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  1. and they say soviet bias not exist

  2. Phlydaily:- shadows are good for hiding
    Me who plays on potato PC:- Nice

  3. Thumbnail professionally done

  4. Hey phly can you play the t-44?

  5. Gaigin with their broken russian bias

  6. It goes faster in reverse.

  7. YourAverageGamer

    Glad people enjoy it but I find the max to be a pain to use

  8. Ah yes, the answer to the jumbo when it was at 4.7 barely anyone uses. -_-

  9. HazeMentallySpoon

    Hey Phly, I would like to humbly request that you, and this is only if your greatness approves, play the KV-85. It would warm my spoon like heart. Day 4

  10. I’ve never heard techno Erika….but I love it!

    Thanks phly! And I’m wearing ur danger zone t-shirt too

  11. phly from the bottom of my heart, please play the Dicker Max every month. It’s one of my all-time favorite tanks.

  12. Alright so here’s the plan… Div up with one of your buds and have the stay high in a fighter while you spawn a bajillion enemy planes in your dicker max. You get kills, you div-mate gets kills. Boom ez gg

  13. hey came into a custom battle you was in and got kicked sooo cool

  14. And some ppl say russian bias does not exist….

  15. please get someone to help you master the audio in your videos

  16. The thumbnail kinda sus


  18. Hans the soldier

    Can u do another video about king tigor 105

  19. I’ve been revisiting the Achilles, absolute beast once you master it. Kinda like the dicker.

  20. Mr Chicken man 🔰Plus

    Oddbawz: Steveee

  21. It’s so under br-ed because it dies to aircraft

  22. Did they move it down in BR again?

  23. Hay Phly, could you do do The XF5F Skyrocket USA as groud RB close air support ?

  24. day 2: hey phly i would love to see another masterclass video on whatever tank you like (The tiger 2 SLA or the T-44-100 would be cool) love ya and greetings from chile

  25. just got russian biased

  26. nobodys talking about the banger intro track?

  27. Oh yes I’d enjoy seeing more of these. Also that t-34 was a fucking creep, dude lol

  28. Hs 129 b3 and the dicker max is probably one of the most fun combos in the game. Add a bf110 or something for bombs/fighting and its way too much fun.

  29. Do we love the Dicker Max because of the penetration and post pen damage, or do we love her because of her name? Dicker Max sounds like a Montey Python name, like Naughtious Maximus or Bigus Dickus.

  30. What was that last music piece? It was nice.

  31. Thumbnail looks a bit sus

  32. man, at 29:00 your team is literally average german team… They are so blind.

  33. phly over the past several years i have seen you, and my self ngl, slip in to internet madness, all in good fun tho

  34. Do you have a beginner video(s) for new people to War Thunder? I find I’m getting recked in tank battles even with some previous exposure.

  35. every month of dickers let’s gooo

  36. Super battle droid

    Lol he found the Leopard 2A6 armour on the T34 turret.. Basically a no go zone for most rounds no matter the size.

  37. Just a Different person

    The thumbnail
    My brother: why does it look like that
    Me: its nervous

  38. play it

  39. 7:43 i thought i was having a stroke! XD

  40. therealkubickinut

    Currently grinding the Sturer Emil. Maybe you could do an open top German TD once a month. Panzerjaeger, Marder, Dicker, etc. So far I’ve had fun playing them all.

  41. 32:35
    Phly discovers russian armour is always the best at low tier.
    i dont get why russian tanks just have the ability to eat rounds, they dont even hide it in the armour protection analysis in the hangar either.
    Same with how i dont get how every american .50 cal is capable of destroying any module at any BR in 3 rounds but any other countries .50 cal does jack shit to tanks.

  42. *Me wondering how Phly usually stays alive in a match longer than me*
    *Also me playing Japanese only tech tree with low ram computer making it extremely laggy to play*

  43. Nashorn >>>>>> Dicker Max

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