The NEW – Obj. 430

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. Alexander kjellberg

    Wth on all thos low rolls

  2. Again polish meme flag? xD

  3. Nice kurwa flag on the turret

  4. Circon HYPE

  5. Someone want to remind me why I keep playing this game?

  6. Mines memes. Same shit every round.
    That 257 there. But but circon said this tank is op as balls. How am I dying so easy. Circon you lied to me

    • Its not a Type 257 Heavy its got loads of weak spots. The only thing its got going for it is the lower side hull. I dunno what all the fuss was about to be honest?

    • Owain because in first ts version you couldn’t pen the fucker with any gun while shooting flat on the 90% side from almost any range

    • I played 2 rounds with the obj. 257. I only had the top gun unlocked and put a 90% crew in it. First battle: 6k dmg, second battle: 5k dmg. In furst game i only lost 250hp.
      Almost entirely stock and 90% crew … with such good results. A beast.

  7. Lalalalala

  8. Nikola Nedeljkovic

    Yeah , 430 u , a 113 with no cupola weakspots, better frontal and side armour, more mobile and almost same dpm , with more pen…what a fucking bullshit…

  9. They did not listen to you about obj257! That thing is a b*%tch to dmg from a side

  10. Where did the 257 end up penning you at??

  11. Playing the object 268 version 4 right now, I am pleasently suprised.

  12. Some of these new tanks are about the dumbest things WG has ever implemented. But WG doesn’t care, WG just wants you to use gold ammo to have the slightest chance of penning these retarded new heavy tanks.

  13. Of course you go to the hill with no artillery in the game. Just hope the team understand it’s the most important area of this map and support you properly. Thanks for this good video. ( tack tack)

  14. Fuckers stole my gun marks and ace tanker from me with new 430… at least should have kept it on one of the tanks

  15. I considered this thing a discount of 1.8M for my 430U, then I saw tens of vids popping up on Twitch and YT.
    Now I kind of want to play with it but tier 9 and under 300 gold pen… meehh

  16. is it a mod that allows you to zoom out that far? seems super useful to me!

  17. Alexander Krikorian

    Please make an “Aiming reduced DPM” montage video with you singing in the background. For a friend.

  18. console people or war thunder people XD

  19. Console plebs are no match for the PC master race.

    • dgeneratio1 yeh >^> PC peasants don’t understand

    • Well…Console really feels weird if you’ve tried both.I stay with PC

    • Ironbooze I started on console and moved to PC and I’ll stick to console… So super heavy tanks with 0 weakspots, less arty, less 2 key cancer 😐 game feels a lot more balanced there than PC

    • Bryan Nieves console just felt too arcade for me + I don’t really got a problem with many weak spots, only thing I really liked better was less arty cancer

    • Ironbooze yeah and the light tanks are actually balanced… I stopped console after that bullshit updated with the tier 10 lights that just obliterated matchmaking… Made my tier 8 grinds impossible… So I just stopped PC completely

  20. This thing any good? I unlocked it (had a stash T-44 xp before finally selling that crap) but haven’t bought it.

    • Ivan Stepanovic yes, it’s a 121 on steroids. It actually has good hull armour too, kinda like the 113 XD

    • Hmm, might try it. T-54 is a great relief after that tier 8 crap of T-44. Now, if that thing is even better, fine.

    • Алексей Сафронов

      Ivan Stepanovic T-44 is crap? It got buffed up the ass, it’s very good actually.

    • Played it before buffs and it was crap. Then it got buffs and was OK for a while. Then many others got serious buffs (armor, weak spot removals), new MM meant against tier 10 you go 90% of the time and it became crap again. New buffs were announced, but I just have no more nerves and/or confidence that those buffs will improve anything. Low pen (190/247mm pen and 250 alpha against tier 10 and 250+mm armor, lol). And now we have even more tier 10 that tier 9 are powerless against… So, I doubt it will change anything. In fact, MarkGFL just posted a video of Obj.430U and we also see it obliterating a T-44 in seconds. So, I sold it as soon as got enough free XP to unlock upgrades for T-54. Also stashed enough free XP before selling it to unlock Obj.430. T-54, much, much better! Bad experiences with T-44, so I have no intention of going back to it ever again.
      One more thing… If T-44 is so great, why so few people play it and why are there so few vids of it having monster games (in fact, I remember only one, it was top tier and still not so monstrous result)? Why is it no.3 on worst tier 8 tanks in overall stats? Forget it, I’m not buying it ever again!

