The Most Fun Stream I’ve Had in a While – Despite All Tier 10 MM

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  1. You have to fucking press apply when you change your settings

  2. Dude your 120fps is bad? I play with 13 fps on average.

  3. Me: “Streamer Rng”

    Lemming: “I prefer the term “skill””

  4. 23:49 Wow that makes just as much sense as the civ 6 in a nutshell vids. World of Tanks: The game that has words that replace thing like: hello everyone with F@#$ this team or hi with your a noob because you blocked my shot.Because you have to know where I am at all times so you can spoon feed me more damage with a gold spoon not sliver because that’s not good enough for me.

  5. Hocus_Pocus_Arty_Focus

    Hi Lemming. I dont think u need camera but whatever. Do u have any streaming schedule ? If u dont do u have some general time when u stream ? Twitch does not send me notifocations soo it woud be good if i coud get time. Tnx. 🙂 Glad to see u back.

  6. Glad your streaming again even if I’m always at work and miss it. Played with some Mahou guys a while back

  7. Please don’t get a facecam. I know it is oft requested that you show your mug on stream, and tons of streamers do it, but people filming their own faces while they play video games is one of the most pointlessly narcissistic things ever (outside of everything on instagram, obviously). What would it really add to the content you produce?

  8. Please face came I will literally explode of you do please face came

  9. All of this Soviet shit is getting old really fast. I have no doubt you are a great player, but could you do all of this with STB or a Leopard 1 ? But that would be a bit of a challenge, would not it ?

    • James The Archaic One

      Dude FFS he just started playing on the EU server, cut him some slack. The STB line is unplayable, why would anybody grind that shit?

    • Yeah, I know I have STB my self, it’s a piece of shit. I am just tired to see everywhere Soviet mediums doing exceptionally well for “some” reason.

  10. Obj. 140 NOOB

  11. I play wot at 15fps and somehow manage to have some decent games

  12. Love your attitude in this game. Even when you get shit on super early in the game you are just chill or humorous about it. Love your videos man, they are extremely helpful…love the explanation of the “what” behind the “why”. That’s important!

  13. ToxicRush……next shit level!!!

  14. You can have fun playing WOT?

  15. I literally play 1K+ games on my T32 and T29 because I have no prem and I can’t get my next tank without playing them a lot

  16. It’s not toxic stating the truth Lemming. I regularely predict someones stats due to the play style. I am rarely wrong.

  17. your laugh drives me nuts….

  18. In my opinion, I’m lemmingrush

  19. We desperately need to start a go fund me for lemming’s chair, because when he gets annoyed squeaking of chair intensifies and chair tech kicks in.

  20. Nice work

  21. Your laughing triggers me 😐

  22. Existancial Goberts

    Lemming could you do a Unicum’s Guide to Crashing Computers video? You seem to have a lot of experience with that 😉 cheers!

  23. This episode was hilarious. This needs to be renamed Lemming UNHINGED

  24. I play on both NA and EU and I see they have more players but the outta them having more players that there tomato section is a lot bigger then the NA tomato section. So when you have say 300k people compared to 20k the amount of the lesser skilled players is bigger. So I actually see a bit more players under 1000wn8 on EU than on NA but either way both have a shit load of horrible players.

  25. James The Archaic One

    Glad to see you back cunt 😉

  26. 10:11 if you weren’t in a soviet medium you’d be dead 100% of the time after that…

    so, 140 > 62a now?

  27. Add facecam, I want to see your reaction when you get hit for half your health by arty.

  28. lemming has the weirdest dying cat laugh

  29. Enemies get bad RNG, missed shots and low rolls everytime it’s a kill shot on LR’s 140 . Russian bias all the time

  30. What is the closest you’ve gotten to quitting world of tanks?

    • I have never felt a desire to quit. I’m not that type of person in general. I generally feel that if something isn’t working out for my it’s my fault and I should figure out how to make it go well for me. Within reason (ie in WoT increasing my aiming skill wont really make me hit more shots, so it frustrates me.)

      I’m really lucky to see things in that light, it’s made my life a lot easier 🙂
      Thanks for the question

  31. On console we just got the super conqueror and the bl-10 taken off of isu 152. I think the polish heavies are gonna take a while

  32. lemming adjusting his settings

  33. I’ve shot tanks in the tunnel with arty before in Minsk, TD mode.

  34. if the grils a dik then the T57’s an asshole &… you’re a pussy

  35. Oh lemming is alive d:

  36. 33:10 Blindshots TOPKEK on that laugh. I LOVE YOUr VIDEOS!

  37. Love the vid as I do all of them good luck bro.

  38. I thanked you when you were streaming the other day, now Im doing a job I have to be at an this is why I love your youtube vids, thanks Lemm carry on, top of the week 2 U

  39. Does thus guy only play Russian meds? Lol. Hashtag losing respect

  40. 8:50 is the most Kimi Räikkönen answer for anyone that knows

  41. 10:38 “Did I just get spotted? I was laughing so hard!” – don’t worry this game doesn’t take your laughing loudness into consideration. And still laughing in a tank in RL won’t be probably heard outside ?

  42. 6:05 HEAT loaded i wonder what i will keep it for

  43. Why have you switched to EU as an NA player? Just curious

  44. When you get toxic, it becomes VERY unattractive.

  45. we can’t check ur stats on websites like or . it’s very strange.
    anyway I like ur game style..

  46. he hmmmm , shshshshsh

  47. Throdwobbler Mangrove

    when I had WoT on SSD my computer crashed very often. Everytime when a battle was still running and I started a new battle the computer crashed at the moment the other battle was over and my other tank came back in garage.(sorry for my bad english)

  48. once i bounced the amx artillery when 1vs1 and got killed…. 4k game wasted

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