The NEW – Obj. 263

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. Last time I was this early

    The 263 was a tier 10 that people actually liked

  2. Tier 9 now <:(

  3. I loved that teamkill tho xDDD

  4. Nobody shoots gold in wot.

  5. Circonic blood temptation

  6. was that ism a bot?

  7. what is that penetration indicator that hes using, is it a mod or ingame thing?

  8. Circon has a small repair kit and Repairs both his Ammo Rack and Damaged Gun in one use at 4:24 mark. How?

  9. this TD is as *W I D E* as circons *F O R E H E A D* wg nerf pls

  10. I’ve never use mods before, but what do i have to do to get that pen/armor when aim at the enemy?

    • Freshwater Spaceman

      It’s in the game settings in the section where you can change and choose your aiming cursor options, look for ‘armor penetration indicator’. It’s very handy!

    • i think he was on about the numbers that appear below the reticle, which is a mod.

      If you go to Circ’s Twitch page and scroll down to mods, click on ‘WOT: Mods’ it will take you to the download. Then just replace the ‘mods’ & ‘resmods’ files in your WOT folder with the ones from the download.

  11. This open top gets rekt by arty.

  12. I’m actually surprised that 1258 base XP was enough for an Ace Tanker. Try that in a T-10 and you’ll get 1st class AT BEST…

  13. i’m such a lazy cunt. i could have used 25k free xp to unlock the su-122-54 before the patch. now i’m gonna have to re-purchase the su-101, unlock the 122mm and then grind out what i need to unlock the 263

  14. Nice. Too bad they made it a IX and replaced it with an overpowered tank that nobody asked for… 🙁

  15. WHOAW!

  16. Somebody got advice on a TD line that can be played aggressively? I only have one line started (till waffle), kinda wanna try another

  17. As much as this is a dramatic improvement on the 122-54, and an actual tank I enjoy playing, the accuracy feels so pathetic in this now, mid to long ranges just feels painful

  18. Circon, you are the father I never had. You are so playful and you make me smile. Tbh.

  19. I love that gun sound.

  20. Nice Vid. Would you let me know the equipment you have on this TD. THX and GLHF.

  21. 6:16 – *de ting goes “prrrrrrrrrrt… ding!”*

  22. Why can’t I ever get this kind of games? 🙁
    I mean games when team knows the front from the rear of the tanks. It’s just not fair

  23. ive literally stopping playing this game after the object 263 moved down a tier. Ive had enough of WGs shit time for some horizon zero dawn….yes yes

  24. Exactly what we needed in game – another TD, no weak spots, 600 alpha…

    • Aron Vanhaeverbeke

      Corto Maltese No weak spots? Seen the lower plate? Or the gun shield penned by 260+? Not to even mention the abismal side armor combined with track traverse?

  25. Aiming reduces DPM.

  26. The changes to the 263 made it boring and not unique. The whole point of the line was good dpm, never was it about the armor or alpha

  27. Anthony Kosztadinov

    Nice game man!

  28. 3-5-7 resident sleeper aids matchmaking in the year 2018?

  29. i had both this and the su-144-54; no compensation for the 54 ripped off 4.1 mil credits; if 2k other players like me; WG removed 8.2 billion in credits from the players

  30. Good thing i can still enjoy it on the console. f*ck the changes they made to it…

  31. how exactly to mark 3 ur tanks? is it just all damage dealt?

  32. Can’t wait to see the su 122 54 as a tier 8 premium

  33. Not to often you see a TD getting spottind medals.


  35. Does 4k dmg “didnt do too much”

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