The Most Important World of Tanks Tip You NEED To Know, EVER! 🔴

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Source: DezGamez

Today I am going to reveal the biggest and the and the most important and the ultimate World of Tank Tip, which has been kept secrect for close to 10 years… But I couldn’t keep as a secret anymore…


  1. Thanks! Really improved my gameplay. Now how do I enable the rest of my hud?

  2. Schattenvirus WOT

    I think Dez got really mad the last days ingame😂

    Edit: I will send this video link to people that piss me off^^ better than flame them 😀

  3. I hope my teammates will see this video and finally start winning.

  4. Fucking gold

  5. I need minimap blinkers that forcibly divert my eyes to the mm every few seconds 😀

  6. Mr Dezgamez I know you get a lot of people writing you everyday but you do have a Direct Line to wargaming and I would like you to give this suggestion to them thank you for taking the time to read this have a nice day.

    For the last two years frontline has brought in the players every night it seem like it one more and more people on during the Frontline game mode for the last two weeks it’s been around 18,000 when I get on the North American server these numbers are terrible you’ve made your player base upset with the he rework so you throw in a new global campaign all of a sudden no thanks did that for a long time this year we want frontlines back.

    Ideas for frontline
    Here’s a few suggestions start with tier 6 tanks for the first week a frontline, tier 7 tanks for the next week , tier 8 tanks for the third week, tier 9 tank for the fourth week, and tier 10 tanks for the finality. Make it a five week season and give a special tier10 reward for completing certain missions in each week. This Will help with the fact that you only really have two maps which won’t be as big a problem if you are allowed to use different tanks that you never get to play in this mode and a benefit to wargaming would be incentivizing people to have tier tanks outside of 8 and mean we would have to buy equipment for these tanks and get New crew for these tanks that’s your benefit.

    Ideas for grand battle map
    And one more suggestion that doesn’t apply to Frontline open up the grand battle maps to tier 6 through 10 tanks, you have these excellent map and you waste them people always want more maps it’s one of your biggest complaints this would solve a huge portion of that complaint.

    Thank you for reading
    Kingfatboy North American server

  7. My first Thought when i saw the title was.
    SPAM GOLD/Premium ammo

  8. Florens Friedrich


  9. i really thought was something serious….

  10. I always wonder if it’s people playing without the Minimap or straight up stupidity.

  11. Great Stuff , Thanks DezGamez ,,,now my ribs hurt =P

  12. .. lol .. best advert of 2021 .. lol .. and still a bargain at $49.99 ..

  13. I bet there’s still a percentage of players thinking “naah it makes the game unrealistic or too complicated for me “😂

  14. It also enables you to count from 1- 15 and determine which flank to play / support / abandon! If you the also check the “spotted” lamps in the team window you might get amazing results!

  15. WoW 😀 Thank you Dez 😀

  16. 80% of battles
    12 go one side
    Die there in 2 min by 3 td’s as they go 1 by 1 in open field
    And the 3 of us gets raped by the rest of their team on the other flank.

  17. Dez,you made me laugh…..i just realized…..and feeling much better because of that….that I’m not alone with this pain in looking at team mates acting like this damn mini-map is there only for Instagram selfie or something else…..:)))))…..thank you and i hope at least some of the people realize that the mini-map is there to help not just for show

  18. those teamates did not ask Dora the Explorer and Map that’s why they got Swipe..

  19. Kenneth Fortugaleza

    The best tip is to press 2 twice…

  20. Inters Boostulis

    By the length of the video i thought it was gonna be – Dont play this game

  21. hhahhahahahahahahahahaa

  22. For a moment I thought that I am listening to League of Legends gameplay.

  23. best tip ever 😉

  24. Having the minimal open won’t help if people don’t look at it…

  25. LOL….You can give a twat a mini map…but he is still a twat. How many games have you been in where the lemming train all heads to one side, and wonders why they get flanked so easily…unfortunately I am seldom on that train and get run over by the red one.

  26. jason rein alde zurc

    SARCASM the best form of COMEDY if you get it!!!!

  27. Talking from my heart Dez! LOOK AT THE DAMN MAP! (for those who doesn´t)

  28. Thomas Koutsoukis

    Full tilt Dez introducing a new, 10 year old feature of WoT.
    I like it!

  29. Davor Damjanović

    Someone pissed off dez in the last couple of games so he made a video about the minimap awareness 😀

  30. hahah the best education video about wot

  31. Richard Robin Paukson

    Dez finally snapped.

  32. I can’t count how many times a week I rage calling my team to lokk at the minimap!

  33. Virgilijus Kuras

    Do i need it activate on other maps or it available only in ghost town?

  34. WOW! Perfect! Thank you for this tip 😍 And sooooooooooooo many players still don’t know it. Please like, comment and share this video 😁

  35. The amount of people who don’t look at their map is too damn high!

  36. That’s funny, I get where your coming from Dez.. I played six games yesterday, all defeats (despite my average damage being well above 1000 – actual stats haven’t been updated on wot-life as yet but the WoT ranking was in the 6000’s) the point that I’m trying to make is yes, there were other humans playing in my team’s (at least a few anyhow) but how many BOTs were there?? BOTs obviously are the real win or lose deciders.. fk’in hate WG for these BOT games

  37. Αλεξανδρος Μυλωνας

    Every random battle is exactly like the battle you raged about. Rank battles and stupidity caused this…

  38. Minimap 2.0 – only 10,000 bonds 😂

  39. I was expecting advice like “press 2 for unicum skills”.

  40. So this means there are folks playing really without the map !!?? Well WTF to that then, that’s just like driving at night on the highway with the lights turned off lol…

  41. 1:09 dont speak that out loud @DezGamez ! you know, its wargaming!
    maybe people would start using the minimap more often if they had to buy it, mindblowing.
    everyone knows how to slap money in this game, but less people know how to play the game

  42. You are 100% right, if players want to win they must learn to look at the f… map.

  43. “Tomorrow it may be 49.99$”… please don’t give WG ideas Dez…👿

  44. I love my min-map…use it 100% of the time..
    The problem is….i don like what it shows me .
    Muppet’s and Noob’s all gathered on one side of the map,
    whilst the enemy team is capping and spotting/killing our arty’s….

    curse edit …S U C R A – B L Y A T…U R B U N N Y W R O T E…

  45. For the minimap to work you also needs less and less retards and bots

  46. WG should remove the mini map since many players don’t use it and then offer it for sale in the premium store. 😜🤣

  47. Khosro ahmad javaheri

    words right out of my mouth

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