The Most Fun Vehicles In War Thunder

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In the theme of trying to have fun while Gaijin fixes War Thunder’s issues, I wanted to make a list of vehicles that I personally enjoy playing a lot. While there is one top vehicle on the list, the other are low tier vehicles. I didn’t want to blather on about things most of the playerbase couldn’t access. Sorry the list isn’t very long, I destroyed my doing housework so I can’t sit at my desk for too long.

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Songs used (in order from first to last):
WH40K Mechanicus – Dance of the Cryptek
Halo 3: ODST – Rain (Deference for Darkness)

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  1. These are my personal favorites (there are vehicles I like more aesthetically, this is purely from a gameplay standpoint), so I think it’d be a good idea to leave a comment with your personal favorites as well.

    • My favourite is brūmmbar

    • Valentine IX is probably my favourite. I love the look, and the British 6 pounder gun is like, max unf for its BR.

      If it was just 5mph faster it’d be great, but it’s still fun.

    • @Ravenous Elf well for me its simple, since its 1.0 32mm pen can be taken advantage of, if you can do a good ambush and the biplanes are piloted by 3/10 pilots that fly in a straight line towards you so you can get some plane kills

    • @Orf2 That makes a lot of sense. My gameplan thus far was: hide, observe, attack from range, hide, pray that gaijin doesn’t uptier me, rinse and repeat.

    • I actually like the American Tier 3 Helldivers, especially when used as a fighter, 2 x 20mms with air belts, shreds bombers and fighters. I also like the SB2U-3 for the same reasons, 4 x 50cals. at its tier, I love it

  2. Aircraft?

  3. Type 93, what the R3 should have been

  4. M18 with m41a1 WB and super corsair for 6.0 ground is the best

  5. You’re saying the ASU is meh but it one shots a Tiger 1 from the front

  6. I think the M22 is the best. You can tank drift, flank 1.0 vehicles in a downtier, and it’s even viable up until like 5.0

  7. Fun? That’s a foreign concept in WT

  8. Man shut up already war thunder is taking notes

  9. Student - Oscar Nyberg


  10. You want fun? Play 2S6, Bt-5, Kv-1 or T-55. Thats for the soviets.

  11. Waffentrager

  12. Churchill is my go to tank when i want to have fun. Being virtually unkillable is kinda fun lemao

  13. ASUUUU❤❤

  14. Lector-Dogmatix Sicarii

    Do you want to destroy everyone up to 4.3 frontally? Do you want to have no repair costs and thus no crew lock? Allow me to introduce, _the Swede APDS wagons._ **Slaps roof** This baby has zero shell drop, dumb ass velocity, stupid high pen, broken pen modifiers, fast reload, high gun depression, and is not ass slow. GET YOURS TODAY and be the greasy lvl 100 you were always meant to be.

  15. MixnMatch Flavour Bleach

    I find your lack of AML-90 disturbing

    Just kidding it’s a great list! F for that lag teleport at the end too at least you made it work!

  16. My most fun vehicles are in US mid tier, particularly in Rank 4.

    The 76mm Jumbo and Super Pershing are both fun and capable heavies, with the latter still proving its worth in slight uptiers when fighting early MBTs and the former still proving effective particularly against enemy mediums (Panthers in particular) and it can more reliably fight Tiger 1’s, IS-2s even. For a light tank, the 6.0 M41A1 Bulldog is super good especially with APDS. Good aim with this baby will net good results. Then you have the M56 and T92, the bomdiggity of early HEATFS sniping for the US at 6.7. The latter also has access to APDS, as it practically has the same gun as the aforementioned Bulldog, just with HEATFS. HEATFS still makes them effective in uptiers, and oh boy will you be in a lot of them. If you want a heavy, the T34 is also a good choice, with more firepower and armor than the previous Super Pershing and both play similarly, albeit with the T34 being able to take more punishment due to a more effective crew layout and thicker armor. The 120mm gun with good zoom also enables it to perform well at long range, being able to penetrate early MBTs more reliably than a 90mm but I find mid range is more fitting for a tank with such a slow reload rate but with more reliable armor. It also has neutral steering and is very mobile for a heavy, even when stock, tho you will encounter the occasional smart players who will shoot at your MG port, your gun, or LFP if they get the chance so be mindful of that

    This is where you start to see how effective APDS and HEATFS is, and I recommend you also practice your aim, rangefinding, scouting, and communications here because effective long range gunnery with powerful guns and shells is sort of the meta alongside proper team coordination. It’ll also prepare you for the higher tiers with an bigger emphasis on long range gunnery with the introduction of thermals and APFSDS.

