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Source: War Thunder. Official channel.

There are thousands of different armoured vehicles out there: extremely fast and painfully slow, light and heavy, with guns of all possible calibers and types… And then there are some vehicles that immediately make you think: “What. Is this real?”
Today we're discussing the most unusual and the most original vehicles of War Thunder!

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  1. Can you please do jet fighter triathlon?

  2. Now we got unsual tanks, can we get a br decompression !

  3. “a tank destroyer that plays like a light tank” maybe because the AMX 10 RC was a light tank

  4. I must point out that it’s a pleasure to hear this man speaking. Such an amazing voice.

  5. Fun Fact: The Ontos does not have a 106mm cannon, its a 105. Its just called the 106 cause it has 6 guns and it is used to distinguish it from other vehicles with a 105mm recoiless rifle.

  6. 3:52 he says oof

  7. so many expensive premium vehicles among them….

  8. Japanese shortgun is very unusual : in SB you can’t kill anything but AFK guys in AAA.

  9. I think the tiger at 5.3 is the most unusual vehicle.

  10. Italian R3-T106 FA

  11. I feel like the amx-10rc should have a stabilizer

  12. I feel like there should be more in this like the adats, some of the rocket tanks and such, theres more strange unique tanks to talk about I’m sure!

  13. The SMK comes to mind with this video

  14. Come on war thunder the 2c and 2a are still 9.0 please play your game or hire someone who does

  15. Make a video about the rarest tanks in the game

  16. Marko Gasparovich

    M901 ITV is in game, saw service and only was armed with ATGMs. Though at the recording of this video I don’t know if the vehicle was out yet.

  17. Right as I saw the title of this video, I instantly thought to myself: “Archer is gonna be number 1 on this list, no doubt about it”

  18. Did I hear Bruce say OOF? That made my day ?

  19. Most unusual is the unbalance and russian tanks!
    And somehow APCR changes a vehicle’s battle rating, i mean why does the T-34/57 going down?
    And the T32/T32E1 going up in br…
    Gajin i don’t understand you at all! And i think you have something against me whenever i play.

  20. Pz.sfi.IV.C
    AKA The toaster
    Really it can sually use its 8,8 cm flank to toast some tank

  21. 2:20 CHII-HAA!

  22. no otomatic?

  23. You know what tank would be perfect BOB simple!

  24. karien took my lunch

    Man imagine the tiger at 5.3 getting clapped by 4.3s and shermans with 76mms and 17 pounders

  25. *wall-e is the new symbol for this game*


  26. we need to add bob semple tank to this list ;]

  27. Barracuda502 Barracuda502

    Stalin- “Hehe.” General- “What is so funny sir?” Stalin-“Did you see our new ATGM Launcher?” [General looks at IT-1] Both- “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA”

  28. is this even a game? It looks like the whole game is broken

  29. Giovanni Cazzella


  30. 2:20 lel

  31. Cold war British aircraft would be amazing in the game.

    Sea Vixen

  32. Can we talk about the battle rating compression gaijin? Please?

  33. Can we get real Golden Eagles prices?

  34. Gaijin lets talk about Tank Armor. Make Tank Armor great again

  35. Perpetually_ Confused_Ape

    not entirely sure how you missed the flak-toaster but hey, still a good video

  36. First the bootleg Muse – Psycho music now this bootleg ACDC High voltage? Guys c’mon you can do better than that!

  37. maciej andryszak

    asu-57 – where we droipn boiz

  38. SU-100 Y do this

  39. Unusual Tanks For Unusual Enemys

  40. For when the anti-aircraft ammunition useless? 0:17

  41. I love the American t 114, it’s a really small td, with a recoiless rifle, very short reload time, great mobility, and it’s also amphibious.

  42. Broooooo i wish u can play as infantry like battelefield 1 (something like that but cooler!)

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