The Most Fun Tank In War Thunder

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Source: Spookston

The Magach Hydra was one of the new tanks added to Thunder with Update La Royale. I didn't think much of it until I tried it myself. It is an extremely fun rocket .

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Command and Conquer: OST

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The Most Fun Tank In War Thunder


  1. The plush is still available for a while, ships worldwide:

  2. Magach Hydra is like a super Cromwell rp-3

  3. Maybe play the tortoise it’s like the British T-95 and we know you love playing Britain

  4. could you play the m51 Israel

  5. The halo sound bites make my day

  6. Day 1 Asking spookston to play the su 122 (down teir version)

  7. Spookston pls play the m60a2 but you can only use shillileaghs

  8. Can you play the BMP-1 but only using the stock missile and only using the OG-9 shell

  9. ” How am I not dead?”– every Israeli Magach M60s player. They can take an insane amount of damage and still roll.

  10. day 2 of asking sppokston to play the spj fm 43/44

  11. Day 38 of asking spookston to play the sturmpanzer

  12. An Ice cream sandwich

    Have you played the 105/25 Semovente yet?

  13. I find it interesting that it not only has twin rocket pods, it also has twin .30 MGs on the roof. Just in case all the other armaments wasn’t enough dakka.

  14. Hey spookston, I’m new to content creation and I’m wondering how you got the nuke to be in the background of your thumbnails? Is it a png you found on google or did you screenshot it yourself

  15. Day 1. Please play the Ro-Go Heavy of Japan. I rarely see other people (except for Phly) play this.

  16. So many maps would be so much better if they just cut off the empty side bits so they’d be more rectangular. Why is that field the TAM was in even part of the map??

  17. Day 32 of asking spookston to play the aml-90 or the eland 90

  18. Hey spookston can you try the TAM 2IP (day 3)

  19. The Holy Roman Emperor

    The fact that Israel has more Magachs/M60s than US, the country that designed and made it and have it as their MBT for decades has less of it says something

  20. try to ask spookston to play type 60 SPRG :]]]] day 1

  21. Imagine if he plays Roblox Cursed Tank Simulator and geniusly doing dailys, and Pain and Sweats and Tryhard

  22. Hey Spookston, please play the Hedgie from the new event, it seems to be very decent!

  23. another day of asking for rank 5 on how to shoot things especially br 7.0 as alot of things to take in there

  24. Everyone doubted this tank. Now it’s a godly pick

  25. Hey Spook, Could you possibly do a Everything Wrong With Liberty Prime Video?

  26. Love that video showing how creative and safe are drivers in poland while closing to roundabouts

  27. Riley Fitzsimons

    Vid on British’s striker please!!

  28. Day 1: please play the kv 85

  29. Day 1 of asking for crusader III

  30. Day 3: Play the Japanese Type 89

  31. 5:50 bruh

  32. The lancia 3ro seems like a fun thing to play

  33. Play the 15 cm sIG 33 B Sfl. Extra points for uptiering it.
    attempt 36

  34. Glad I’m not the only one whose brain gets short-circuited by chain link fences

  35. Day 176 of asking for the OTOMATIC

  36. fucking physics in war thunder are ridiculous 0:30

  37. You should try out the Crusader AA Mk1! (attempt 64)

  38. Round 58 for the Ariete Spaghetti

  39. Battleranger1202

    Try the brittish A.C.IV

  40. whats even more fun is the lav ad with hydras, you should play

  41. Live if you love magachs!!!!!!!!

  42. attempt #28

    could you please play the Type 60 SPRG?

  43. Spookston ground + Hunter shooting down air would be devastating.

  44. Řêğı§ṭeŕęđ Ğöøģłê Üşər

    Bro what causes massive explosions like that in 1:43? I’ve never understood that

  45. Michael Gautreaux


  46. Nathaniel Nerquaye-Tetteh

    Day 16 of asking spookston to play the m18 I’m losing hope

  47. Play the m18!!!!!!!

  48. Nice 🙂

  49. 9/10 good video

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