The Most Recoil in a War Thunder Tank Pt.4 #warthunder #warthundermoments #transition

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  1. Me: Mom,why fv4005 doesn’t have 4005mm?


  2. It’s so smooth dude:)

  3. If you want to see recoil use the 2S25 with HE or HEAT you jump so much

  4. Ho Ro on the Japanese tech tree at rank 1 battle rating 1.0 with a 150mm gun with a HE shell loaded with 7kg of explosive be like:

  5. When the tank goes a whole foot backwards due to recoil then I can’t use it on the move
    So I use those tanks as snipers

  6. Tutel 🐢🐢

  7. Correction its called the sturmpanzer and will always be it

  8. vince Van den Broek

    Nice transitions

  9. Инзиль Ахметвалиев

    Skirpion and zis30

  10. that feeling when you understand Russian

  11. The 1.0 German 15cm is so powerful at 10mph it brings it to a complete stop and got it’s gun it’s actually really powerful even at 7.7

  12. why does noone talk about him being a transition god

  13. Sprut-Sdm:💀💀

  14. The concept 3 in the British tt nearly flips itself if u fired from a side aspect / ur turret is facing sideways compared to ur hull

  15. Sad zis-30 noises….

  16. Can I see some links to all the parts? I wanna see the T-34-100

  17. The Rooikat 105 has such a cute recoil to it

  18. Waffenträger has a lot more recoil than the ISU’s fyi

  19. Pakwagen left the chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat

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