The Most Professional & Effective Rescue Team (Snow Running Ep.3)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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Edited by Jason Ellis @Sentiel_Strix



  1. ZeGermanAdmiral

    Attempt #550 pleas play the KV85 and ZUT 37 use the bucket force phly ^^

  2. Not a nav its a P16

  3. Final Phase Killer

    wait…. This is a rerun?

  4. 10:54 I just couldnt stop laughing

  5. Nicholas Bergeron

    Yo I want a tatarin now

  6. Vinnie Rousseau-salet


  7. someone do a bag raiders shooting star video for @10:50

  8. That JOJO edit was great. 10/10 would get closer again

  9. This video was on Devil’s channel like 3 weeks ago?

    • theStripedPatriot

      Spellbound often gamers will record weeks in advance so they can relax a little. That’s what I do sometimes. It’s nice.

  10. Patriotic Panda

    Hey phly, I was the dude who killed you the the unguided S-24 in the SU-7B last night, I wasn’t able to see your reaction

    • theStripedPatriot

      Patriotic Panda I have a gameplay video of my self killing Bo Time Gaming and Sturmling. But they cut it out of the video!!! Super sad. I hope Phly sees this!

  11. CommanderWolf Bang

    He took the song from running around game in coolmathgames

  12. Ian Ervin Lange

    Hey Phly, take out the most depressive tank in history,
    the swedish IKV 72!!

  13. 3rd person I’ve subbed to

  14. it could be a mad crocodile 10:50 xD

  15. Pls play with Bo Time

  16. This game is crazy. Also, Tatarin looks sexy as hell!!

  17. I request TruckDaily to be a thing!

  18. Play the hornet!!! #8

  19. 14:20 nice Jojo Ref

  20. thumb up for jojo reference

  21. Challenge suggestion: Use the Tiny Tim in the original intended anti-ship/boat role. Attempt #12

    • theStripedPatriot

      Aiden Lim it’s amazing anti-ship, I often 1-hit kill with it. If pHly doesn’t do it, I offer to make a video myself, just for you. But with Phly’s skill and experience and entertainability I would love to see this.

  22. I like ur new war thunder name

  23. who else thought this is war thunder?

  24. how can a man play one game? Ask that question yourself!

  25. Chilisauce Bro 🤘 and Love the JoJo reference

  26. I Mr deedz flimp

    Play arma3 please!!!!!

  27. It’s so nice to hear Oddbawz refer to you as Steve. It should remind us all that you’re just like all of us, you’re just a dude, trying to figure out how the heck to drive an apc in this crazy game.

  28. like watch 3 guys play a game with no clue.

  29. what the appeal of this game?

  30. y u no play weth DollarPlays?

    seriously, play with him please.

    • theStripedPatriot

      Bisky :3 can you imagine this duo?! I wish PHly would do more collabs. Who knows, maybe I’d be lucky enough to get in with him. Dollar is my second favorite WT gamer.

  31. Loved it

  32. retarded meatball

    You should do a Vidio on the uncle Tom’s for the firebrand tf mk vi

  33. Snodaily

  34. wheres episode 1 and 2 on the channel?

  35. Jacob Richardson

    please make more of these!

  36. On war thunder can you and the *BOIS* ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) be a tiger tank dividing that would be cool against Sherman’s in a custom game


    Apparently gaijin thought it was a good Idea to make 500 IB bombs able to flip you over from 15ish meters away. I took no damage from the bomb, but still got flipped. Gaijin continues to find new ways to screw over the player base. Was using the T44, like that wasn’t already over tiered, had to be fucking put in 7.3 against strvs, T29s, T34s, and shit. My team could literally do nothing as it was mostly 6.3s and 6.7s with a few 7.3s.

  38. Thank you for the jojo reference phly

  39. Retard Dickinson

    “You know those people who just got a pocket knife” the most true/ relatable thing I have ever heard on this green earth

  40. Well thats goes my 69 bucks

  41. More of this

  42. Булат Кульгильдин

    Its pronounce like taTARin, not tatarIN.

  43. Imagine hearing laughing from 3 huge ass trucks at the swamp in the morning.

  44. Idea for video: the german seahawk mk-100 has gotten 30 ap rockets! Just like the chaika post pen rockets.

  45. Hey phlydaily hope you are keeping well.
    Check out a game which I think you will love.
    It’s called Task force Admiral by Microsoft


  47. phly u got alot of fuckin leeway get them to fix war thunder they fucked it. FPS and all.

  48. THE M18 italians was a permanent gut kick as is at least get them to fix the fuckin game.

  49. i only play this game when im drunk instead of when im bored now thats pretty sad – war thunder

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