The Nazi FedEx, Ferdinand Tank Destroyer – War Thunder Tanks Gameplay

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Source: BaronVonGamez

Tanks and Planes in Patch 1.49 Dev Server:
M2a2, 75mm M3 GMC, 8 Hellcat, M10 Wolverine, M36 Jackson, T-28 Super Heavy Tank, T-95 “Doom Turtle”, AD-2 Skyraider, P-51D-10, P-51A 20mm
Russian Tanks and Planes in Patch 1.49 Dev Server:
4M GAZ-AAA, Su-57, Su-122-54, Т-34-85E, Т-34E STZ, IS-2 Avenger, SU-76М of 5th Guards Cossack Cavalry Corps, Yak-9M, Il-2 1943, Yak-9T and Yak-9K ( models), IL-2 (new Cockpit), IL-2M AM-38 1943
British Planes:
FireFly F.Mk.I, FireFly F.Mk.V, Seafire Mk.XVII, Seafire FR.47, Sea Fury FB.11, Attacker FB.1, Canberra (cockpit), Sea Gladiator Mk1, Sea Hurricane Mk.Ib, Sea Hurricane Mk.Ic, Plagis’s LF. Mk.IX, Prendergast’s Spitfire FR.MK.XIVe
German Plans and Tanks:
Ar.234 C3, Hs.129 (cockpit), Bf-109B, StuH 42G
Japanese Planes: J2M2, Ki-21

Thanks for watching!


  1. When I watched this it only had 9 views and 0 comments. Talkin about

  2. play the sherman jumbo

  3. Luke Okins (Lukethevillain)

    Panzer IV F2

  4. play the sherman jumbo or your going of the plank

  5. Stug G

  6. What tank should I play next?!? And what are your top 5 deli meats :3

  7. vincent marical

    t-44 it’s been a long time

  8. Xavier Saavedra

    Under 112 club

  9. they should add p-1000 to this game

  10. the worlds greatest tank in the game the king of tanks

  11. Colin Garnett (ChaosphereIX)

    Love the vids Baron. Jagdpanzer IV/70 please.

  12. Elk and ostrich. Also the Germans should’ve made a tank named the Ostrich.

  13. You’re so freaking weird, Baron. XD

    Next tank? Sherman Jumbo.

    And the deli meats: The three standards, pork, chicken, and beef, plus
    buffalo and alligator.

  14. Ze Panzerkampfwagen IV Ausführung F2

  15. The Jagdtiger plz Baron!

  16. What tank should I play next?!? And what are your top 5 deli meats :3

  17. Tiger 2H

  18. Tiger (P) PLEZ

  19. M1 sherman

  20. Willem0012Gaming

    Play with your favorite tank please

  21. MAUS <3

  22. Play the Sherman jumbo the Sherman on steroids

  23. You two are in good form today.

  24. Play a M4A3A2 76W Jumbo !!!!!!

  25. do ze pzIIIm

  26. My Channel would be MeatDaily. And I would have every month’s Top 5 Delis.
    1. Cock Meat. (You gotta have cock meat with buns.)
    2. Black Forest Ham
    3. Roasted Beef
    4. Bierwurst
    5. Smoked Meat.

  27. guys, how do you get that tank hue when baron marks his targets

  28. su-122-54

  29. The M103!!!! The sniper in the hills

  30. Panzer f2 glass cannon to melt everyone!

  31. Doom turtle please!

  32. Hey Baron, can you at least play RB or SB when you are doing these tank
    series please?

  33. How could you open a deli without having/selling honey glazed Unicorn
    rectum? :(

  34. i was actually suppossed to get a package today but i didn’t get in because
    the delivery van broke down…. it probably was Baron but he got bombed…

  35. finally the ferdi is a 6.7

  36. Please play the m1a1 abrams or the t90!

    Also t54 1951

  37. Baron plz play the Sherman jumbo or the is3

  38. Those damn ‘Skito’s destroying Germex’s packages! NEIN!

  39. Kristian čolak-barać

    I just unlocked ferdinand video just in time

  40. Ferdinand = Shoe with cannon

  41. Panther F! For fuck sake!

  42. Barons breast fetish.

  43. Jadgtiger Baron ,phly and slick!

  44. they should eliminate that see thru trees shit in arcade

  45. Baron, play some random anti air mate. That’d be cool! :D

  46. SetoFreakingKaiba

    Baron, don’t know if you know, but now bombs in Tank Battles do not explode
    on impact. They have a delay so it is not ridiculously easy to farm kills

  47. German tank designers in ww2 seem to have a hard on for flat thick

    • +Black Dynamite
      imagine if they realized how effective sloped armor was earlier in the
      war… would have made things a lot more annoying for the tankers.

