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now a tier 5, which means… new 3 marks to get!


  1. First view

  2. New update is, uh, interesting, to say the least.

  3. I almost feel as though i need to ping the enemies for my allied tanks to shoot them its so annoying

  4. I got the mt 25 for free cos I researched the T-50 lol

  5. Lul too much Tomatoes there

  6. Has anyone seen how hard they nerfed the pz1c?

    • @Ash The Swan You forgot the mobility of a tier 6 medium.

    • @Tomato Potato honestly I don’t see how they didn’t move the M8A1 to tier 5 with how bad they dicked over the crusader and covenanter, but I’m also OK with that.

    • @Tomato Potato Played the luchs and I think they actually buffed it. They slowed the rate of fire on the auto cannon and now you can hit your shots at range. Did 2500 damage in my first game.

    • @matthew paine You would be right if rate of fire was the only thing they’d nerved. But additionally they

      * increased dispersion when turning the turret by 12 %

      * increased dispersion after firing by 25 %

      * increased aim time from 2.1 to 2.2 s

    • @Ash The Swan Funniest thing is, it has pretty much the same gun as the tier VII, with way better reload. WG balancing team at it’s finest.

  7. That reload!!

  8. came back from a long break of a few years recently, only for the game to update and remove a load of tanks i was using from the tech tree – v sad 🙁

  9. Good vid

  10. Wow! Full view range while moving? Mine is about 400 yds, and that’s with experimental optics, recon, sit awareness.
    I should try running rations.
    Not a big fan of being tier 5 now. MM now sucks on this tank. I’m stuck passive scouting in tier 5 games.

  11. Tank that is playable only with gold and only on-tier. GJ WG!

  12. I remember that initial location being quite popular way back in the early days. What’s old is new again?

  13. pew pew pew pew pew pew

  14. Not sure why they up tiered a bunch of tanks without buffing them for their new tier. Those grinds are going to be brutal for new players.

    • @KingTrygon It is a Tiger 131 with slightly better mobility and less hull armor. Still was one favorite tier 6 mediums. RIP

    • @matthew paine At least the VK P is now more like the Tiger P! Consistency!

    • Alexandr Havlíček

      @-FK- no, in fact they nerfed them by losing more speed when turning, i did some testing and didnt see any improvements on the movement, just nerfs, but i may be wrong

    • matthew paine The British lights are actually totally ridiculously bad, except the Valentine which is a sealclubbers wet dream down at Tier III.

      I’ll never forgive the Belorussians for what they did to the Crusader

    • Namegoeshere Orhere

      @-FK- In reverse IF you let off on the gas. Kind of a wash really.

  15. I’m all but done with the game I log in look at my tanks and log out so I’m at that stage where I don’t even play the game
    But I did grab the A-20 a few weeks back maybe it can be a fun tank again. I’ll see I guess.

  16. great! you need fire more gold at low tiers now. LMAO

  17. The tech tree change is whatever, but my complain is the changes to the tanks. Especially the CLASS SWAP and TIER BUMPS.
    ▪︎ KV-1S being bumped to tier 6 while still having all the attributes of tier 5. KV-85 should’ve stayed on the tech tree and KV-1S as tier 5 Collector’s Vehicle.
    ▪︎ VK 30.01 (P) being swapped to a heavy tank completely destroys what used to be a great medium tank. Now it becomes a “heavy” with medium armor and can’t do its job.
    That and VK 30.01 (H) should have never have their classes swapped.
    ▪︎ Covenanter and Crusader being bumped to tier 5 and 6 and classed as Light Tanks are just completely unnecessary and super dumb. They should’ve stayed where they were.
    ▪︎ I would complain about BT-7 too, but that thing can actually serve well in tier 4 albeit with super small gun.

    • When this new patch came in? I haven’t played in 2 months.

    • They clearly put zero thought into how these vehicles will perform. I sold my VK today as I discovered it’s mobility and camo has been supernerfed and like you say the armour being average at best. The covenanter is now the old crusader and the Crusader is simply pitiful now. Does WG hate the British tanks the most? On the subject of the A20 – I have a T-127, BT-SV and M3 Light as crew trainers for this, but even with a 3 skill crew I suspect this will be completely uncompetetive untill they decide to buff them in who knows, 2-3 years time after they’ve released some 20 odd premiums…

  18. Namegoeshere Orhere

    I love how the Cromwell goes up the hill after their whole remaining team is spotted by your cap.

