The Most Stupid Game of 2023

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This could quite possibly be most stupid game of World of Tanks of 2023!



  1. even if i lose a game but i help unflip a friendly its a good game XD

  2. as a speaker for the whole Czech community out there, you are forgotten xD it always amuse us when you try and pronounce Czech words, well at least it amuses me xD

  3. 7:17 that shot on the scorp which bounced, was the shot that made the draw 🙁 So close, so close!!

  4. So we have a shy Czech TD, a nice number for HP and a quack.
    Truly a strange game indeed

  5. is the blitz or the original?? cuz i play the original and its all ways making me play with AI lol its annoying

  6. ah the Mosquito, love the tank

  7. that hellcat seems to be happy to be a brit

  8. The 13 57 is just awesome!!!

  9. Michael Plays World of Tanks!

    Ah yes QB, the E25 casually goes on mortal combat with a SUPER CONQUEROR

  10. Noooooo!

  11. What stream was this from?

  12. One of your best….

    Cheers from Middle Earth.

  13. Complaints Department

    Super Conqueror huh? That Caernarvon AX must feel either pretty special or pretty insulted to be compared to a Super C.

  14. Gg baby ,priceless teamplay

  15. I said “nice” out loud right at the end simultaneously as you said “not nice” about the 69 health bit. Lol

  16. Welcome to my tankiverse.

  17. For how big game company’s are, you’d think they’d have an auto translate feature in the communication part of their games

    • Auto translate has only within the past 5 years become passably usable. It still goofs up and doesn’t understand slang terms. Even with that taken into account, you still have to program it into the game, possibly pay licensing to use an established auto-translate feature, and deal with the latency of translating chat in real time. It’s quite a headache to add onto the already crunchy fast development cycle of most publishers.

  18. Dik QB

  19. >> 04:41<< Dont worry QB i got you covered , Disclaimer Warning from QB

  20. Dont know about you all but im done with this shit. Its kind of hard for skill to matter when there 25% RNG and with WGs GENIUS corridor map design you cant win the whole map and game alone

  21. I was about to say. The title fits World of Tanks in general.

  22. tvp is chat banned. not allowed to participate in his teams coordination, because wargaming is a bitch baby and its players report you for saying “fuck”
    oh nvm hes not chat banned. lmao.

  23. I never get tired of being in the bush………………..I did how ever got tired of this game….

  24. QB never realizes that there are players (like me) who have chat disabled. So you cant type that you are flipped and can only ping and push help.

  25. Bartosz Wojciechowski

    Hi QB, you had situation we Poles call “Chech movie”. Which means something happening but no one know what and where.

  26. WOT console you hear wolves on one map, soldiers on another. I would mute the music though.

  27. I stopped playing this game damm I got to get back into it

  28. Only british people assume the entire world is supposed to talk their language…


  30. how can u see the last spotted places of the tanks on the minimap? I cant find it in setting.

  31. Watching this that miss play in the end was him going the same route as the tvp. Clearly shoudlve went the other direction if tvp was already coming around that way. To your cap

  32. The only time that 69 was not nice…


  33. Everybody can type “flipped”

  34. Stupid Game

  35. after 10 years of youtube you still haven’t figured out you can start the video halfway throught the replay, instead of having the first 7 minutes of the video be the most boring commentary about tank statistics

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