The Most Overpowered Tank of 2019 in World of Tanks: The Object 279e

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Source: DezGamez

World of Object 279e (Объект 279 ранний) Gameplay, Epic Battle. World of Tanks Object 279 (early), Tier 10 Soviet Russian Heavy Tank. World of Tanks Best Replays / Best Battles.

Year is coming to an end, only 1 more days left, so is to look back at with another episodes.
This I am going to talk about Object 279e as the most overpowered tank in 2019. The treat of the year, so to say. 🙂

What do you think about it?


  1. Because I got back from my mountain skiing trip a bit later, this video was released one day later as well. 🙂 There actually might be a little clip from my trip in one of my next episodes as well, so stay tuned! 🙂 Anyway, thank you for such an amazing 2019, but buckle up good… 2020 is going to be something special!

  2. Object 279e OP

    give him a large commander hatch
    and EBR 105 will reign OPness.

  3. Pčelar Mostarski

    Wheeled shits are OP


  4. username: peterszegvari
    Server: eu
    The most op tank is definitely the TVP VTU 😀

  5. Obj279E is the most OP tank for 2019
    Username: RoboWarrior2803
    Server: Asia

  6. Username: alexht
    Server: EU
    Most OP tanks of 2019 is Obj. 279 e

  7. Obviously Obj 279e because it is idiot proof… ebr still needs bond equipments and lot of skill to master.
    Name: Osman_syed
    Server: EU

  8. In the tech tree I think wheelies are OP, but the most OP tank it the chieftain

    Username: rookie_844

    Server: NA

  9. IGN: Zamri_Pororo
    Server: Asia
    Answer: Obj 279e

  10. Username: miyazaki_6
    Server: EU
    OP tank in 2019 : arty !!!!

  11. Username: koll123
    Server: EU
    Most OP tank: T110E5. A tank that combines gun depression, excellent copula, speed and gun handling. Crushes the superconq.

  12. Wheeler tanks of course,ebr types.
    EU server
    Nick: spiiguliitis

  13. EBR 105… Because that tank just ate a 170 mm shell from my JagPeezda and was still running. My shell was bigger than the tank.
    JK, its hands down the 279e
    IGN: Steel_Bite
    Serv: EU

  14. username : farman56
    server : eu
    of course object 279e its very overpower some t10 heavy tank don’t have a chance to pentrait it frontaly even with gold

  15. Most OP tank this year was probably the tier 5 French premium artillery with that darn 10.5cm canon. It ruins low tiers and I honestly despise playing against that tank.

    (For those who may be wondering, I’m a veteran player from WoT Blitz and I’m trying to get to grips with WoT PC, which is why I’m playing low tiers. I’m not trying to seal club or anything).

    IGN: ChristianMan777
    Server: NA

  16. Hi Dez,
    The most overpowered tank of 2019 is chieftain
    Asian server
    Thank you Dez 🙂

  17. Long Nguyễn Hoàng

    EBR 105 i think.

  18. Username fifolek
    Wheeled combat cars…

  19. Name bontiuk server EU obviously the most goer powered tank of 2019 is obj 279 e

  20. Username: Count_Gorgonzola
    Server: EU
    Obj. 270e for sure.

  21. Nightcore/Anime Lover

    It definitely is the Obj. 279(e) without a doubt.

    IGN: megacool111
    Server: EU

  22. Of course its Obj. 279. It has everything except for mobility.
    Name: Necyen
    Server: EU

  23. I just hate wheeled tanks they are to OP YoloKing420
    Region: Eu

  24. There’s no question about it Russian
    But the 279e is best f the worst
    Comet995 euro

  25. Server:eu
    Username: DeathTurn
    Obj 703 ll is the most op tank in my opinion

  26. Obj 279e is clearly too strong! And to give it as a reward to really good player doesn’t do anything good for the game, as this video shows. Dalerion, EU server

  27. Username: vuduagiio
    Server: EU

    Most OP of 2019: Obj. 279e

  28. user: cruisespeed
    server: EU
    amx 40

  29. username: jvanput
    server: EU

  30. User:SLUG79
    Server: EU
    279e most OP (is fun to target all the time when in arty though)

  31. Most OP tank is the obj 279 for sure
    Nick: BioGenesis
    Server: EU

  32. Username:FirefoxHUN
    Answer:EBR 105

  33. Panagiotis Giallelis

    Maybe not the most overpowered but a tank that is continuing to be a pain all this years is the e25
    Username: Eraser_01

  34. Most op tank of 2019 : T95/FV4201 Chieftain
    shearerbg – EU

  35. Username:Juukelinpuukeli
    Most OP tanks are object 279 and 703 II

  36. You dont encounter 279 e. as much. So that is not a problem for me. Bbut i hate Obj 430U and Wheeled tanks.

  37. Answer; obj 268 v4
    Name; Heykys
    Server EU

  38. Gold Noob ALERT !!

  39. Thor Von Teutoburg

    Username: ThorVonTeutoburg
    Server: EU
    Answer: 279e and those fucking cars. The wheels shouldn’t just eat up AP and APCR like that. Too many zero damage hits.

  40. Definitely the obj279 e,it’s just ridiculous and they even buffed it lol
    EU server

  41. Congratulations wargaming on finally coming up with game mechanic more annoying than arty in the EBR. What an accomplishment!

  42. name pataaskir
    server eu

  43. Answer: it must be the Defender

    Name Alex01AUA
    Server EU

  44. IGN: Dragonsthorn
    Server: NA
    It’s a toss up between the Wheeled LTs and the 279E.

  45. Maarten van Roest

    I agree with you. 279e is most op.
    MeShadow_1 eu server

    Thnx for all the content. Keep it up ??

  46. For me most op tanks would be either EBR 105 or either Chieftain

    Nickname: lucablasterpro864

  47. Most OP Tank in 2019 was the 279e imo
    Usernamr: quick_shots
    EU Server

  48. Clearly the most overpowered tank is the m3 Lee. More dpm than some tier X tanks.
    EU server, Whitebaron777

  49. Username: bukleaf
    Server: EU
    Most OP 2019: French Ferrari

  50. Username: immortal_sniper1
    Server: EU
    Most OP tanks of 2019 is Obj. 279 e

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