    Oh, and you also get the benefit of experiencing uptiers. Maybe even see yourself and your teammates complain about it. But I tell ya, it’s quite a lot of fun to slay and get lucky. Even if you don’t, you’ll definitely get a good game or two in there somewhere. I know I do :3

  17. When a Type 93 rides up to my own SPAA, I let it hang with me. I PROTECC. I tell my guys to leave it be. If I get a 50% or better voucher for the Type 75 MLRS I may have to grab some eagles.

  18. Saying “In short…” when talking about the ASU-57. I’m not sure if you mean for that to be a joke but I laughed at it.

  19. My favorite was the strf9040 bill, and current favorite is the Lorraine40t, that 4 second reload is amazing

  20. ASU-57 is definitely on my most fun list. After my T-55AM is destroyed i hop in the ASU-57 and just start ambushing Leopards, M48’s everything. You can get so close to them they won’t have the depression to shoot you.

  21. I wish someone did somthing like this with aircraft

  22. Christopher Vanoster

    My most fun is the sturer Emil. With 15 depression and a gun with enough pen to kill a super Pershing at 1000m it’s my favorite. You just behind a ridge somewhere at medium range, wait for an overconfident enemy to poke his nose, then blammo his tanks deleted because of the ~800kg filler shells make every crew member and module in the tank black. It’s so much fun, especially since they buffed it. In my opinion it could be at 6.0 and still be good

  23. Heavy cannon spaa is fun

  24. Whose bright idea was it to match some level 35 kid having fun in an M4A3(105) and level 200 ARL44 drenched in sweat ? Whoever it was, is responsible for me giving up on gaijin’s competence for the last time. I went and played Minecraft, and it was much more fun.
    Edit: Oh and when I was running a muck in my M22 I blacked out an AMX13’s breech and gunner, and within 2 seconds the shot me back. I chalked it up to me not remembering the crew positions, and me only thinking the breech was black. But I don’t know.

  25. M 2 2 L O C U S T

  26. like and comment

  27. I usually find the Panzer IIs and churchill to be the most fun, for slaughter and the ability to troll the enemy respectively. I’ll have to try the Chi He tho

  28. There is a lot of fun vehicle in the game in my book
    sturmpanzer ii
    churchill mk.1
    most soviet milk truck
    T50, BT5, BT7(45 and 76mm)
    M22, M56
    L3/33 CC
    and many more i can’t remember it all

    another honorable mention
    HS 129 75 aka “Quack”
    and BF 110 G2 with 37

  29. i started out with soviets
    then switched to germans since mid tier was a pain and i heard they were op
    then the experimental vehicle purge and neww vehicles for allies made them a pain to play to
    so i started grinding brits for pen and americans for consistency, but both got really frustrating

    the japanese are the most fun i’ve had in this game since 2018

  30. DasWehraboo Ausführung_S

    Drifting in M22 at high br is also fun.

  31. What about my boy the m22 locust? Its very fast, small, cheap and is easy to get. Though it does lack the ability to scout, I find the gun to be effective enough in closecombat to have heeps of fun in lowtier.

  32. The ASU is so fun especially when you’re using it to ambush things like tigers thinking there all invincible, I also kinda enjoy the Ho-I as much as I enjoy the Chi-Ha Kai which is a lot I just find the match maker to favor Japan the least especially in low tiers

  33. One of my favorites has to be the AVRE, thing is a joy to play, and no one expects the armor to be as decent as it actually is. Scoop power all the way

  34. For me, it’s the Chi-nu, my absolute favourite tank to play, an amazing sniper, capable of handling even the earliest Tigers if you’ve got a good position.



