The Most Intense Carry Ever

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Source: LemmingRush

Id say this game knocked my socks off but I didn't have any on


  1. Is Lemming doing ASMR with all this whispering????????????????????????

  2. Yousef Sangkula


    For you, personally, what is the best LT line-?

    P.S. I’m currently grinding for the T49 in my M41 Bulldog and T69 with my T71.

    • I think the Russian line is the best, but I had the most fun on the Chinese line.

    • Yousef Sangkula

      +Bret Bonner what’s good with the chinese? The bigger guns-?

    • While it’s obvious all tank lines are unique, I feel like the light tank lines are even more so. Each light tank is so incredibly different from the others that it’s ludicrous. I thoroughly enjoyed every tank in the T57 line, even though the last 3 gems weren’t lights. The french lights are all incredible harassers. The T100LT is the best true scout in the game with its crazy camo and speed. The chinese are probably the most well rounded. The americans have the derps. You just need to ask yourself what role you think you best fill and play the line that best suits it 🙂

    • To be fair, when I played the Chinese lights, the 59-16 had an auto loader that wrecked. I just feel like the Chinese were pretty balanced in gun vs scout. Most of my Chinese lights were set up as mobile gun tanks. Rammer/optics/stabilizer.

    • Yousef Sangkula

      +Bret Bonner I actually grinded the T37 line bc of the autoloading guns, now, since their removal – the line is pretty much underpowered 🙁

      M41 Bulldog is just a shadow of itself.

  3. Oliver Bruno Pieter Nicolars Versteeg

    An m40 clicked my Lorraine for 1k dmg, I really had fun that game not gonna lie

  4. Farrel Foster-Lynam

    Love the line “It takes a lot of effort to get such little damage”

  5. I pick my nose all the time, especially when I’m playing a light tank and most of my team is camping the 1 line on Prok… 😉

  6. “I feel like I just came.. don’t tell my girlfriend that.” -dirtystetpadderwhodoesntspot

  7. Nice game

  8. I am sry how did he carry

    • Ya but is a really THE BEST LIGHT TANK carry no

    • Plus light tanks are not supposed to die early game the are insane late game so to me this is just doing ur job

    • The_Goblin _King

      I agree. The team that doesn’t lose all of its scouts on that map is always going to win.

    • mohammed najah txtdll

      Yeah its good but really nothing special

    • Yeah that wasn’t a carry though, by any stretch of the imagination. Was absolutely zero use for the first portion of the game, on a map where spotting is quite a big deal, let everyone else carry the game and take the risks, then swooped in at the end. Good play, but can’t call that a carry, anymore than the TD who camps the red line then one shots all the tanks that their team had already whittled down.

  9. “Id say this game knocked my socks off but I didn’t have any on.” Yeah right, nice try, we all know streamers don’t have legs

  10. Prok is a really bad map.

  11. Calmly pulls off the win while picking his nose… show off! lol

  12. The Loraine did die yoloing tho?

  13. RNG is stronk in this one

  14. Lemming became an ASMR-tist


  16. I rage really hard so I don’t think I could ever livestream with commentary.

  17. Consistent uploads? Huh?

  18. Ivan Stepanovic

    There is a bush somewhere at F8, at the end of village, near a house. If you can get there, you can spot all the guys camping in bottom of the hil and on uphill slope. However, it can work only if you have teammates in position to shoot them and arty. Otherwise, pointless.
    I once tried that, went there, lit them all up and… Nothing, nobody shot them. So, i was sitting and waiting, time was passing, thry were lit all that time and zilch. After like 2 or 3 minutes one of them came down the hill, proxy detected me and then arty and all of their camper obliterated me. Yeah, partially my fault cos I didn’t pay attention where the rest of my team was but still frustrating as hell. On top of it all, I was a tier 6 spotter in tier 8 game.

  19. Hans_von_Twitchy

    Another good game with great commentary, thanks.

    You were driving around for half the battle with a damaged gas tank. Why didn’t you repair it?

    • He was a one shot to basically every enemy tank, at that point there’s no risk of being set on fire, you’re just dead as soon as you’re hit, so you keep the repair kit in case you’re tracked or shot in the gun when you don’t expect it instead.

  20. why dont you try streaming?

  21. Lemmingrush asmr

  22. The one reason I love light tanks, adrenaline. I know that’s strange but the damn things are the only exciting thing about this game.

  23. “The whole team is on the 1 line – how do you deal with that?”

    Escape > Return to garage, TBH..

  24. This is a very odd ASMR video.

  25. I never felt like I needed to know what the guy who constantly sniggers through his nose looked like, but this young steve-jobs-looking-ass is almost exactly what I might have visualised

    No offence, you’re still king but fuck me dead your face fits your voice

    • ok reading this back there is no ambiguity, I definitely come off shitty and I apologise, I honestly meant this to sound less critical than it did

  26. I like lemmingrush nose picks

  27. I collect boogers from famous people, I don’t have one from Lemmingrush yet. 🙁

  28. Lemming, is this a bad video to tell you that I find whispering and quiet voices V hot? No homo ofc

  29. Lemming ASMR

  30. Sorry I missed you’re nose picking. I was busy looking at the minimap

  31. bartek Bgraczyk

    Carry??? That was average scout game at most mate.
    Do not really know what fuss is all about.

  32. Lemmingrush this is WOT ASMR lol

  33. Can u make a survival guide on the 121?

  34. You picking your nose make me feel very safe

  35. Didn’t think I’d say this, but, clickbait title.

  36. I love light tanks. Cant play mediums or heavies. But I am pretty damn good in a light tank. Great battles like that make it worth while.

  37. 4k spotting and not even your HP in damage? How is that a carry? Ive seen 10k spotting+2k done. Unicum stat padder with less than 1k dmg in almost 15 min. I bet just sitting in a bush whould get you more damage

    • His channel don’t put best replay but his replay and when he say most carry ever he talk about him, not other player.

  38. Unicums are also humans???? No way..

  39. 4:11 when you fart and try to sniff, if it smells

  40. Sorry lemming but how is that a carry on this map? The result is what should be an average game in a light on this map. You are a good player but you are horrible at spotting in lights.

  41. I’m just curious but what is your first name? Another killer game

  42. that inception at the start of the video lol

  43. Tanking Trucker

    It’s amazing the amount of people that run their cock holsters that don’t understand how light tanks work for spotting. You did a fantastic job awesome work

  44. i can say that i’ve watched almost every single video of yours and it is safe to say, thaaat ‘LemmingRush’ does not really fit your game style and with this one, you should really change it to ‘CampingBush’ or whatever, it is so misleading and I would be toxic too, only Lemming can make a basic game to something that “tense” and whatever because of his passive plays?


  45. This guy is Lemming Rush? Hmmmm expected something different

  46. Virginas Leonavičius


  47. Haven’t made a ASMR video in a while. At least I think this is what ASMR is

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