the MOST POPULAR tank in World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Today I’m looking at why the T8 the Skorpion G the popular tank in the game!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-7 with a 100% crew, a laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Hey quicky, you gotta update your top ten most armored tanks in the game with all the Soviet buffs/New tank introductions. I know it’s gonna take up 90% of the list. But still

  2. Funny thing is I got this in one of the Christmas loot boxes and still haven’t played it.

  3. i havent had much of a problem dealing with obj 268 version 4s though, just shoot at the bottom part of the lower plate and you can pen them almost all the time

  4. what website did you use to see that list pls tell me thx!

  5. fav tank and such a good investment for when u need credits or free EXP..

  6. Pay to Win. Pure and simple

  7. Of course I’m the most popular tank in World of Tanks. I’m by far the best tier 8 td in the game.

  8. this tank is fucking cancer

  9. > Skorpion G tops “popularity”
    > Shock

    Right… because THE most broken non-russian tank isn’t going to played by tens of thousands of people because it requires skill to play…..

  10. for credit earning.. thats the best one for now.. Russian tanks got upgraded armor.. most tier 8 premium tanks cant pen like the Skorpion G.

  11. And I thought E25 was the highest.

  12. Guys… where can i buy a PZ.II.J??? i want one :q

  13. Oh I get it.. An O-I can snapshot me across the map going at 62kph but can’t hit a huge stationary TD. Love it

  14. My first video how wonderful

  15. 11 seconds into the video and you’re already talking bullshit

  16. 2 german tanks in the top 10
    1 French
    1 Finnish
    and the rest is soviet ?!!

  17. really???? I’m lit all the fucking time with a 6 skill crew in dat sumbitch!!!!

  18. You might want to dim your face cam lighting, you’re looking a little pale.

  19. Why is there no KV2, what is wrong with you people?

  20. Jean-Gabriel Blais

    That’s why there is “always a Scorpion”

  21. Wtf is up with a 60 second unskippable ad about steroid-free workout supplements…??

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  23. Most popular tank would be most owned not most played right? Because it may just be played more by fewer people. Not saying its not the most popular but i feel like some of the others might’ve changed

  24. Dear quickybaby, I would love to send in my 1v7 in my su-14-1 but I cannot find the replay anywhere ☹️ (i won)

  25. Does anybody know when this tank is going on sale I definitely need to pick one of these up

  26. I not sure what Wargaming is thinking, but the Bat Chats are still OP. (Especially the BC 25T)

    6 Rounds of Standard Ammo for max damage of 1080, and at Premium Ammo 1440; and that’s using the Minimum Damage Numbers? That’s just Plain Stupid???

    By themselves the damage numbers don’t look that daunting, however put 2 or 3 of these things running in a Platoon; and they kill everything but the grass they are running across.

    Everyone talks about the Russian Mediums bring OP, it time to take a Hard Look at the Bat Chat Series. ?????

  27. plus get pis easy mm all lower tierd targets so yes they cannot spot him plus the enemy team were mostly red stat players hardly a hard game try that against tier 9 and 10 with the enemy team having some unicums on his team and he would have died within 2 mins max

  28. Glass cannons are fun. Just not fun trying to be the meat shield.

  29. S1 = because there was a sale


  31. T-44 does not lead to the 430u

  32. EpicHunter117 Gaming

    2:27 every console light player in a nutshell

  33. The Gamers ' Academy

    Venez voir ma vidéo world of tank blitz :

  34. Quinten Lambregts

    Su 100Y has more damage with prem ammo

  35. A pay to win bitch is still a pay to win bitch. Noob.

  36. Premium/Soviet bais anyone?

  37. Well, there is always a skorpion. Right?

  38. With the release of scorpion g started era of overpowered premium vehicles. From that point it all went downhill. Defender, liberte, patriot etc.

  39. When i try to stay out the spotting distance no shit gets spotted, in my Leo Pta and when i shoot most of the i miss

  40. best tenk ever i have this tank and two mark how i need make damage for three mark????

  41. play with tier3 cruiser and try out that derp gun

  42. Huh, i remember getting Kolobanov on chaffee, in old, old times, vs tier X. I was left vs 6 tier X heavies, and managed to cap, with happy hiding behind crates in the cap (game mechanics at those times did not allow shells to penetrate crates, just destroy them) , and some shell dodging, while being spotted and targeted by 3 of them…
    Boy, that was intense. Still remember this, although it was like 4 years ago. Even enemies greeted me.

  43. This tank should have never been implemented like this

  44. I love it when I kill a Skorpion G. BTW that spot on the 4 line where it drops down and hides is a bit of a trap. Not all tanks can drive back up once they’re down there.

  45. Wow I can barely see an outline and he’s hitting. I guess that’s why I suck

  46. Looks like the O-I was behind the bush upon blindfire

  47. OBJ 252 (defender) is such a broken tank. So OP.
    It’s obvious why everyone is playing the T-44 because they want the OP 430U.
    Well, all the new Russian tanks are OP, especially the 268 4 and the 430U.
    I don’t understand why WG have not buffed the T110E5. It simply can’t compete anymore against the other tier 10 HT. I mean compare it to the Super conq. Like there’s nothing better about the E5. Its been outdated. Please raise this to WG QB. You know how OP the new tanks are. Either they must all be nerfed or the others (E5, IS-4) must be buffed.
    Please contact WG and try to fix this for the Tanks community!
    Thank you

  48. Wouldnt be its pure OPness such a big problem IF it couldnt go against lower tiers…thats such a not fair thing…AND who claims its not OP…which other tier8 TD can u do wtf u can with this one? Ohh…maybe none?…

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