  36. The ha-go is fun to play honestly

  37. 5 days late to this video, but my most played tank in WT is still the Tortoise. No idea how well everyone else does with it, but I usually get good results with it (especially if top tier, for obvious reasons). It’s slow as hell, but aside from getting annihilated by HEATFS, it’s always fun to drive straight into battle shrugging off rounds, then turning into a pillbox after getting tracked. Even when you start losing crew members you have enough to survive for a long time. Being top of the team with only assists because you got shot a lot never disappoints.
    I also remember using the Sherman 105 to launch HE rounds at Tigers in order to ammo rack em through the roof. I had a lot of fun with that in Sim. Then the sim community mostly died, and then they nerfed HE to death.

  38. Type 75 SPH?

  39. In my opinion, T 28E can be fun medium for 2.7 BR, nice mobility, decent durability with a nice, mostly one-shot gun. T-50 is one trolly light tank, that can flank a tank in a second.

  40. 0:03 what is this tonk

  41. It sucks for the person on the recieving end, though

  42. Huh, didn’t see anything about the Type 93 being buffed. Might have to retry it as I was super hyped for it on it’s original release.

  43. I have always found that for me, the most fun tanks to play with are the Panzer III M and the Puma. Mainly due to the Pz III’s Spaced armor, which either makes you into a unstoppable killing machine or a 1 shot, there is no in between. And the Reverse Speed of the Puma, which is a god-send

  44. I never thought the word fun would be used in war thunder

  45. Was the M60A2 in the thumbnail and opening footage as a kind of honourable mention (as an 8.0, it’s hardly easy to grind to)? I hope so, because for me it’s one of my favourite vehicles if I get a decent map (and that has less to do with the tank being bad on certain maps as it does how hit-and-miss maps can be at top-tier). I bypassed the other M60s and the T95E1 to get my hands on it ASAP even though everyone said it was bad, and for me that wound up being worth it. It was a fun underdog at 8.3 and now it’s 8.0 it’s a very competitive machine. I also definitely second the Chi-Ha Kai / Chi-He recommendation. They were the point at which I really clicked with Japan and decided it would be my main tree, and though I haven’t played them in a while I have very fond memories.

