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Source: OddBawZ

The in is one of the most controversial vehicles Gaijin has ever added to the game. When it was first added the E.B.R was given an incredibly low battle rating of only 4.3! Today, the French EBR has found its way to a much more respectable 5.7 but how good is it?

The answer the question… VERY! At 5.7 the E.B.R is still very comfortable in the meta. It’s fast, has a 5 second reload and a very punchy 180mm of penetration. The tank is extremely survivable due to having pretty much no armour at all so overall it’s just the full package.

The is wheeled so it’s much more difficult to immobilise than a tracked vehicle and due to the autoloader you reload speed is always going to be 5 seconds unless you run out of ammo.

The is absolutely awesome!

Music 1:
Music 2:

INTRO (00:00)
GAME 2 – EBR – SNOWED IN (13:07)
GAME 2 – HELL DIVER (16:33)
GAME 2 – EBR – TAKE TWO (20:00)
GAME 2 – FL10 (22:32)
GAME 2 – FL10 TRY AGAIN (23:09)
OUTRO (25:26)



  2. I cant forgive you oddbawz for playing this

  3. XM-1…

  4. I disagree with this title as well. Sure, the EBR is high on the list of evil, hated vehicles, but I have many higher entries. Like every German tank armed with 20mm HVAP like the Panzer II, the Flakpanzer I and 38, and of course the Wirbelwind.
    Then the R3 (Mario’s Gelato van)
    The G.91R4 at 8.7 where its basically a Sabre A with Sidewinders.
    The Sabre and the Mig-15bis at 8.3 where every poor sod at 7.3 is going to be unable to do anything to them.
    I could go on, but there are so many cancerous vehicles in the game. The EBR isn’t as bad as it was.

  5. Slick-Piccolo (AKA Sliccolo)

    Me playing as Russia when this monster was first released into war thunder: *PAIN*

  6. Wanna Be Rommel

    well these wheeled nonsenses kinda destroyed world of tanks too

  7. Not just at war thunder Also at wot players hated this thing too

  8. shrimp monkey557

    Day 95: Ello 🙂 Honestly, this eight wheeled baguette launcher has to be the most annoying vehicle now that the R3 was “nerfed”.

  9. Ebr is easy to kill atleast once you see it. But fucking panthers and kv1cs

  10. Pales in comparison to the Ka-50

  11. I love my EBR, easily the best event vehicle for these operation SUFFER things Guyjob does…it was well worth the turrible grind to get it.

  12. The Ordinary Peanut

    It’s actually the r3 for me…. It could thrive at 11.0 for all I care

  13. Kenji Tokugava49

    Where is Tony R3 T20 saying: Say hello to my lil friend😁🤙

  14. Erich Rudorffer

    day 1: play the bf109

  15. I wholeheartedly disagree on this one, the Italian Cybertruck has earned it’s place to deserve nothing but hatred for me

  16. There is nothing weird about the heading angle tho, its just the angle from which you are attacking so if ur attacking its rear, he has heading angle 180 away from you. Panthers were known for UFPing Jumbo Shermans frontally for quite some time so penetrating its own UFP shouldnt be really a problem since it has less armor 😀

  17. Przepraszam ze po Polsku ale musze stwierdzic ze PRZEKOZAK jestes w ta gre pozdrawiam

  18. Gavin Gunstream

    No the R3 is most hated, EBR is most feared

  19. Gavin Gunstream

    This tank cures depression

  20. This thing shouldn’t have been added anywhere below 6.0

  21. against my tiger goes kaboom when i see these and secondly they have more armor than tiger

  22. Hey OddBawz, since I’m unable to play WT I’ve been watching your vids to scratch that WT itch. Pretty enjoyable, next best thing to playing actually. Anyway I wanted to ask you if you ever play simulation games? I enjoyed those quite a lot.

  23. The bug only effects the hanger from what I can tell, Tigers still resist each other fairly well in practice, when I play japan

  24. 11:27 you can see through the tiger 2s upper front through the turret hole.

  25. Marpha Petrovna

    в реальности от этого ЕБР колёса в Париж улетят через 10 секунд боя. но вортандер другой мир, РЕАЛИСТИЧНЫЙ лол

  26. What’s a meme. Bob


  27. NoWordsCanExplain

    Absolutely hate the ebr

  28. Nobody uses it anymore because it IS at 5.7

  29. could you make a video using object 120?

  30. Wow. The single most hated vehicle in TWO separate online games…..that’s…..actually kinda impressive, not gonna lie.

  31. marked, tagged, and cursed? tarkov reference?

  32. Controversial i feel should go to the IS-7. The grind for it alone…

  33. cancer

  34. pour une fois que la France a un tank abusé…

  35. Here’s a theory…War Thunder and Enlisted are being used as a tool by the Russian government to keep those who would generally aid there own countries armies by joining the Army – As they gear up for a full scale attack on Europe. The answer lies in the name and the logo; Gaijin, meaning foreigner, And the snail – Implying a slow creature who cannot catch up to the rest, hence keeping us at a “snails pace”. In knowing this, I will not stop playing, but will be ready when the time comes. Call me crazy, paranoid, or whatever…But I think it’s something to keep in mind.

  36. Narwhals! Narwhals! Fly over the ocean, makin’ a commotion, cuz they got s i x c a n n o n s

  37. ArchDuke ArchDuke

    The fact that you will fight to the end is why you’re one of my favorite WT tubers

  38. Remember when the IS-6 was the most controversial tank? The good ol’ days

  39. More controversial than th r3? Hahahahahahaahahshahahahshagsgsshahaa

  40. What an intro

  41. I play the EBR in the 6.7-7.7 games and get lots of hate mail messages.

  42. 5:22 what language is that?

  43. This is the vehicle that made me delete war thunder.

  44. how to get E.R.B

  45. Man I really enjoy watching you using a plane, you’re the reason why I started using planes in War Thunder. I mostly use the Russian P47-D

  46. Question, I don’t see any E.B.R on the France tree anymore did gaijin remove it?

  47. I play world of Tanks and was thinking of switching to war Thunder because of EBRs. And now I see this video. Damn it guys, get rid of the little cockroaches.

  48. Tbh the ebr is a better amx 13 since it has better reverse speed and top speed, and i still get mad games with a single amx 13, ive played the ebr at 7.7 and it still has some usefulness , it could definately be at 6.3 without an issue, 6.7 even. I dont think it matters much where you put it comsidering it dies just as easily and kills anything from the side

  49. sorry i can’t understand a word you said

  50. im happy its a premium. I dont have it in WT, but i do in WoT. Every match has one, so im happy this game isnt flooded with them

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