The NEW Tech Tree Guns are Crazy or Bad!? | Italian Tank Destroyers in World of Tanks

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Italian Tank Destroyer Tech Tree Line – Tier Italian Tank Destroyer Controcarro Minotaur. World of Tanks SMV CC-64 Vipera, New Italian Premium Tank Destroyer.

Double upload day, because WG treated us with some special, unexcpected content about Italian tanks. First was about upcoming first Italian tank destroyer SMV CC-64 Vipera, but right after that they released a video about the ENTIRE Italian tank destroyer tech tree.

What do you think?


  1. Double upload day, yay… Because WG sneaked up with this after we were able to release first information about the tier 8 premium TD.
    Anyway, this tech tree definitely is going to feature some new gameplay angles with this type of system… Good, Bad, or Ugly? What do you think?
    Stay safe and classy! 😉

    • It’s like E4 with lower alpha but better armor ajd this interesting clip (propably fun???) Like, you can go, deal 530 five times like with cyclic gun with vedy fast reload for it’s alpha and then reload for relatively short time, so it should be fun i think. Totally going for it when they will relase it. Hopefully prem. will be from marathon same as our czechoslovak TVP-100.

    • Oh wow! Brand new and never built hull-down autoloader invissible corner shitters. Stunning!

    • Hey at least Its not Swedish arty tech tree top tier are some nasty systems like Bandkannon 15 shells under 45 sec or the dual 120 mm mortar system that can be placed on a strv chasis

    • Italian WT-E100 then?

  2. Michael Hornschuch

    If they want to give it an eight second intraclip reload, they might as well have not given it an autoloader. Especially if you cannot make it load faster.

  3. ByzantiumEK Kuhlman

    Love the live chat videos! By the way, Disney did indeed kill Star Wars.

  4. This tank has 4k dpm for the first 5 shots. It will be very good in certain situations.

  5. These look similar to the kpz 70 mbt (had a 155 similar to sheridan) and was frontal mounted. not a good tank ngl

  6. wattana khumphuyod

    With all the crazy, weird and OP tanks in the game now. WG should just give us WT. E100 back already.

  7. “minotauro” somebody must have run out of ideas 😀

    • Chronological Gamer

      No no no no

      It’s italian tradition: we put a bunch of cool italian names in a box (Minotauro, Rinoceronte, Fulmine, Serpe, Bassotto, Lampo etc…) And then we take one out randomly

  8. Meanwhile… France auto loader full magazine reload is how long?

  9. WG doesn’t have ideas for new tank lines so they just put some odd characteristics together and they made this. Autoloader should be about dealing high damage in short amount of time. This is NOT an autoloader. It’s basicaly a cyclic gun with 24s of waiting

  10. Looking from the bird’s eye view, it looks similar to Abrams tank

  11. since i like modern looking stuff=i will use italian special td tanks as my main td tanks

  12. Ryokajimo Sensei

    Of course, they literally made an autoreloader without the benefits of an autoreloader. Fuck you WG

  13. Man idk.. dont buff it, Now its fine 25-21 second goes so fast so keep the 8 sec

  14. that tier 10 looks like it will have weak sides on the lower plate like t110e5

  15. Italian tech tree TDs??
    I hope it not end like Italian HT:)

  16. honestly this tank (the t10 italian td) reminds me of what i have been wanting for so long for the chinese t10 td…to get the t8 gun with 560 alpha and 272mm pen, increase the pne a bit maybe, the reaload by a lot and the accurace as well. i would prefer to play that kind of wz 113gft than the current one

  17. Its stretching it again. Thin like too much bread and not enuff butter. Is it the light at the end of the tunnel….or is it a train. I want maps…. Bigger more diverse. It doesn’t bring anything to the game that makes it any newer than changing tanks in the garage. Make maps. Fix out of date tanks. I get it that dosent sell gold or burn ctedits. Dont mean to be a downer. Love you brother Dez. Keep it up.

  18. Edit:Wow that X tier name is really cool!!

  19. john beardshall

    I was hoping for a auto reload Italian wheeled tank destroyer

  20. I honestly would WANT to play it because I tend to push myself further than other players, and would like a 8 sec gun for 5 shots. Of course, because I push too far, I need armor to keep my Hit points, so this is my kind of tank. So Still Gun Rammer, Turbo, and Vents to get reload down to 18 secs.

    Wondering: Tier 10 requires firing three shots first. Does that apply to ALL the TD’s. Because 18 secs to reload 5 shots is superb.

  21. so excited for the tier 10, it look so good

  22. 5 second intraclip feels like forever im interested how 8 second will play out

  23. Gergő Gyarmati

    I hope it I’ll have the obj 268v4 playstyle, but in hull down autoloader edition ofc because it’s 2022. looks definitely interesting

  24. Dennis Lauritsen

    a bit sad they arent auto reloaders

  25. i would just play that as a hulldown heavy

  26. Timothy Richards

    Is this how they are bringing back the wtf e100 without actually bringing it back?

  27. About time Italian TDs were some of the best in WW2, even the Germans were impressed

  28. Marcel Burghart

    i dont think we will see many of them. Meta is all about speed they dont have that. These things will suffer from arty badly. My prediction dead tec tree after a month

  29. this tank’s DPM is actually 3000, not bad for a autoloader

  30. could be very interesting.. but i’d love to see it as an autoreloader as all the other italian tanks.. to keep it consistent flavour

  31. Vladimir Mihajlovic

    Honestly i was hoping for a double barreled self propelled wheeled tank destroyer…

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  33. ok with all these auto loader i not sure why the can not give us the waffien e100 back i mean it not that strong

  34. It’s kinda strange line but im intrested in it.

  35. good things i have 860k free xp, and 600k+ on my all vehicle yet to covert lol

  36. So they already changed the reload to 6 sec between shots. That is 2,120 dam in 18 secs. This tank could be bad ass. Depends on well the gun behaves. Could be interesting.

  37. They are op cmon,,german td’s that were superior like jagpanther is pinata,isu is pinata but know there is 10 degrese with great armour but do u remember when t69 came out everyone cryed until they destroyed the tank and this is ok,smh they are gona put nothing but op tanks how else keep players

  38. These tds are not made for damage,but for pressure.Enemies will start sweating anxiety when against these horrors

  39. actualy I would be thriled if they fix some maps and mm (like in GranTourismo on PS with lobys (unicums agains unicums) then u have no need for such extreme RNG), penn values example LT peninng HTs frontal lower plate yeah right only in WoT world, then they can add some anti HEAT equip reinforcing big boys armour

  40. So hull down autoloaders . Great

  41. BannedCommander

    I don’t tend to like autoloading TDs which don’t have a fully rotatable turret and fast unload time (i.e. I like the GSOR and that’s basically it). However, the autoreloader could have some potential in this line. I am excited to try it out.

  42. Chronological Gamer


  43. Just buff Ferdinand WG. pls

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