The most OP “tank” in War Thunder?

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Source: PanzerPaw

The little monster of War Thunder is flat out the most OP “thing” in the game. Actual Tank Commander plays War Thunder and destroys everyone in the M50 Ontos.


  1. First

  2. Please do a vid on the 5.7 China lineup its fun as hell

  3. Damn , I truly miss this game.

  4. bring a L3 to top BR

  5. could you play the m163

  6. the crew replenishment thing is meant for arcade bc you can replenish ur crew anywhere in arcade and you can survive with only 1 crew member

  7. Yes, of course I want to see you suffering or having a great time, do it.

  8. Stock 4.0 Sweden is pain as fuck xD

  9. Can u play the tiger 2

  10. in the past my birth citys police cars had dare on there c piller on both sides never knew what it meant 9:00

  11. play the tank that everyone hates apparently a new one came out

  12. One of my favorite things to play.
    I still remember rushing past B on eastern europe and literally getting 3 kills withing 10sec just a few moments into the match.

  13. dont worry it didnt get upteired it will be down teired and moved to the tank destroyer line along with the m56

  14. Fun fact: “The bore was commonly described as being 106 mm caliber but is in fact 105 mm; the 106 mm designation was intended to prevent confusion with incompatible 105 mm ammunition from the failed M27.”

  15. Bernhardt Bruzzel

    Crew replenishment is for arcade and when you are on the point it I think automaticly activates.

    • sinister is random

      No its not its ment to replace the dead crew member with someone else so the vehicle is more usable than it was 2 seconds ago.

    • @sinister is randomI believe the commenter was referring to the crew replenishment mechanic, which is like a revive kit for one crew member, bot the one where two people swap places.

  16. kidpagron primsank

    How spotting gun work? From what i understand, ammo have the same velocity as main round (in this one HEAT round from recoilless rifle).

  17. Another Alpharius

    you should play the m56 next

  18. Another Alpharius

    this is the only vehicle I main HESH on, because I really dont want to aim for ammo with the offset guns

  19. I love the m50 it’s so funny and lets warthunder not get boring and lets more skill based fighting happening

  20. Yea the Army said “no” but the Marines said “fk yea” and adjusted tactics accordingly.

  21. alpacaofthemountain

    Love that you don’t edit out your bad games.
    Earned a sub!

  22. 9:40 , the reason for the crew replenishment, is for arcade battles, as a tank in arcade can still function with 1 crew men if it has crew replenishment

  23. The Leo could see you because he can see over them

  24. the creu replenisment is for arcade

  25. Lmao when he got hit by an atgm and he just cut it off perfectly
    Best moment in this video

  26. Definitely not OP.

  27. Unfortunate Replica

    I have never met someone who dislikes urban warfare in war thunder

  28. The M50 Ontos is the equivalent to running into a shotgun in WW1

  29. Quirky? Yes! Better than a Raketenautomat? Nope!

  30. You should play with Estabon

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