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Thumbnail Credit!
0:00​ INTRO
5:28 u guys like my messages? (game one)
11:28 well i like you (game 2)
:58 sorry about not doing them (game 3)
26:35 yesterday plz phorgive! (outro!!!


  1. *hi me steve me like phood*

  2. worst thing about IS-6 is it’s BR is 6.7 and 7.0 back in the day…. This tank is way better than IS-3 and also has lower BR in the same time… Mean while there is no tank with BR 5.7 and 6.0 that can fight against IS-6, which makes IS-6 almost unkillable

  3. I-16 type 10 please Phly. Prepherably with some historical inphormation. Requesting since Sept 2018

  4. IL-4 CAS please Phly.

  5. sans the skeleton

    Oh good sir when will you use the zsu-57-2

  6. gaijin logic: yeah lets put this IS-6 against tiger II’s and the IS-3 against 50s/60s MBTs

  7. That was wholesome

  8. hi steve please keep doing the chapters and cursed thumbnails thanks love from me

  9. cursed fucking thumbnails i stg i have nightmares because of them

  10. DECOMPRESSION is the only way the is6 will be powerful (as it should be)

  11. Yes, we like your messages 😀

  12. i thought you killed me yesterday cause i saw your logo on the tank but not phlu name

  13. To be honest I bough IS-6 like a year ago. I ma enjoying this tank so much lol 😀

  14. Hey Phly, can you do a video on showing what the best way to play war thunder tanks is and how to get better at tanks, like what to look out for, Situational Awareness, etc.

  15. Ah, I grinded the complete russian techtree with this in 2016….the memories haha

  16. Ethan Le Ménager

    Hello phlydaily You put me a nice shot in my fv4202 right in the turret, you’re really a pro

  17. When the Germany suffers

    Yes Phly we like your messages

  18. the true war thunder thing to do, would be to immediately shoot the guy who risked his life to save you

  19. The last heavytank that still works as a heavytank

  20. Funny thing is that I’d used the Emils 128 to kill the IS-6 and now look that the IS-6 and the Emil lol this game has definitely changed.


  22. I love your messages in the timestamps

  23. Poor Loraine 40T… Imagine getting taken out at the beginning of the game and suffering through that repair cost… Yikes!

  24. # 114 – Take the duck to the pond.

  25. The gun mantlet is still 200mm, there is a 50mm plate behind the 150 so it’s also spaced armor. You can see it if you try to peek between the mantlet and turret.

  26. Just A Weird Tree

    I love armour meta and heavy tank duels.

  27. PhlyDaily to enlighten Kowalowe to return to Polish YouTube

  28. 666 comments now its even more cursed

  29. that flipped tonk really sad i am evergreen boat and this is canal

  30. phly’s Vedic cover is getting weirder and weirder

  31. Pls unlock the kv-1 or 2 on enlisted and play it cuz there is no gameplay of it

  32. I kinda quit playing war thunder a lot tbh because heavy tanks are in a rough spot rn

  33. The only reason I watched this video was because I knew I would see an IS6 die.

  34. Yesterday in an arcade match someone used that is6 in the enemy team. When an Spaa attacked him i followed with my Panther 2 and Shoot his gun Barrel. Through magic ( or hacks) my Shell disapeard After it hit the barrel. Then he Shoot back and Not only destroyed my gun Barrel, no he destroyed my Breach together with the 3 man in my turret -_-

    Also how the fuck did he hit that Do335 with an MG so easy and i struggle to hit Planes with spaa, no matter if its with the l62 anti, R3, Wirbelwind, Coelian or m42 or other spaa.

  35. 8:10 you are phlyDaily😀

  36. you guys think phly is going to phar with the ph instead of f?

    I don’t think so 🙂

  37. That Lorraine was just having a bad day then phly showed up to brighten it, very wholesome.

  38. Nice Video 😌📸

  39. Maan Albashir 8A Varagårdsskolan

    8:07 is this from Adventure Time or it just happens to be similar?

  40. I’d be like the Lorraine if I ever meet Phly, just casually go to his side and take a screenshot

  41. Play the Object 268, 7.0 derp HE with realy good armour.

  42. tropical thunder

  43. Ton of human beans playing, human beans! ~Phlu

  44. You piss me off woth your clickbait thumbnails. It looks interesting from thebpic until you realize its a normal tank. Unsubscribed



  47. So for what reason is the IS4 at a higher BR than the IS6 again? Maybe you can make a video of suffering in it!

  48. ive played this tank so much since this vid im better than u phly

  49. What is the “World War” gamemode in warthunder?

  50. I love this tank on WoT Xbox. Such a fun troll vehicle. Here in WT I see it too, but the reverse speed here is something us World of Tanks players would love to have.

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