The Most Important Skill in WoT

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Source: LemmingRush

Running away :p Too many people try to be heroes. Your winrate will thank you if you push the side that’s strong before they push their side that’s strong.


  1. This video needs to be put on the front page of their website.

  2. gj, thx for the vid, keep it up! 🙂

  3. hey lemming I found this video to be very helpful but lets say you are a T95 player what do you think the best option would be? push on with you’re team or stay and fight/defend? seeing as it is still quite slow I was just wondering.

  4. Alexander Agustine

    Hey Lemming, long time no see! Hope you been alright

  5. yeah joe avg here I can say I don’t use this tactic often when I don’t get support on a flank I just dig in and see how big of a speed bump I can be

  6. 1:15 Is that a bug?

  7. Most important skill: Blame it on somebody else when you make a shit play and die and then proceed spamming the map??

  8. Great to hear your thoughts in battle.

  9. Other thing which can be really helpful to realize when you need to get the fuck out of situations even if your team does fairly well. Sadly I don’t have the replay of that match but I was playing with with Centurion 7/1 in El Halluf, at the basic agressive medium spot at the 1-2 line hill, did around 1200 damage there and got rekt down to 300hp because of one stupid peak. Decided to fall back and get some shots across the map before enemy pushed the 1-2 line and I got back sniping those heavies managing to get my total damage to 5,8k and picking up few kills in that match and winning it.

    Sometimes its just better to leave your team and support from a distance, why you would risk ur own life on every shot you want to take when u can do much more with relocating.

  10. I just load skill rounds and pretend to be good at the game.

  11. but what if you are only one wanting to push

  12. First off….

    Dude, you only swore once while you were talking about how boring you found narrating the endplates. What the fuck, man! Are you trying to turn into some sort of cock-gobbling sellout of an adult professional?! No swearing? Are you smokin’ quicky-baby’s pole, motherfucker?! Fuck *that* shit! 😀

    Okay, now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, with profound thanks to the movie “Full Metal Jacket” for pole-smoking, I can say, “Really good video.”


    First off, by talking about strategies, you definitely carve out a niche for yourself that distinguishes your vids from those of others in the business. Jingles is interesting to listen to when he admires how players play; Quickybaby is very good at telling people about applying the high-tier fundamentals and using map positions (watch him play the lower-tiers, half time, it’s a hoot!); while Circon’s main value is non-verbal: He just plays and demonstrates a virtuosity that you have to watch his vids over and over, very, very carefully in order to get any benefit from them.

    With their attention to strategy and positioning, your videos offer your. players something they won’t find elsewhere: A video, explaining the skills that every player what he will eventually need if he goes to the mid-to upper tiers where the emphasis on individual mastery starts to lessen in importance while an understanding of strategy that you can call “where to put what when,” becomes crucially important.

    So. Kudos to you for that. (yes, you did actually see someone responding to your video not only use the word “Kudos” but note that it is pronounced “Koo-doss.” 😉 )

    With respect to the endplates, I think you underestimate their value. Anyone watching one of your videos is trying to learn from it and seeing what you can get from playing well combines motivation with advertising. It says, “if you keep coming back and watching my videos, you, too, will be able to achieve the five-to-ten kills per game results you’ve all been drooling for.”

    I can understand your finding it boring, but only because you are used to doing the kind of damage and getting the other kinds of results that pubbies dream of. For a player of your experience, results like that are a matter of routine, for the pubbies you want watching your vids, they’re the stuff that dreams are made of.

  13. The most important Skill is Luck. The game is RNG based. The MM (actually a bit better) is a mess. U can have 3 unicorn in ur team or in the enemy’s, so totally RNG. The map is RNG, so how many times u go to city map with an Arty or light and with a super heavy on open map. Very annoying.
    There is a very small part of skill.

  14. aimbot. jk

  15. This looks like common sense to me but it’s hard to do when you’re bot tier.

  16. “The most important skill is a skill to leave a flank. See, I’m with a tomato Defender on the left who is probably following a Mahou player thinking it is safe… Ahhh, we are going to die…bye Defender, I’m going to the right side. ” LOL

  17. Ok.. Now do this on the EU servers where the teams are beyond garbage and mostly bots where you dont have any help no mater what

  18. Yeah my same mistake is that stupid stubbornness. even when I know I’m dead meat I won’t run away…”because my team mates will always help me right ?” Of course they never do and defending a lost cause is the reason I have crappy stats. But hell it only took me 20k games to learn

  19. Timothy di zazzo

    Maybe you should consider hooking up yout system with an eyetracker, would be pretty cool

  20. Love youre shit but could you upload more maybe?

  21. Good stuff as always!

  22. has your voice finally broken?

