 7.7 tanks in uptiers is a pain. Especially if you have apds only.

  39. The tank I found the most infuriating to play is the Sherman VC Firefly. It’s a bad tank at a bad BR that will face Tigers most of the time. The gun, a Royal Ordinance 17pdr, is good against T-34s and Panzer IVs, but against Tigers and particularly Panthers it is not great. You will get Gaijinned, volumetric will eat your shells, and when you do penetrate you will have to peck away at your target for ages to kill it if they’re a Panther or Tiger. The mobility is meh. The gun handling is terrible, it sways like a drunk, and it is an incredibly happy tank (no depression). I would honestly take a Panzer IV F2 to 6.3 than a Sherman Firefly to 5.3, I have done and I feel more capable.

  40. 3:58 honestly i’ve had really good games with the E1, putting just 1 bush on the front leads people to bounce a LOT of their shells off the front plate. And because of that i’ve almost never died to a hull shot from the front, only really had issues is the turret armor is a bit fucky and trolly and can sometimes bounce and sometimes purposefully direct rounds into your ammo it seems

  41. my hate goes for all turtle tanks (jadgtiger, tortoise, t95, foch…) fixed guns are a pain it those br range, i hate playing it, takes ages to spade, and after that i never want to get close to the shit… still have 3 of those to spade and probably not even gonna touch the japanese one…

  42. Fun lil fact: I once killed a M1 with that rocket panzer wagon thing, I had a free 8hr test drive or something

  43. Chieftain Mk.5 for me as well, while it is a tiny bit quicker than the Mk.3 I never understood how that is a thing which justifies putting it at 8.7 which means you’ll be going up to 9.7 and we all know what tanks you can face at that br.

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