  21. that endgame! 🙂 tnx e-god on good ping and fps 😉 gg
    p.s. love when you are salty 😉
    tnx for vid

  22. we need more tripalosky

  23. and then… wz-120 is invalid

  24. ‘My Russian left Testicle’ LOLZ

  25. Circon, great game as always. What equipment are you running?

  26. welcom to world of Russian tanks

  27. Aiming reduces dpm lol

  28. Yay want a DPM tank? Heres a high alfa ”fuck-you wagon”!

  29. #AimmingRuducesDPM

  30. 257 is like butter

  31. I find out Circon’s voice frighteinning relaxing and chilling.

  32. welcome to 2k18 meta…. ramming soviet big alpha meds

  33. Isn’t 268 4 just a badger with worse dpm and gun depression.

    • But it can actually reliably pen Type 5s, due to the premium shell

    • Alexandru Ciubotariu

      Badger has the lower plate weakpoint, 268 4 has a little line, good luck penning that if it moves.

    • little tip, unless you are looking straight at it, if you are just a little bit taller (you can do it in a patton), you can pen the upper hull of the 268 4 easily, it becomes 210-220mm. also it has the thing on the top that you can pen with 250+ guns.

    • badger can also reliably pen type 5s, anywhere on the front if its not angled, and of it is, then shoot turret front or hull cheeks. easy pen with badgers 320mm.

  34. Now let’s take a look at the post-game stats!

    oh, nevermind…

  35. I smiled out loud 😀

  36. not fair circon’s team had 4-4-7 and the other team only had 3-5-7 mm.

  37. Medium on hill had good game? Hmmmm…must be mines

  38. The 3 tanks capping were slow heavy’s, capping produces more xp and credits for them then chasing a french light. Especially when there are already 6 others on that frenchie.

    • Marijn R everyone gets bonus xp for kills/damage done to enemy team though. Capping when the game is in the bag just makes everyone grind longer.

  39. wait.. no complaints about 3-5-7 resident sleeper aids matchmaking in the year 2018 anymore? is this a thing now? feels bad.

  40. 2:25 Come on circon, he was there first. lol

  41. 1:05 “Welcome to the shit show.” World of Tanks in a nutshell.

  42. Unsubscribing 1. Calls a Tier 8 player a asshole for no reason other than playing a Tier 8 in a Tier IX, X battle. 2. Still using that zoom out mod.

    • You should! Calling the tier 8 an asshole is just a running MM joke, the zoomout mod is legal. See ya!

    • Circonflexes Pretty poor joke to use. If that was me playing a Tier 8 and I saw you playing live and you killed me in the match and then watched your replay on your channel and then you say that I would unsub as well. As for the zoom out mod, it is illegal in NA.

  43. These new blatantlty op Russian shittanks are already ruining the game. NO BALANCE. RUSSIAN BIAS. My T10 French Heavy that i just ground out is now entirely useless with its max 280 pen. FU WG. Btw HE from this 130mm gun has 65 pen….. yes 65. So i cannot even HE them.

    It doesn’t help that community contributers are playing them and enjoying the seal clubbing. If you ARE a community contributer SPEAK THE TRUTH and say how ridiculous these new tanks are.

  44. As a console player, I laughed at that comment, too true sadly…

  45. Jarrett IceEarthGuard

    They should give 55 km/h back for it!

  46. Snake Enjoying a Sandwich

    You are the funniest dood

  47. *Aiming reduces DPM lalalalalalala* ???

  48. Oh looks it’s Mines, I can’t IMAGINE where he’s going to go here with that tier IX lol

  49. Even by WG standards this patch was a trainwreck of note in terms of balance.

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