    • +Spartan0430 Imagine how uncomfortable the russian t34’s were with the more
      limited space. I’m sure the germans weren’t cramped like the russians

    • Well. The Elephant tank or Ferdinand as its called was actually a Porshe
      Tiger tank hull, made into a tank destroyed for the Battle of Kursk on the
      Eastern Front. Germany was becoming desperate for more tanks, and with
      Porshe tiger hulls laying around why not make a tank out of it.

  48. Владимирич Григореьвич Калашников Иван (Наемник)

    SU-100 tonk destroyer plzzzz!!

  49. T-26 if you dare!

  50. Jagdtiger ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

  51. Matthew Westhoven


  52. M4A3 Sherman (105)

  53. I have a request: i want to see you play using a… TANK!

  54. Thx Baron! Ive been watching for several months and find you interesting
    and funny, the usual videos such as Warthunder series when you take out the
    most requested tank or plane. However i find these videos funny and
    interesting. Keep up the good work
    and stay awesome!

  55. I have 3 air kills in my Zis-30

  56. We need a FedEx skin for the ferdinand now.

  57. Nouwensly Clara (DRCTX)

    +BaronVonGamez Pz.Bfw.IV (P)

  58. Please the Is-2

  59. Good old Hetzer?

  60. Pick Sherman jumbo :)

  61. T35

  62. “I want to slap myself with a pigged herring”,Baronvongamez,2015

  63. Baron you should start playing Kerbal Space Program

  64. Gotta play the m103

  65. Sherman Jumbo
    Meats: chicken, roast beef, turkey, ham,and t-rex

  66. play red orchestra 2! great game

  67. T95 DOOOM TURTLE!!!!

  68. Any glass canons 

  69. Huntenboy_ Gaming

    Pz II C use it baron

  70. Geoffrey Tappenden

    Please do the t-95 doom turtle again pls bae

  71. Panther D.
    5. Baron VonBeef
    4. Possum tail
    3. Crawfish
    2. Tuna sandwiches (I like the tuna here)
    1. Genoa Salami

  72. t 54

  73. Sherman Jumbo

  74. I almost have the Ferdi, can’t wait to get it!

    and the stuff to arouse consciousness, is called Smelling Salts, also known
    as spirit of hartshorn or sal volatile

  75. Play the tiger Porsche next

  76. itsmattymattymatty

    Please can you try the panther D With the tiger H1 and the rest being 4.7
    rating tanks?

    I want to see if anyone else has the same problems as me coming up against
    Ferdinand’s IS2’s and tiger II’s were its hard to get any kills? 

    • +itsmattymattymatty I play the Tiger H1 quite a bit, but in RB (fuck AB). I
      have gotten into Tiger II’s before, I have even seen an IS-3… on the
      other team… The Tiger/Panther do get overtiered, but most of the time
      they are fighting IS-1’s and IS-2’s. Just shoot them in the turret with the
      88mm. If they dont die, their horizontal, loader, and gunner will be toast.

    • +itsmattymattymatty I have the same problem and it only get worse when you
      get the Tiger E.

    • Yeah, I mostly 90-95% of the time get put into 6.7 rated games in ab,
      except for the rare and great occasion where I’m put into a 4.7 or 5.3
      game. Either I get seal clubbed, or do the seal clubbing.

    • +itsmattymattymatty one I killed 2 tiger2s in a match. with one of them I
      went head to head with it. I just slanted armor to block his shots the
      flanked around him.

    • +itsmattymattymatty As of this moment, i have yet to get into a 5.7 and
      lower game with the Tiger and Panther. Its bloody fantastic.

  77. Jeppe Christensen

    Do t-28

  78. Tiger 2 H

  79. I swear these guys are high while playing sometimes.


  81. M4A3E2 JUMBO!

  82. Play the bt-7

  83. I played as the ferdy a few days ago and killed a maus and is4 with it 

  84. Favourite tank in WT GF so far. The Ferd is SUCH a beast.

    • +Jason McLeod Its pretty good but i mostly prefer Jagdpanther, it is faster
      and more agile, also the armor works just as good in long-range fights but
      is weak from up close. However, Ferdi has some ugly weakspots (hull cheeks)
      and the upper front armour is not so good up close.
      I just like Jagdpanther because it can do just as good as Ferdi in most

  85. You mean ferdex

  86. 421st like

  87. Next tank should definitely be the su-122

  88. WarThunder community I need help! A. How do I know when the test server is
    open, and B. What do you do on the test server, do you research any tank or
    is it like only one tier higher than the tier on the correct WT client? Any
    help is awesome!

