The MOST FUN Premium Tank! World of Tanks

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Today I’m going to show you why the Caliban arguably the most fun premium tank in World of Tanks!



  1. lol i thought the Kharkov map was back in the game

  2. thank you QB for this dose of British derpiness 😀 I am currently struggling, and derping, my way through AT-15 atm so this distraction is more than welcome 😀

  3. You are showing a game on THIS map, which WG has removed for good reason since the end of february? gg

  4. Literally a very useful tip and trick of choosing ammo for your target I love it. now I want to spam all gold to the enemy now XD

  5. I only carry 6 HE shells with Caliban. I use most of the time AP anyway

  6. Alexander Derler

    I hate the skodat56 more than the tier 10 chieftain

  7. Shame that they removed kharkov and minsk from the rotation
    Why does politics have to be involved in everything

  8. El Muchacho Enamorado

    tf did they remove this map i havent played in this in a long time

  9. Kraven Fox Bodies

    That should be a tier IX tank if not X

  10. This Taliban did 820dmg HE shell into my front of Conquerer yesterday,rng is a bitch.

  11. Caliban is my favorite tier 8 tank to play. Shot discipline is he key. I like you’re “bluffing” when you are empty, never worked for me lol, they pounce on me like wolves.

  12. Not sure about getting ANY Premium tank from WG… We spend the $$$ (in game or actual $$$) for a premium because we are told about the ‘advantages’ we get…
    Then we see whiners raise a cacophony about how ‘unfair’ it is, and the tank(s) we were told would NEVER get nerfed are NERFED. Why spend anything when the gaming company is known to lie to it’s players?
    It’s why I gave up playing WoT. I got tired of the company lying to me, and the Muppets that have no clue what cover vs. concealment means getting HE nerfed to badly it is useless.
    Enjoy watching your vids, but still will not give $$$ or time to WG.

  13. Miss you so much, QB! Can’t wait for Sunday stream! Stay bless and take care! 🤍

  14. The title is satire right? right??….

  15. QB can you please make a new video on the type 4 Japanese Heavy Tank?

  16. On Xbox, one of my teir 3 light tanks premium shell also costs 4800 a shot

  17. I miss this map!

  18. 5:30 “The bourrasque is overpowered, the alpha is too high.” QB: “Hold my tea”

  19. WOW!!!

  20. Watching that Borrasque take the double HE slap from the Caliban brought a tear to my eye, nothing better than seeing a Borrasque get a taste of its own medicine.

  21. No 10k damage?

  22. It’s fun when you can afford premium rounds. Basically the game it’s fun when you can afford premium consumable..

  23. im going to tank fest

  24. I am really mad about the fact that this map is no longer available, due to actions taken by certain people on the world stage

  25. I would love to see a video like this but you review the best,fun and worst premiums of each tier. Would be insane

  26. How come you play Kharkiv?? Pre Feb 24th game it seems.

  27. new background 😮

  28. Boring tank. The long reload times make it so more than half the game you’re sitting there with your schlong in your hand

  29. The Skoda did more on 35 hp that a lot of full health tanks ever manage to do. Well done to that player!

  30. I haven’t seen this map in a while and when I checked not long ago, I realized it’s not even in my rotation for some reason

  31. QB where are you recording this video?

  32. You can get lucky when your playing against junk tanks and tankers.

  33. No surprise it’s a British tank.

  34. social3ngin33rin

    Some of the most fun tanks are wallet tanks…who would’ve guessed… WalletGaming -_-

  35. The MOST FUN Premium Tank????? shit tank that destroys the game but it’s all in the money isn’t it the players so just buy and destroy the game more and more

  36. *Sung to the tune of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory’s “The Candyman”*
    ♫Who can take a derpgunnnn? Aiming it at you? Who can finish you in a single shot or two? The Caliban! The Caliban caaannn…. ♫
    ♫Who has turret armooorrrr? Causes constant ricochets? Who will you curse until your dying days? The Caliban! The Caliban caaannn…♫
    ♫The Caliban can, ’cause he’s premium too, and makes the credits flow throouuuugh…♫

  37. Kenneth Fortugaleza

    W8 Thought this map was removed?

  38. I can’t get this thing to work.

    Can be point blank, 4skill crew, fully aimed…shell goes wherever it likes.

  39. I absolutely love that they pull up behind you to get in the shot lol. They knew. You go and get it MetalPraim.

  40. wait…how does 109,290 credits minus 43,000 minus 20,000, minus 8486 = 93,498??

  41. GG QB

  42. Call an is awesome, it’s a shame I don’t have it

  43. Is not Kharkov and Misnsk in Mongolia?

  44. My most fun tier 8 tank is the isu 152k and i got it from a lootbox from a event for free

  45. In the future ur going to be sorry you were bleaching your teeth at 30

  46. Christoffer Svensson

    i miss the glowing ball of death

  47. Modern tanks coming to pc Wot?

  48. I traded in my caliban. No matter what I could do, none of my shots would hit. It is by far my worse played tank and the tank with the worst win8 for me because of it

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