    Some other favourites of mine:
    I-Go Ko (A fun low-tier HEAT-slinger, not very fast but accelerates well and has a semi-stabilised gun; I once bounced a T-34-85 off its cupola and oneshot it in return)
    M13/40 (All three of these Italian mediums are some of the best 1.0 tanks in the game, sporting good armour and a 47mm with great post-pen)
    OS2U (They’re objectively terrible, but subjectively these US floatplanes a great time. In Naval, they’re also genuinely great for getting sneaky caps)
    Independent, T-35, Nb.Fz., Ro-Go (All of the 1.3 multiturret heavies are really enjoyable, and each has its own quirks that make it worth playing)
    Char D2 (Fun tough & slow gameplay, nice to relax with and has good synergy with the S.35 and Lorraine 37L)
    M2 Medium (Really underrated tank, decent armour and mobility for the BR and the US 37mm is more than good at that BR)
    Bf-109 A & B (Whether it’s the Flegel’s premium A or the tech tree B, the early 109s are a ton of fun even with their limited armament of just two MGs)
    Ki-21 Ia (Light and mobile for a medium bomber with a solid bombload for its BR, I just really enjoy flying the Ki-21)
    Martin 167 A-2 (One of my favourite WW2 bombers, it’s also great in War Thunder; fast and mobile, its 4 forwards MGs allow it to play a fighter or strafer role too)
    Re 2002 Early (A solid early-rank fighter, it really comes into its own as a CAS plane in Ground RB with potent bombs and good manoeuvrability)
    P-400 (This downgunned Airacobra is a ton of fun at its BR: it’s fast, manoeuvrable, and that 20mm hits hard without needing as much lead as the 37mm)
    P-40C (Its 7.7mm + 12.7mm armament gives this P-40 a versatility the others lack, and it’s just great fun to fly around with; if it’s in the warbond shop, pick it up)
    Churchill I (The best balance of gun & armour out of the Churchills IMO — III is weaker for its BR and VII can’t pen anything — and a very chill playstyle just like D2)
    M24 Chaffee (The perfect light tank: low-profile, mobile, can scout & repair, stabilised 75mm + AA .50 Cal combo beats almost any opponent from the right angle)
    Na-To (A full-track that looks like it should be a half-track, with a godly gun for its BR, decent reload and surprising mobility)
    Mustang Mk 1A (IIRC, this is the same as the first US P-51, but it gets some lovely skins and the 4x 20mm armament is godly in either tree)
    M10 GMC (Great gun for the BR, surprisingly bouncy armour, super fun to snipe with)
    M4 Hybrid (This premium Italian Sherman is some of the best fun I’ve had in WT: the mobility + armour + stabilised gun makes it a really nice package)
    StuG III G (The StuGs — and all the German WW2 casemates TBH — are fantastic vehicles. The G is the one I played most recently, but they’re all great)
    Pz.IV J (Yes, the one with the bad traverse. I just find making a tank work despite the slow turret really satisfying, and there’s no such thing as a bad Pz.IV)
    Bf 109 F-4 (A solid, versatile mid-ranks fighter; I personally find the 15mm gunpods give it some really nice firepower)
    KV-85 (The great gun and strong turret more than make up for the weak hull and it excels in sniping or brawling with proper positioning)
    Chi-To (Good mobility, decent armour, and that gun make for a wonderful combination; I prefer it to the tougher Late version because IME it’s more survivable)
    M6A1 (It’s huge, yes, but it’s shockingly mobile and the ability to use a stabilised 76mm at 4.7 more than makes up for its drawbacks)
    J2M5 (30mm) (The J2M5 has brilliant performance, and the 30mm spud guns are so satisfying to get kills with so long as you learn their arc)
    B-17G (IMO, the crowning jewel in the US bomber line; great payload, decent speed and enough guns to punish anything that tries to chase you)
    IS-2 1944 (Another tank people said was bad. IME it bounces a surprising amount, isn’t that slow, and the 122mm is one of the most satisfying guns in WT)
    Tiger II (P) (The underappreciated first King Tiger has a nicer BR and despite the turret weakspot it’s still a really solid heavy)
    M26 T99 (I can’t really recommend it due to the price, but the rockets turn the M26 from mediocre to unreasonably good fun if you know how to use them)
    Jagdpanther (It struggles with stock mobility, but once upgraded you can put a great gun and solid frontal armour in positions no-one expects and totally destroy)
    Kikka (The grind is painful, but this starts out as a decent bomber and becomes a hard-hitting fighter once you’ve got that second 30mm and learned the arc)
    ST-A1, ST-A2 (These Japanese prototypes have great HEAT when spaded, but even without it their low profile and great reverse make them really fun flankers)
    Type 60 ATM (Maybe it’s the Stockholm Syndrome talking, but this ATGM carrier has a real so-bad-it’s-good vibe; one kill in this feels worth 100 in any other tank)
    Type 75 MLRS (You haven’t lived until you’ve ammoracked a Soviet MBT with a 130mm rocket to the turret front)
    T-54 1951 (I enjoy making tanks with bad turret traverse work, and the T-54 ’51 has been a really nice change of pace from the faster, lighter Leo and STB-1)
    M60A1 (The recent unstabilised Italian premium version — it’s been an absolute blast since I picked it up, just the perfect balance of gun, armour and mobility)
    M103 (Like the IS-2 ’44, people told me it was bad these days. It’s really not. Fantastic armour, good gun, and surprisingly fast too)

  46. I’m actually about to unlock the type 93

  47. I always knew the chi ha would get some attention some day

  48. You say this like its possible to have fun in war thunder.

  49. ODST’s soundtrack. Classic.

  50. I really enjoy the char 25t.
    Just the fact that I can go 75kph forward as well as in reserve is so funny.
    What I usually like are vehicles with good reload rate. Even if they don’t have the most punch, at least I feel like I’m playing at all time, in contrast with when I’m playing heavy Russian. 20+s reload rate is to much for me…

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