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  1. Its your local SunScreenEater

    A6, ah64gr and wolfpack next pls

  2. told you i’d be here from discord 😀

  3. The slovak mig 27k 😍

  4. 3:25 that was perZonal

  5. Song used during mig27 montage?

  6. Кіріл Дігтяр

    Goooood morning Донецьк

  7. Музыка неочень, не первый раз смотрю, поднадоела уже, тухлый кавер (мое мнение) gl&hf

  8. should i grind the mig-29 or mig-27k, i love the mig-27k, but something tells me i should just do mig-29.

  9. T80BVM, T80UK,T80U,T80UM2, KA50MiG27k,2S38 – my russian lineup its ridiculously OP

  10. Could u make a video about grind to the mig29, or u already have that?

  11. Damn, i love that music, what the name?. The tank one

  12. Man funny best lineup and he shows the tank struggling getting 1 shot kills lol

  13. Не ну за музычку респект

  14. Man, this “Kaira” computer on Mig-27K is insane. When you finally grinded to it after Mig-27M you really feel a huge difference in both planes efficiency.

  15. Chris would be happy

  16. The most broken is you’r skill issue bro.
    You all hate the Russians and yet you play with their tanks, the American brain works at 10% power and it shows… 🇷🇺😘

  17. 🇷🇺

  18. Хорошо сделано красава

  19. Chľebovy prezident

    milujem tvoje videa

  20. 4:41 name of song?

  21. This is the definition of “I woke up today and chose violence”

  22. Russian Bias 💀

  23. Gooooood morning Donetsk

  24. What’s the song for the plane?

  25. first time i heard his voice at 2:40


  27. This tank IS so noob haha not best Line up 😂

  28. Is it russian bias harbass at begining?

  29. Common Russia L

  30. Supposedly thanks to bigger caliber russian APFSDS damage should be better because they’re “thicker” overall but istg they feel like french AP shots that almost never do any damage

  31. Hey man Can i ask you? Are you from Slovakia? 🤌😁

  32. What’s the name of the Russian song?

  33. Александр Осипов

    I love you. You the best. !!!!!!)

  34. “Good morning v.. Donetsk”

  35. Autistic russian music.

  36. Russian top tier lack of depression doesn’t matter as shown in this video. Just roll over hills take 20 shots and kill everything. Russian tanks suck other than you can’t kill them frontally unless you see bottom middle of there hull. Don’t hit those fuel tanks, you won’t get the kill.

  37. It’s all fun and games till a brummbär clip the side of your barrel and destroys that bvm lol

  38. What’s that Russian song called?

  39. Спасибо за русский соундтрэк Виктор Цой-группа крови😃👍👍

  40. pascal van der togt

    What song is playing at the end

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