  89. Your video’s are awesome! Been watching your video’s for a long time now,
    but i just recently subscribed. Keep up the good work! :D

  90. Day 4: Gimme dat German KV
    Hitler’s Horse Coach.

  91. Sherman jumbo!!!!

  92. M24 Chaffee please!

  93. My deli would have fried meat, roasted meat, smoked meat, hot meat, and
    boiled meat for vegetarians. I would call it Meat Place.

  94. I would name my deli “PhlyDeli”

  95. 2:10 ITs called ammonia i think

  96. m4a2ae3 derpgun

  97. Is3 p p p pweeaze

  98. Aufklärungspanzer 38(t) pls

  99. M24 Chaffee!!!

  100. Commander Minna

    +BaronVonGamez Can you do the Tiger H1?

  101. You should play the M3 Stuart because… Stuart to OP!

  102. Legendofstrength 1234

    zis 30

  103. Baron I want u to join my regiment on mount and blade add
    lightningdestroyer101 on steam to join the 104th plz Baron this would mean
    a lot 

  104. The t-44 pls

  105. Thanks baron for brighting up my day after having 2 teeth out and you
    should play the su-152

  106. moss37 gaming (laminatemoss37)

    baron i just got war thunder and planetside 2

  107. you should totally drive a squad of t 80s



  109. M47 Patton

  110. go in reverse with a ferdinand or tiger p premium tank

  111. Baron, I dare you to take some tier I tank (preferabley BT-7 or the T-50)
    into a Tier V battle, and try to kill the Maus by shooting it in the small
    50mm of armor it has on the back of it’s turret

  112. Alexander Åström

    T54 please

  113. try to make a full comentary in german please

  114. If I had a deli my 5 meats would be…

    Aged East Russian Horse Rat
    Top Choice African Rhino Thigh
    Sliced Premium Domesticated House Cat
    Alaskan Sarah Palin
    Boar’s Head Honey Smoked Turkey Breast

    I wonder what my best seller would be……

  115. PotatoMasher Productions

    Let us begin, and see the Sherman jumbo!

  116. Oskar Andreas Berg

    WTF is a dummy!??

  117. sylvain falquet

    Sherman jumbo for ‘murcia !!!

  118. 11
    1 x 1 = 1
    Half life 2 named #1 game of the decade
    A decade is 10 years long
    10 in base 6 is 14
    1 – 4 = 3

  119. 11
    1 x 1 = 1
    Half life 2 named #1 game of the decade
    A decade is 10 years long
    10 in base 6 is 14
    1 – 4 = 3

  120. daniele cattabriga

    proschutto, sated ham, speck, roast beef, smoked salmon and, salame crudo

  121. The Ferdinand, the weirdest tank destroyer made by the Germans. I would
    name it after myself, unlike Mr. Ferdinand.

  122. “Ooh, I see a carrier!” *immediately gets distracted by a balloon*
    11/10 best YouTube content here

  123. PLeaseeeeee take out the IS-4m!

  124. play the jumbo and favs are roast beef,ham,salami,turkey,and some other

  125. Matthew Blenkey

    M22 locust

  126. Deli meats; Venison, Beefalo (a mix between cow beef and buffalo), Goat,
    Human, Lion.

  127. Use the German hetzer

  128. Sherman jumbo or gulag!

  129. BaronVonTAC GAMING

    Play the premium jumbo

    And deli meats would be llama, beef jerky, buffalo, honey soy chicken,

  130. We just killed a mouse so can you play the mouse and I only like gourmet
    chicken breast I go to Mariano’s 

  131. Maus*

  132. Baron I was look at your Men of War battle of Hoth vid for like the third
    time and I found out there’s a mod for it! Please play it! And post it! And
    let me buy your cat food! 

  133. kirppukuski wot mc

    Got a joke for u guys

    What lives in three meters and eats rocks…

    A rock eater of course

    Heres another one

    If u whoud drill a hole in through the earth and drop a rock in the hole
    when whoud the rock come out of the other end?

    It whoudent
    The rock eater whoud eat it :DDD

  134. M47!! Roosevelt house

  135. amonia is what they used to use in the ampules u break open

  136. Play D.W.2

  137. “Schnapp Shots, I see what you did there.”

    That needs to be a thing, Needs to be a thing. Next German tank video,
    stuff that in the title xD

  138. got such a hard on from that first shot wp

  139. Love Baron’s attention span:” I didn’t even have to use my- WHEN did they
    add scarecrows?!”

  140. Zsu 57-2, BT-7, T-34-85, is 122 or T95 please

  141. T34-1942/1941


  143. ZSU-57 or whatever it’s called… :D

  144. brent schlaeppi

    When someone is knocked out you crack a smelling salt. I dont remember the
    chemical exactly but its referred to a smelling salt.

