The New Tier 9 AMX 13 90 is Absolutely Amazing

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Source: LemmingRush

Heres a light tank tutorial for Redshire 🙂

I’m currently offering training sessions for those of you who are looking to get better at .
Please include:
-Your WoTLabs link (or just your ingame username)
-What you hope to improve on (Positioning early , reading lineups, when you should be rotating, deciding whether or not to push or go to base, how to finish carries) are all types of things I can help you with, and of course, much more)
-And your timezone/server.



  1. LemmingRush, please try the AMX 13 57 GF, its absolutely insane now!

  2. Hey Lemming, while you re here lemme say huge thanks. For all entertaining and educational content. Hope Ill learn more from u. Greets from Bosnia!

  3. Drinking game: A shot for every time Lemming says Alrighty, so….

  4. Holy shit, he was kinda lucky aswell setting 3 people on fire

  5. GymLeader_Giovanni

    I’m absolutely terrible in the French autoloaders, I can play the WZ-131 so easily. I think I’m just terrible with autoloaders

  6. videos every dayy really pumped

  7. ty 🙂

  8. light tanks are (in random) like the royal class in WoT. No other class needs so much patience, sense for timing attacks and bait allies into the right enemies and enemies into traps. Since the update hasnt hit EU yet the light tanks now basically fear of getting enemies 3 tiers higher, so they do nothing. im looking forward to do my opinnion by myself when i can drive my T10 Lights by mx own so my guess is they either will be a realy strong MT alternative, or WG will nerf them into inexistence and semibuff T10 mediums even further

  9. Thanks Lemming, for featuring my replay. I totally agree with your philosophies on light tanks and it took me a long time on my own to learn this. I think it’s great that people have you to help them with these concepts. I should add, from the start position I was in-I will sometimes push in and help the 9 line…just depending on the map read.

  10. I really enjoyed your analysis. Thank you!

  11. Thanks for the toon last night Lemming, had fun:)
    (i’m the one who fangirled)

  12. I really like your vids because I’m having trouble of two marking tanks and I figured out that I’m suffering from poor positioning and your videos are really helping me on my way! :]

  13. Lovin this shit lol, tons of fun.

  14. lemmingrush is a GOD

  15. The Maus is fucking retarded

  16. Landscapes ~ Rob Dickinson

    end game… blind heavy tanks… Like Maus?

  17. I need to find someone to platoon with that knows scout tanks so I can improve on this awareness bit

  18. Sid The Spacesloth

    Just curious, has the Type 64 or the M41 GF had any nerfs or anything?

  19. This amx seems like the old one with a more convenient clip, but that’s just my opinion. All this hate on the forums is bad for me, j can’t be reading that when I’m gonna get this tank soon xD

  20. So in other words the spotting system is still broken after the “latest and greatest, be all to end all” update. The more they try to “fix” the game, the more they fuck it up.

  21. I wonder if preferential matchmaking feature of some premiums is any good after this patch. I suppose yes, but dunno, EU hasn’t been graced with the new improved even more annoying arty.

  22. It still boggles the mind that they thought the lights had too much view range and dpm and had to nerf them… now they have literally nothing going for them besides camo compared to a med. Got the WZ132A yesterday and played 20 games in it, avgd 2k+ per game but a t54 could still do everything i did twice as well

  23. great bush for passive spotting , i love it. there is similar from the other side , when you pass the bridge in the middle , near the house on the right side….

  24. wait how about the tog 2?12:35

  25. 5:38 skrrrt

  26. I sold it, but for some reason i like the bat 12….idk why. I do shoot all gold in it cause…lol 170 pen and autoloaders. prob buy it in the future when I actually have credits

  27. Actually LushingRush, it’s pronounced: “Lerver” ugh, get it right. 😛

  28. Lemming,  Great Video Replay.  Awesome job to Voodoo as well.

  29. Had some nice battles with lemming, and thought one day he might feature me on the channel. And first time being on the channel is when I was the enemy BatChat without fire extinguisher. lol

  30. mause spots light .. right epic mehanics

  31. I agree. The 13 90 is really really guchi now.

  32. Playing above tier 6 on WOT is a waste of money and time , this game has became a full crap .

  33. One of a very rare few non-premium light tanks that are actually better in 9.18 than they were before.

  34. I think he was proximity spotted at the end.

  35. Woah when did t9 lights get APCR as standart? Is it for all of them?

  36. So ,are you saying that the new light tanks are no good for active scouting now?

  37. I like how i got shit talked and reported because i had few games in my RU where i got to end game with full hp yet all games were won.

  38. Whether I think you suck or not, I will never argue the strategies you argue for and create, they are bloody brilliant. Great analysis.

  39. Thank god I bought this tank just before the patch. Yay free tier 9 tank ! Looks like I spent my money well.

  40. Btw about that rock. I always get lit there too I refuse to go there anymore. Dying 1 min into the game constantly…eventually it sinks in

  41. Lowe is pronounced lerveh great video lemming

  42. I actually don’t think the Maus had spotted Voodoo there. I actually think the VK had the radioman skill that allows him to spot targets for another 2 seconds or so after dying.

  43. i was 10k away from the 13 90 :(((((( and now i have to go through another shitty tank

  44. How do you get outscouted by a maus Hahahaha Shame dungding shame ding ding shame dingding shame

  45. wow 3 fires in a single game? i have almost 50.000 battles and i never ever saw that 🙁

  46. There is room for active scouting but it’s certainly not early game on an open map.

  47. what’s the ru251 like now after needs & teir elevation ?

  48. LemmingRush, how new player could have know the powerful locations for passive scouting? i think we all doing that cuz we don’t know were to go…
    btw, i love your “unicome” guides… thank you very much!!

  49. Do anybody have a logical explanation why that Maus outspotted him?

  50. Active spotting doesnt have a space in this game?
    I suggest you check out IlyaRed…

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