  19. Much fisting was done this day – so to speak.

  20. What’s your opinion on the vk 3001p as it is now ?

  21. Syahareen Sha Rani

    Ah the nostalgic of this tank I used to play it like a suicidal scout cause is top speed is ridiculous and is really fun

  22. محمد السعدي


  23. Same as the old, can’t pen lightly armor tanks even with premium rounds.

  24. Tanks moved up a tier:
    Covenanter – some mobility and accuracy buffs, more ammo but no pen buff
    Crusader – some mobility and accuracy buffs, more ammo but no pen buff

    A-20 – some mobility and accuracy buffs, more ammo but no pen buff

    KV-1S – some mobility and accuracy buffs, more ammo AND ~20mm pen buff for the 85mm gun

    Also, one of the most fun mediums, the VK 30.01 P is now a “heavy” tank. With no armour buff and only mobility nerfs. HMMMMMMMM.
    Oh, and of course, while there is no SPGs under tier V in the tech tree, they’re still available as “collectors” vehicles, but now with more ammo, up to and including tier VI. With no other changes to them. Because you know. Balance.

  25. I said it before, and I will say it again. This. Is. Why. Spotting. Missions. Suck. (yes I know this wasn’t a spotting mission)

  26. The Paragon Effect

    Now that the KV-2 leads up into the TD lane I finally have a use for the ungodly pile of XP I’ve been accumulating on it at least

  27. The new Oldsmobiles are in early this year!

  28. End of the video is borked, channel overlay obscures the game results.

    • Use Enhancer for Youtube, you can turn all the noise off (well, never seem to work for me but the option is there) or simply put the video in Picture-in-Picture which leaves the overlay in the original place but the rest of the video “pops forward” so you actually can see everything.

  29. Are u using 57mm or 76mm gun?

  30. WG really fucked me hard with this tech tree change, probably done with this shit game now.

  31. The update is crap, techtree change is a joke improved rofl, as if it was so hard too follow lines and now you have tanks in two spots collectable and the techtree. Hmmm 1 place too see all your tanks has now 2 places. Then there is the 10 year event not theres a great joke pulled on us all, skins for a tank that you first have too buy or crap emblems that look like cartoon crap. GG wargaming 9 years of playing are coming too an end for me. MM is bad most randoms are full of muppets were 80 % of your team die within 2 mins. Also the inbalance of the low tiers now changing the level of the tanks with no change in dpm or armour. then there is matches 3 arti 6 whelled vehicles great job Wg.

  32. Serbian Highlander

    Death by a 1000 cuts gun

  33. I was never a fan of this. It was to big and slow for a light.

  34. I love watching you play tier 5 battles…you are actually still amazed at how stupidly people play at that level!

  35. Low tiers has gotta so hard to play. For a long time I pretty much only played 9-10. Went back to play some of my favorite tier 5-6 and holy crap and the difference in play style.

  36. Alexandr Havlíček

    please play the covenanter, its the most broken OP monster at tier 5

  37. As I watched this I had an idea. wg, get rid of ALL 6TH SENSE! Except, every light tank gets it automatically.

  38. dank autoloader

  39. Great! So I will now re-buy the A-20 and play it and get reminded how bad I was in the tank!

  40. you should play the “new” 3001p…

    tbh it’s not as bad as i thought it would be. high dpm is livable lol

  41. T67 got nerfed? Nani? Someone please tell me the details

  42. Seeing that elc next to the su100y made me laugh a bit too much
    Edit: 4:30

  43. The reducing of tech trees really didn’t work, and there’s so much less variety now. You can see what tanks really got shoehorned into their new places where they don’t belong. I might have to finally get an arty so I can do some of these missions though.

  44. What was Type T-34 doing? He made last movement at 1:05 🙂

  45. I wonder how many people here complaining are also still spending money with WG…I bet it’s a lot of you.

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