  145. Next tank The doom turtule
    5.bbq bacon
    4.bbq steak
    3.pork chops
    2.bbq chops
    1.burnt bacon(Thats just me)

  146. Do the Jagdpanzer VI Jagdtiger or it’s Buchenwald for you. If you don’t
    know the name look it up.

  147. Do more World of Warships!!!!!!

  148. Play the “Stronk Tank”
    aka the IS-2 mod. 1944

  149. kv1 ziz5

  150. Can you please play again Stronghold Crusader 2? Pleeeease :D

  151. Sherman jumbo with 76 plz or else obama care for you

  152. T-29

  153. one of the best us heavies, m4 e2 jumbo would do next

  154. smelling salts or amyl nitrate

  155. instead of tanks you should show everyone how you have a billion golden
    eagles! haha

  156. it’s just like they take the top of the Maus and they put it on
    tank caterpillar

  157. m48 patton



  159. Do ze M103

  160. Marder III H! Stronkest tractor IN GAME. Also: ham, beef, chicken, Dodo,
    and the Innocent

  161. T 34 57 

  162. Kurtis Lautenbach


  163. My top five deli meets would be
    1) honey baked ham
    2) roast beef
    3) venison
    4) rabbit meat
    5) Chicken breast 

  164. m6a1 for glorious freedom

    deli meats: pork chikin bef deer and duck

  165. T54 Plz

  166. KV-85!

  167. thanks for the good gameplay. and slickbee ist the second master of anyway

  168. Do da TIGER 1 with Phly 

  169. squirrel science


  170. That ice cube reference, bravo.

  171. Deli meats; Pork , Possum,beef, Chicken and buffalo
    Great video on this massive tank :)

  172. M4A3 (76) HVSS!! I’ve made requests before and didn’t succeed so hopefully
    I will this time! Love you baron! (No homo) :D

  173. I would like to see the M103 or the M36 Jackson.

    Also what kind of pc do you use? Also the monitor.

  174. Is 2 avenger

  175. Buffalo elk deer octupus roast beef

  176. T34-57

  177. tothefuckingmoss

    Jag tiger and Ju87 stuka 

  178. From the words of the great warrior poet Ice Cube, if the day does not
    require an AK, it is good.

  179. P lay the IS 4 or you go to the GULAG!!!!

  180. Wizl The Blonde Alien

    I would serve bull testicle, pig testicle, horse testicle, sheep testicle,
    and human testicle ;)

  181. fallout 4 is coming!!!

  182. M47 Patton II or Gitmo!

  183. andre “adre sport” dessforges

    M46 platoon Plz!

  184. Matilda tank.
    1. Tiger
    3. Liger
    5. Giraffe 

  185. Lol i tought what tank next THE JUMBO i look down the comments i see a lot
    of others saying jumbo normaly nno one agrees bun now is just lol i dindnt
    even now sorry for long comment fuck yea america

  186. Play the M103

  187. Posten boxen? Nein, Panzer Boxen!

  188. Jayden Holzhauser


  189. Drive the Panther death kitty.

  190. Number 1 deli seller would be Flying Squirrel meat. 

  191. Maus

  192. meats…..lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, carrots, and eggplant.

  193. I love how both teams have some pact on normandy that everyone shoots
    balloons regardless of whether they’re on your team or not.

  194. Gustav Nilsson-Ekstedt

    Hi baron good bidio but can you play whit planes next?

  195. Gustav Nilsson-Ekstedt


  196. Is 3 please 

  197. Jack The Ripper

    Plz play Panther D for the newbie :(

  198. Mongi Shikukutu

    Baron its called smelling salts…basically ammonia

  199. #Ferdinand=Hitler’sSleigh 

  200. RetricalRAIDS // Chihaya Gunzou

    Killer Mau5 of german
    number one Tank of DeadMau5 XD

  201. Acarde is for Apes :)

  202. T-44 comrade!

  203. Nice video, looking forward to getting my ferdy. Lucky we dont hav
    dedicated anti tank squads. Didnt gaijin learn from the germans, wheres the
    mg!!! ;)

  204. salman almuzaini

    How do you get all those eagles?

  205. Would love to know your control setup. Mouse or joystick

  206. ze tiger II h or p

  207. The police here use ammonia based capsules to wake people up. Stinks really
    bad, and opens your sinuses like a pound of wasabi.

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