THE MOST INTENSE COMBO || War Thunder Gameplay

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Source: Slick Plays

#warthunder #slickbee

•Thank you all for watching!


  1. I have been waiting for this video

  2. 1:09 you can see how BS war thunder is if you look at the hill

  3. well tbh that Type-90 kill on you was a very good shot

  4. Did you forget you have thermals on the tank too, or just not unlocked them yet?

  5. Why you dont use the skin on the gameplay

  6. Choppers with flir are cancer and your vid proved this to be fact

  7. 17:19 u got my ass there 😀

  8. YouTube subtitles: ass River

  9. Oohh baby that’s why it’s work xD

  10. love gettin an add for warthunder when im watching a warthunder vid lmao

  11. #SickBee

  12. Why are ads these days so bizzare and strange. I dont understand how any of these ads would intrest somebody into buying their thing.

  13. Hart wie Kruppstahl

    I guess this is what happens if i don’t start the match with the otomatic

  14. You were too low over the mountains.

  15. “Tits”

  16. TOW’s are more reliable than hellfire. Love my G-Lynx.

  17. The Lynx is fast

    It held the speed record for a fair while, be it a stripped out version

  18. I love playing with my Gazelle and my Leclerc

    • Dex4Sure what’s you’re problem? Why are you getting so defensive

    • @Birdanix _ lol what? defensive? are you stupid or something? france has crap top tier line up period. 1 tank cant match other nations that can spam 3 mbts, ifvs, spaas…

    • @Birdanix _ its you whose defensive cause i just pointed out france doesnt really have good top tier line up you got upset about it instantly

    • Dex4Sure, maybe your are just bad. That seems to be it.

    • @Birdanix _ Or just maybe you’re bad and fail to realize what is competitive line up or not. I’ll take 3 Abrams, ADATS, F4C and AH1Z any day of the week over 1 Leclerc and Eurocopter. So would I take 3 Ariete, 1 Centauro, Otomatic, G91 and Sidam with mistrals. Or 4 Challengers, Lynx, Warrior and Hunter… The only faction in similar position as France is Japan (of course China has not even got top tier line up). All others have way better line ups. There’s nothing that special about Leclerc, Abrams can do pretty much anything just as well as Leclerc while having far better back ups. But yeah keep telling yourself France has good line up lmfao… Gazelle sucks, having max 4 atgms but then you miss out on aams… Its just a scout chopper.

  19. More premium cancer from Gaijin.

  20. I fucking hate helis and every single one of your deaths was deserved

  21. SLick Gijinn thinks your photoshopping all this BS:-) Thier game isnt broke at any point.

  22. 5:22 “you got a hole in your tank”
    didn’t notice that before haha

  23. A cool thing would by if there is someone yelling

    SPIKE 3 OGLOCK when you getting radar tracked

    And Nailed when a search radar Find you

    Pls a modder or Gajin it self add that crew voice thing

  24. the hellfires are broken

  25. unpopular opinion, chally 2 is one of the best MBTs in game and only has shit overal winrate stats and such cause everyone avoids it cause it looks bad in the garage.

    • Bs, chally 2 is one of the most beautiful tanks in game, its just that the tank doesn’t fit the speedy boi meta that warthunder top tier has always had

  26. yeah these new prem choppers make the older prems pretty much irreverent and pretty shitty to grind with since to older onces dont have much they can do vs missile spam so if you dont already have the ah1z good luck grinding for 1

  27. You suck slick bee

  28. i tought he was a pro? why is he using choppers than?

  29. Ricardo Andrés Cardona

    Slick the Sick Bee (Hope you feel better Slick!)

  30. SickBee get well soon bro

  31. Nice to see the Chally2 in the opening picture (0.24) is from my old Regiment, – The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards.

  32. Deviated septum GANG!

    I headbuted a kid while playing Soccer :/

  33. 19:01 That was the same reaction as I had!

  34. #SickBee

  35. Hey sick slick can you give me some of your sickness
    i have not been sick for years ???

  36. Slick Idk what you’re complaining about. Large chunks of Earth popping in and out of existence is something that real helicopter gunners have to deal with everyday lol.

  37. In my opinion they need too stop adding new shit in to the game and fix what they all ready have. plus they could give us some GE every Christmas and New years it can’t be hard 500 too 800 GE is ok as a free gift

  38. Are you my dad sliiiick

  39. Silckbee sick be

  40. 0:58 because…… We all know what he was implying

  41. Now with thermal in the game they should make destroyed tanks that burn not disappear for a few minutes if someone does not push at it a few seconds

  42. Tiger with Hot3 and Mistrals is better than Lynx. Also hellfires are close to useless 🙂

  43. This is why I love war thunder so much, I get a brain hemorrhage every time I play it

  44. how is he using the thermal sight on helicopter?

  45. I’m sorry, you are not sick all the time I meant sLick.

  46. hellfirs is shxt

  47. The fkin hellies are the cancer in this game. They should made a section where ONLY tanks are allowed. No helly, no CAS, nothing. ONLY tanks. I’m sick to be killed by things that I cant see them, I cant shoot at them and witch are fks you in the spawn. Who want fkin planes or choppers should have separate section in the game. I cant w8 for some other firm to make something even remotely like this game. I will move in second 2!

  48. Glynx the best heli ? xDDDDDDD
    I never heard bullshit like that.
    1. 8 hellfires that are so bugged that your grandma can use it as dildo and then it won’t hit the target.
    2. Stingers performance is shit aswell (all seen in your video)
    GLYNX is just waste of money. Buy ec655 HAP. It has hot 3. They are slower than TOW-2, but their effective range is greater.
    Mistrals on EC655 HAP are BY FAR better. Stingers have extreme problems with hitting anything besides helis… Everything that stingers cannot hit, can be hit by MISTRALS.

  49. hellfires are dogshit, TOWs are so much better

  50. How you use that night visoin at morning?

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