  23. I like keeping my win rate in average levels, so that when people rely only on stupid XVM they underestimate me…but got tactics

  24. basically, the advice is to go with the lemming train.

  25. The Guerrilla11b Show

    Pretty good strategy man

  26. I think this video should watch players who dont know about it.
    Yes those 46% wr Monkeys

  27. Pinedhuitre was here

  28. I say this game in the livestream, but hey, there isn’t a problem watching more Lemming videos

  29. I really think that this video should have started with the words: “Do you want to learn the most important skill in WoT? Well sit the fuck down, and shut the fuck up!”

  30. you got one thing wrong lemming: the JP II driver was extremely skilled. See that bold flick of the tank when sliding around the corner? That’s how you properly drive this tank. Zero fucks, guns blazing when you pretend to be a Ferdi…

  31. Good strategy, congrats. Note: You would not have been able to win the game if Defender had not held off the enemy push West. He gave your team VERY valuable time to fight East. – Also, West the enemy did not yet know the disposition of your tanks and were cautious, both slowed them down – just enough. Your TDs were improperly deployed and could have held up West even more. The two TDs could have been on the 1 line, and prior to displacing East, put two shots each into the Patton, destroying or probably forced him to back off, and/or seriously damaging both the Patton and Skorpion G, then redeploy West, giving your team even more time East.

  32. Terrible, terrible play. He goes to the city to avoid artillery….and then moves to where he can be hit by artillery. What happened to the avoid artillery logic?? In so doing he abandons his team mate in the Defender to be overrun by the enemy. Then he turns back to face the same enemy tanks he cold have fought in the first place alongside the Defender he abandoned. What an idiot. And the only reason he can do this is because he is in a fast medium.

  33. Pfft, tangents are what we humans do so relax! Thanks again for your insight, it is greatly appreciated. 🙂

  34. I had to do this the other day in my IS7…Westfield, Type 5 and E5 went to play the heavy hill side…enemy team had about 5 more heavies than we did, obviously suicide to go with them…of course they died, I fell back to a hull down position, and ended up winning with 8k damage some spotting etc, so just goes to show following allies to death is pointless.

  35. 3:30 It’s a train cart lemming, it’s callled a train cart. Youre welcome

  36. Herr Schicklgruber

    Most Important Skill in WoT is to advise people to not start playing WoT. I feel bad about recommending it to friends in the past and giving them ebola.

  37. “Running away” is such a unmanly term. I prefer “tactical maneuvers to the rear” 🙂 . its true tho. recently had a game where the other team was tromping us, relocated 3 times to avoid swarming, killing 2 tanks each time, finally cornered me. was so much fun. great video!

  38. you are obviously a noob to this game, the most importent skill is pressing the nr 2 key….

  39. best skill is avoidance..avoid wot and these payed pro’s ..the games toxic to new players and on its way out.. wot died the day they introduced ranked battles. all the power and buffs to the the trolls sacrifice and strife for the honest grinders..

  40. The most important skill judging by your actions in all of you videos seems to be pressing the ‘2’ key…. 😉

  41. This really just works on small maps and I am worried that this will give pubbies the wrong idea. I am scared that they will take this to mean “if they are really close to our base run away and rush the other flank instead of defending to try to out cap them”. They are already doing that lol

  42. TheMightyPringles

    Why did it show you had a kill at the beginning of the battle but all the tanks were alive? Hax LUL

  43. This is a great video, thanks LR, what you say is so true, you have to know when to disengage and where to reapply pressure, a hard skill to learn. I guess it would also depend on the tank you are driving, not as easy to relocate in an E100, but I notice you like to drive MTs, you certainly good at it.

  44. quicky baby would’ve secured the town, had a cup of tea with cucumber sandwich and swung in behind them

  45. Hi, I can understand this in a light or medium tank (you have the option to run away) but how if you play a slow heavy tank (like a Mouse or Type 5 Heavy). How do you avoid this from happening to you?

  46. Nice video! I’m not bad at running away from flanks. Did just that yesterday in the Rev, ran away from a flank where we were outnumbered 2 to 1 with heavies. My ally didn’t fall back, got killed and called me a noob lol.

  47. I think that the most important skill is to camping. No I just kidding 😉 It is valuable skill to also move back, and the one thing we see in too many games is that some one loose his patience, and start to terrorize whole game. So I think that the most important thing in WOT is to be calm.

  48. Rachid Khamlichi

    whats that aim circle called and where can i get it

  49. How can one play Heavy Tanks?

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