The Most OVERPOWERED Tank in World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

In November 2013, World of Tanks released a vehicle that
has gone down in infamy as the most broken tank ever. Ladies and gents, meet the Waffentrager auf E 100.


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  1. German OP TD with obvious weakspot-nerfed and removed.
    Soviet OP TD without obvious weakspot-slightly nerfed but still in the game.
    Reconsider your choices WG.

  2. They should bring this baby back just for April 1st and that’s it

  3. WG needs to model the barrel on tanks so it’s just like the rest of the tank. By occupying a physical space, players would have to account for it when they try to side scrape, face hug, poke corners, etc. They also need to return arty to what it was pre-nerf, but remove enemy tanks from showing up in overhead view and the trajectory line that tells the player if they have a clean shot or not.

  4. As an Australian that plays on the USA servers, please can you tell me what an exceptionally bad ping is?

  5. why would it be available for bonds. The info given by WG was clear, tanks that are already owed by some players will be available, and as this was removed – no one has one.

  6. Console peasants still have the unnerfed version
    They are a tasty snack in my deathstar

  7. I started this german td line only because there was this waffletractor but now i dont want to play it i dont want to get grille 15 i already have it in wot blitz


  9. Im having vietnam flashbacks because of this video

  10. The original t5 elc….

  11. I want it back ;-;

  12. I loved this map…

  13. You said amx 13 90 instead of amx 13 75??, good video tho

  14. I miss this map

  15. The days when pigs were balanced….

  16. to be honest with all the cancer on tier 10 these days, the Nerfed wte100 would not be as powerful as it was back in the day, with all them t49s and sheridans and the new arty broken splash n shit i think they would be kind of balanced, it would need a viewrange nerf tho

    Ok guys im curious how many peoples here were actually playing this game in times of Wf e100.

    So give this comment LIKE if you played in this time
    And give this comment DISLIKE if not

  18. i once killed this tank with a pz1c. good old times

  19. The Foch says hi.
    Then the IS-3A say hi, but louder.

    The Su-122-54 could’ve been made better by giving it better gun handling, as unlike most higher tier TD’s it liked significant armor, or a turret. Instead they removed it and overbuffed Tds with non-historical armor which again, could’ve instead been made better through soft stat improvements instead of eschewing an entire tank line to fit a ‘unique’ flavor.

  20. Rusty Shackleford IV

    I’d almost rather deal with this cancerous T.D. again then deal with all the Russian objects they keep adding.


  22. This tank was so situational, I remembered getting ammo racked , gun destroyed or half my crew wiped out with a single HE hit. It really was only good if you played muppets that drove out infront of you, Ignored you and didn’t shoot you, most games I was just 1 shotted by arty.

  23. Tanks like this is why I stopped playing the Console version and I was an Alpha tester for Xbox WOT years after it was removed from PC and after many of the same changes to the game that PC got like nerfing and removing OP premiums many where still available whenI was playing like the E25

  24. Hey QB…modpack?

  25. No no no! The most overpowered tank was the US T18 tank destroyer. That thing was just mental!

  26. the wtf e100 is still on the console version

  27. Don’t you already have a video like this already?

  28. Its only overpowered if the person handling know how to use it. Besides its accuracy Nerf effected long range shots. Still happy that it’s on Xbox servers considering I grinded for that tank.

  29. As much as I hated fighting that tank, I will still remember the game where I got to 2 shot one of them with my T-49 with it’s derp gun

  30. Wasnt the fv 215b 183 able to one shot it becouse if i remember right its hesh pen back in those days was 270 mm

  31. It is still on the xbox version

  32. Heinrich von Hahnrei

    they removed it because it was a fucking german tank which was usefull

  33. All they had to do was just remove the 128mm gun and just leave the 150mm gun
    They didnt have to remove the tank

  34. Imagine this monster with an autoreloader.

  35. There’s one version in game files, hull from GW E100 arta, same turet, 0.01 camo or something like that, and 5 shot autoloader with Skorpion G gun – 1.4 s aim time, 2s between shells in magazine, 50+ s reload. Seems funny as it’s situationaly OP but kinda useless in this HE meta today.

  36. Χαρης Αλεξιαδης

    Wouldn’t it be balanced if it had a 3 shot autoloader (128 mm gun) with 25 sec reload and 2-2.5 sec interclip reload ?

  37. The wt auf e 100 is on console

  38. She’s back again.. I thought it was removed

  39. Not that fussed on the wafflecooker but DAMN I used to love than map.

  40. cancer tank in a cancer map…those days…not sure if those days were worse overall though…

  41. I miss the old scout MM every day

  42. Wow, a tank which is not in the game, playing on a map which is not in the game anymore, figting another vehicle which is not in the game. Fascinating

  43. I prefered AND did better in the WT auf Pz. 4.

    Much stealthier

  44. OP German TD? Remove.
    OP Soviet TD? Nerf after several months, but still keep it incredibly powerful.

  45. Definitely, for tier 6, it was KV-1S with the 122 mm gun from IS. These tanks in platoons of 3 people (when one of them had a premium account) just rule the game. 😀

  46. Good old days, not a single premium at tier 8, today at least half of tier 8 would be premiums, but what do you expect if they are mostly better than tech tree tanks :/

  47. I miss this map

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