The new War Thunder update but only the cool stuff [Wind of Change]

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Source: The Iron Armenian aka G.I. Haigs

Lots new stuff coming including the A- in the next War Thunder Winds Change

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  1. the APS systems of the black night and the t55amd-1 have been in the game before, they where used in the warfare 2077 event with the tanks having multiple APS spots around the tanks which shot down apfsds projectiles and missiles

  2. Imagine grand slam’s crater

  3. Marinus Peterhansl

    The Puma is missing its MELS ATGM…

  4. PUMA!?!?!?!?! Fookin hell! THis is quite a great update! A-10, LAV AD, Puma!. I just need Panavia Tornado.
    Puma seems…nerfed here…obviously…typical…why I even hoped for anything.

  5. Yesssss finaly

  6. “something that you can see in middle east”

    Me: yep,i felt that

  7. The Crimson Fucker

    That LAV belongs in Battletech. Hands down.
    1 LRM 5, 1 SRM 6, 1 U/AC-2, 1-2 tons of armor.

  8. you’re dissing the ELC AMX like it’s not the adorable Heavy tank killer that it is

  9. 2:00 the most hated tank in World of Tanks

  10. 11:35 “Yes” xD

  11. Ah, the AMX ELC BIS

    In WoT we name it electric biscuit

  12. Benjamin Riggs Outdoors &All

    What about the 20ton bomb that would be interesting

  13. Charles Courtwright

    the Puma is an IFV, not a tank, big difference in design

  14. Fun fact
    Bomb craters don’t protect you from other bombs

  15. I wonder would it be possible to disable the active defense with a tank shot and then leave them vulnerable to Atgms

  16. It’s an orks captured LAV variant

  17. opens with “i paid to win”

  18. “What was this meant to fight?”

  19. Just a random techpriest

    Are we getting upgrade packets on the abrams yet

  20. Bring back the old style videos

  21. The weird thing on top of puma is not an commander sight. But softkill active protection system called MUSS

  22. I’m disappointed they didnt add the ATGMs to the Puma (it has SPIKEs irl)

  23. I think this active protection stuff is dumb

  24. For APS, i wonder if the Starstreak missils will consume 3 APS charges

  25. and the 2000lb bomb

  26. WoT players will know the Amx Elc

  27. 15:50 it’s not a light tank, it’s one of the most modern troop carriers in the world

  28. Did this man just say 3 thousand ton bomb? When did gaigin add a 3000000 kg bomb I think I would have heard about that

  29. Actually the he 111 or the ju 88 was supposed to use these rocket booster to take off with this overloaded weight like the me 264 has or the arado 234

  30. Your DKK Marshall reporting

    12:45 yes it’s very real

  31. 11:41 This is now my favorite line ever

  32. 13:42 how bad is the spookston tank

  33. ELC Bis is an extremely fun tank to play in WoT. It translates badly into War Thunder lmao.

  34. BABY PE8 BOMB!!!!

  35. They should add the Grand Slam

  36. The puma is just a failure,i wonder they will add kf41 super lynx though,this kf41 is designed from rhinemetal company,and they one of the company that participate the puma design but got kick out,then they design kf41,new and powerful variant of puma.puma no atgm? Kf41 have. And kf41 even lighter than puma. Lot’s of modules was design for kf41 but not for puma

  37. I would get the decal if console could

  38. It’s a crepe tank

  39. “I thought I’d be killing the first tank within the tank range with this”

    Oh you sweet summer child, if only high BR vehicles worked like that

  40. Ah yes, my favorite German plane

  41. WT Community: We want better gamemodes
    Gaijin: *Screams and adds GMC Truck with guided missiles*

  42. cat unda da blanket

    Gaijin gib tall boy

  43. WAIT! So Birts got Top Tier MBT with bunny ears now? Now we are talking!

  44. These dudes making fun of the Puma while the Strf9040b obliterates 9.3, 1 full br higher.

  45. Wait until they add Lav AD’s army brother avenger with it’s variants and Canadian cousin multi mission effects vehicle.

  46. 7:15 yeah i can see it too

  47. Lector-Dogmatix Sicarii

    ELC BIS with 37hp per ton being this slow is straight up Gaijin’s fault for still keeping the dogshit mobility nerfs years on after people have universally called them crappy as the company itself. It should be able to rotate the turret more when stopped.

  48. Maninderjit Buttar

    3:53 two of the missiles don’t have damage models

  49. War Blunder is nothing more than cheat infested garbage made by cheaters from a cheat infested country

  50. soviet 3000 ton? swag

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