THE NEW MOST HATED TANK IN WAR THUNDER – Raketenautomat in War Thunder

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Source: OddBawZ

The Raketenautomat in War Thunder is a Tank that has a double barrel launcher for a turret. Similar to the Swedish U-SH 405 the Raketenautomat has 36 instead of the 18 rockets that the U-SH has!

This makes it one of the best vehicles in War Thunder. Able to fire a rocket once every 0.2 seconds and with a 9 round drum on each launcher, you can literally spam any vehicle in the with HEAT rockets until it's knocked out.

Today, we use the Raketenautomat to get a Nuke and absolutely smash the enemy team into oblivion! 🙂



  2. You should play a tank you can push people with cuz you always just sit in one spot and camp. makes it super boring

  3. Naughty Naughty Odd, knowing what a disco biscuit is….

  4. Trying to grind this thing is a challenge on its own now. Almost impossible to win a match, and rp is mediocre. I’ve had more than 10 matches almost in a row topping the leader board with caps, assists, both air and ground kills

  5. Fun fact: the firerate in game is too slow, in real life it could empty its rocket drums in less than 2 seconds.

  6. This HS30 Lang also has a 20mm turret version, the default one essentially. Later on some also received recoilless rifles, which would make it an amazing multipurpose weapon in game.

  7. Connor, the android sent by CyberLife

    So, hold up. It’s an USH, but has better mobility, more ammo, more armour & nore crew…. And Gaijin decided that’s some how worse?

  8. So, this is a fake tank, so, why not bring the 3 German tanks that were once part of War Thunder?

  9. wait how the hell is the same br as the t114? this is objectively a better tank

  10. Day 1 of asking if you could please do the t64

  11. Why is it 7.3, wtf gaijin

  12. Kiksii Diriiksii

    Good to see Gaijin is making the German tech line even more blatantly overpowered.

  13. I see people bringing this thing out in 9.7 and they have no problem

  14. It’s just a slower USH with a bigger chassis.

  15. At 11:00 you got dollar’d lol gg

  16. For me it has 0.5 seconds reload?! Is it not an autoloader? What kind of gigachad loader can reload a 13.2kg rocket each 0.4 (0.5) seconds?

  17. Can’t neutral steer a wheeled vehicle…AMX-10RC begs to differ, lol!

  18. Oddbawz I wanna say that I really like your content, and I don’t know if many will agree, but the thing I like the most is watching you fly and cas.
    If you could make like combo videos or just give the cas more screen time I would be very happy!

  19. yo yo yooo can you play with bandkanon

  20. meshal abuqusasa

    Want to sake me D point why did you kill me

  21. Welcome to war thunder where we release something new that becomes meta so that people will pay to boost to it or buy it as a premium to have fun and then we will nerf it into the ground later after sales drop off.

    I can’t believe most of you still fall for this crap. The economy will slowly start getting bad again and yall will be back to square one.

  22. TigerGame Jankeaw

    i challenge u odd play tiger1 in br11.0

  23. The amount of kills he got and SL made me glad I quit I playing

  24. fallensquid1352 h

    I can’t even play the game

  25. Can you make a video playing an Atgm carrier after the changes? It feels like any atgms are useless

  26. Not like a lot of people are going to be able to get it. Unless they open their wallet.

  27. why does it have the Japanese diesel engine sound

  28. Judas Dedalosson

    Odd please tell me now. How often do you just suddenly die from one guy all accross the map firing one perfectly placed shell? I am having so much bad luck with some guy 2km away sniping me whilst im hiding in a bush treading very carefully covering perfectly and yet I see you take the exact same routes all the time and you don’t die. How many of your videos are just garbage because someone killed you from far away instantly. Im out mostly within the first 5 Minutes of a game by some guy with skill that feels like he is hacking. Tell me a percentage of your games being actually useful for content, please.

    • TheEasternQ - Content Creator

      Don’t worry to much about what the Content Creators do, their matches might be rigged for PR reasons ! The revenge bombing frequency these guys suffer is extremely low ! Can’t even begin to tell you how many times I have a good spot and within 2 minutes of the game I’m already hunted by planes or snipped in that ONE pixel to kill my tanks ! I feel your pain !

  29. Hallo, know somebody if on this summer sales in war thunder will be sale on Golden Eagles premium vehicles too ?

  30. Did you grind all your planes in ground RB or did you grind air RB tto?

  31. Been watching a lot of vids recently (not signed in) I think you may e the king of rolling ad right before a kill. Its pretty cool I think creators could use that. My reason bringing it up is that every time an ad rolls I know you kill so maybe subvert. Do a fake out or not IDK but it does hold attention. Also you should have more subs. u r gud. Cheers

  32. Can you do the object 435

  33. some select p47’s, p51’s, all il-2’s and the f4u7 have recieved custom loadouts, especially the f4u7 with 114 snebs and 3 individually dropping 1000 pound bombs is a beast

  34. Red Barrel Entertainment

    Russia: **gets BTR with an automatic APDS lobber**

    Germany: **gets 30-round rocket launcher**

    America: **wHaT iF wE gOt A sHeRmAn WiTh A hEaViEr GuN??**

  35. theres one country every tank fears and its britains shells, but armor not so much

  36. Average german player:

    1)Picks the most overpowered tank at its BR

    2)Dies in a fight that was an easy win

    3)Instantly picks plane and divebombs as revenge

    4)Loses the game because caps were completely ignored

  37. Basically a BMP-1 with gun depression and an instant reload–at the same BR.

  38. why don’t you land with your landing gear

  39. You probably won’t see this Odd but I just got my first nuke in france

  40. Exactly how? Its only been out for like 4 days

  41. Oh great something that looks dumb and that don’t want is overpowered yay~

  42. I smoked that thing with my M19! Bofors baby!!!

  43. Sorry to say it, but the Raketenautomat is based on the schützenpanzer HS 30, which looks very similar to the Kanonenjagdpanzer but is a little bit smaller in all dimensions.
    Edit: Forgot to say that the main difference is, that the HS 30 is absolute dogshit. Just awfull in every way possible for the people using it. on paper it looks fine but it has awfull Maintenance, Crew comfort, visibility from within

  44. Shubhas Chandra Das

    still havent been killed by it yet lol instead killed them with my batchat

  45. i can now finally pay back all those years of allied cancer

  46. Its basically a T114, just on steroids

  47. toxic weapons system 😭

  48. Twice the ammo of the U-SH. More armor. Lower BR.

    Makes sense?

  49. germany no longer suffers

  50. 12:22 oooh, soo that’s where you came from with the nuke, i went after you right towards the AF, and you went all the way to the left, behind hill, soo i couldn’t find :c
    But gg’s, im the LiokatTheFurry guy btw

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