THE NEW MOST FUN TANK IN WAR THUNDER – Magach Hydra in War Thunder

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Source: OddBawZ


The Magach Hydra is the new most fun tank in War Thunder. What is basically an with two giant rocket pods either side of the turret it is both really fun and also VERY effective.

Rocket tanks in War Thunder are usually pretty goofy and a little bit of a gimmick. The Magach Hydra throws that trope out of the window. The Hydra rockets have 300mm of penetration and can be spam fired. On top of that, you still have a cannon that has better penetration, fully stabilized and has a laser range finder.

In a brawl, this thing is insane. Seriously, seriously fun tank! 🙂




  1. Sir you can Push T. 2😊

  2. “So long, snot-head boy” 😆

  3. Kennanos Youtubos

    hey Odd i was wondering if the MR.JUMBO plushi has world wide shipping or not

  4. I really want more tanks like this, love that there’s a techtree one now

  5. “Best one in the game” ? I think you’re wrong Bawz. the Object 122MT MC has to be the best MBT with strapped on rockets.


  7. the only thing I win in this game is high blood pressure, from my constant raging at the constant faulty connections and mechanics that dont work when they should, and things happen when they shouldn’t

  8. Hey Odd could you play the T-54 1949 now that it sits at 8.0?

  9. This was great, would love to see more of you playing it <3

  10. Odd, please play the 8.7 Tam, it’s just such a great tank and it’s very good for it’s br

  11. The fun part is that irl there are many laser guided versions of Hydra 70. Doesn’t change much for this tank in the game or irl, just a cool thing. Would have changed a lot for LAV-AD though.

  12. 5:23 or a pe8

  13. I need to ask, when should I get back into war thunder after 2 months

  14. Play the Jpz 1-5

  15. fun fact: you can use the E and Q keys to drive your tank for you. you still have to steer, but you don’t have to hold down W or S

  16. SppoopyIrishSonny

    wait how long has there been a premium Israeli Skyhawk?

  17. Odd is just the best war thunder content creator on YouTube
    Not only is he playing very good and teaching us how to get better but he is also a good commentator
    I prefer him over PhlyDaily

  18. The 105 mm gun od the Magach looks much smaller than the 88 mm Tiger gun…

  19. can we get a Oddbawz branded “Wahdder Bahddle”? Id get one.


  21. Play the Object 435 please!

  22. DAY 19: @OddBawZ i love the content and i have a request can you please play the Swedish BKAN 1C !

  23. Happy birthday Odd 🎉

  24. OddBawZ and Spookston try to be bad at the game challenge, Difficultly: Impossible

  25. An actual FUN M48/M60?! 🤯

  26. I’ve been inspired to create a channel devoted to low br arcade battles called evenballz

  27. The bosvark is surprisingly good. I managed to survive from the start to the end of a game with like 5 kills and I never do that well in AAs.

  28. Day 3 of saying sorry, sorry odd

  29. That plushy is gonna be the best drunk purchase, by far!

  30. I haven’t gotten notifications for the past four videos you’ve posted. Thous Algorithm hath forsaken the.

  31. Good to know I’m not the only one who’s games are laggier than normal

  32. Wow, I might have to pick up the wyvern after that clip, almost outran a jet…

  33. OddBawZ can u give me pls 1 mio of your silver lions xD pls XD

  34. Do y’all wanna play WW2 Online MMO?

    You can play both ground and air even in sea battles and it ran an old graphic card so you don’t have to worry about it.

    It is completely similar to Post Scriptum and Foxhole but with a biggest map ever about 300,000 km!

    Plz download it now and it is completely free!

  35. I dont know if its a new thing or not, but apparently yhe M1A2 SEP has a heat round with proximity fuze( the penetration is only 350 mm but against helis…..its very funny)

  36. 25+ Hydras to kill a T-10M from point blank range. 1 single Hydra to dome a T-72 from 50m. Amazing, this video game.

  37. Каркарыч Воронов

    Please play F8F bearcat with bombs and cannons. It’s a beast of a plane.

  38. Happy birthday bro I hope 🎉you enjoying day playin and doin the summer extremes

  39. I don’t know if u see these comments in these Youtube videos but i really want u to know i truly enjoy ur videos & i have learned alot from watching them & just in general you genuinely make my day more enjoyable & i look forward to seeing ur recent uploads to YouTube & u honestly make my day better. Keep up the good work & i will always be a forever follower & viewer. U help my depression more than u know!

  40. “it’s pronounced wah ter for those people who know how to say words”….”over by the chuch”

  41. “I didn’t have enough pool”

  42. Please play the SLA 88 king tiger you owe us a video on that since not everyone can play the 10.5

  43. What is fun! gaijin don’t hurt me! no more!

  44. oddbawz can u make a vid on the lepkz m41 i just got it and idk hoe to rlly play it

  45. Hi, OddBawz, can i pls recommend you make a video on the Pz.Sp.Wg.P204(f) KwK combined with the amazing He 112 A-0. Please

  46. is noone talking abt the fact that the hydras sound like a 40mm aa

  47. Did someone say oil?
    written on a soviet tank

  48. Make a prize wheel with interesting handicaps, those would be fun to watch.

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