The NEW Hotness! – IS-2-II – World of Tanks

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  1. Woah, In think that zoom out mod is on the forbidden mod list, but then again that list is different for each server for some reason.

    • You made me read the fair play thingy again. And there is not a single word about zoom out mod in there. So it is allowed. Actually i use it myself so u got me worried for a sec there brother. It’s super usefull tho.

    • @Tomahawk562 same same bro , i was about to read that fair play rules…

  2. Spent the 51k free exp to research this tank yesterday…wow, worth every exp point!  I enjoyed the premium 703 two barrel, but this tank is a pleasure to play.  I actually prefer the twin 100 mm to the 122’s.

    • Been trying to grind enough XP in my KV-3, but now that the IS-2-II is out, the grind is 2x harder on a semi-shit tank to begin with. Free XP route is looking better every map.

    • @TXP-Tuff it’s a good sidescraper with 390 alpha and 9.5 sec reload just fire full APCR and its way better

  3. Looks legit

  4. Everyone can go to Don Circon in this day of new hotness and ask for a favor. Some lucky bustards can even have a salvo of favors. If they ask with enough respect.

  5. The double barrel tanks are way too good at snap shotting.

  6. Dont play stock this tank ?

  7. I like the ^^ you put on the tank
    Makes us feel happy too

  8. Later in time: EPIC MEGA TENK! – IS-7-VII

  9. I would love to be abled to compare your WR for like 1k games with and without anonymizer.

  10. I mean wtf are these tanks? Charioteer loses all turrets traverse speed, armor and has huge dispersion for the gun and speed while IS-2-2 gets good gunS, no dispersion, no aiming time, high dpm, armor, speed, heavy health….everything but the camo?

  11. I wonder why circon was humming die antrwood 😀

  12. Circon playing with Awesome Epic Guys could be great 🙂

  13. I still cant believe WG did this, im still thinking these “new soviet tanks” where just a mere joke nothing more

  14. I like how they just stuff double the ammo inside the tank cause it has two guns, but it’s still the same size. Oh but fuck that for the British lights tho.

  15. WG are trashing the fuck out of this game

  16. Talking about shooting through stuff, do walls decrease pen? If so do thick walls decrease it more than thin walls? It is probably too far fetched, but I was just wondering

  17. Not enough pen to penetrate the entire earth. Needs buff

  18. Been wondering why nobody compares those tanks with British and Polish heavies as they are like the two combined + rashan shnapshotting abilities.

  19. love that sleek turret

  20. WG i know what to do, lets break the already broken game more

  21. Which one do you think is better, tier for tier? IS-2-II, IS-3-II or ST-II ?

  22. Chevron happy face…I love it

  23. 6:11 one did damage and the other shot tracked him. I don’t know why but I think that’s super cool 😛

  24. Next tank line:
    FV 4005-II

  25. There’s only one player better than circon.

    Twitch chat.

  26. it will be funny when nerf comes out

  27. There is NO RASHAN bias in this game. Meanwhile German tanks are too much OP, and need nerf.

  28. “Bob Ross tuerret” well, u wont believe most youngsters wont even recognize the name of this legend… and u know what u was a drill instructor ….

  29. Herbert Odilio Balsamo

    Happy tank ❤️

  30. In NA, you see about 4-6 of these IS-2 IIs in every match, per team! Painful to see the double 85mm stock ones on my team!

    They’re good to farm though, when they are on opposite team.

  31. We need an IS-3-III, IS-4-IIII, IS-8-IIIIIIII

    Circon, we need more BARRELS!!!!!

  32. welcome to the circus, more like welcome to the flying circus…

  33. Syahareen Sha Rani

    Wanna hear a joke a double barrel KV-2

  34. Better base pen with the 100mm than any other 100mm gun in tier 8, because Russia! Also because F**k WarGaming!

  35. Circon best player in WoT. Maybe I’m biased because I been watching since 2015 but still top tier player.

  36. I need the extra zoom out mods

  37. that would be neat if you could load diff ammo per gun

  38. More convenient than the premium to be honest.

  39. They should introduce laser tanks next. And then after that rail gun tanks. And then nuke tanks. Yeah!!

  40. Not enough pen, WG pls buff

  41. Davide Ariel Rossolato

    Wtf is this bullshit, you couldn’t even fit the breeches….

  42. lol that camo looks ugly… if i may dawn my spectical and glass of wine. ahem ahem … it is not Ulgy camo nay it is Disfunctional camo that actually looks good. but as a functional camo it does not.. Circons camo is of a screenshot of coleslaw.. not for artistic merit but for functional camo i would say fk me circons camo looks ugly from an artistic stand point but from a functional the blazing Neon green camo is non sensical and or disfunctional or imaginairy fairy tale stalinistic in existance it is what we say its is .. bright pink Blairing neon fk it +3% camo just like the stealth radar deflecting high tech digital camo 3% lol .. this isnt serious in any way just a fun waste of time.. aint no one read this shit lol

  43. Want some double barrel HE memes

  44. KV-2 3 when?

  45. I enjoy smack talk Circon, makes me laugh without fail.

  46. WG don’t get a lot right, but hot damn the sound of those two guns going off is fucking epic.

  47. Saw these bounce a couple t30 rounds. Quite a shame

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